1-on-1 With Rep. Michael McCaul After His RNC Speech

ABC News' Devin Dwyer reports.
12:34 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for 1-on-1 With Rep. Michael McCaul After His RNC Speech
Everyone I'm David Dwyer with ABC news coming via live from Cleveland it's not the Quicken Loans Arena on this the second day. The Republican National Convention a very excited be joined by a fourth generation Texan six term congressman. Our good friend congressman Michael call from Texas. Also chairman of the house homeland security committee thinks you've been at that sort of that you were on the stage last night got it pretty energetic response to your speech give us a sense of you know your take. And the big picture right now. A lot of speculation about how this convention would go we're now under way. Argue about things might you know is very. Exciting. Even in las that we are talking about national security issues which I think are really the most important issues facing the nation. I think as like porno last night that. Hillary Clinton has meats and jailers and foreign policy. That I know that trump campaign will be warning so. Immunity for I think for purposes of the convention. Unification is for hypocrite and a roll call vote. This afternoon we insist fatal if the official nomination. I think moving forward not being divisive. The rather unified is is extremely movie it's an open. A ask you about that's that we. Are expecting some protests there were protests yesterday by delegates on the floors you know that but color. And some of those members are talking again which dates in the end we know the outcome will be to date triple officially be. But what's your message to Republicans that are out. Including something. He's well. You know at Baylor that's right to do this but it in my judgment. Look five teenagers they don't agree on right there were fairway. It's time to pull together and that's what conventions are all about and I think it's counterproductive. In some respects different appeared to be divisive. Or to the nation of course the media's gonna represented in. That's what it's important for us to come together he is going to be the nominee. He may not been the first choice of many that he is going to be the nominee we have to support him and in my case advise them on national security issues movie for. Headline today the front page of the Dallas morning news. Says that the Texas delegation to convention slowly. Warm me. To try out why is it's so heart. For for people to to accept the American you've just made. An income around silly who aren't certain issues certain values status soon deeply disagree. Well I think my speech last night speaking to the entire. Delegates should also why don't issued from Texas. They see as a guide has. Credentials on national security supporting those individuals mr. drop. And I think. You know. Maybe they're coming around the idea predicted it puts Eminem were comfort zone. To see that he is gonna surround himself with credible people did you ever has did you ever hesitate. Detective was there ever any hesitation at the beginning of this process as he stores started to merge. As it. The likely nominee to ever got to go through your own reconciliation. Acts amazing when when issue and argue youths are broken with him on it is is this idea of hand. Muslim immigrants but batter others in how to how did you personally connect. Come to terms with that yourself well yeah I stayed out of the primary and endorses primary. When it became clear to me he's going to be the nominee. In the campaign came to me as he word it lights a security. I felt it was my responsibility my obligation. To my party in the country. Two advice and that's the role that I'm so I have met him on several occasions. And in a four. On several occasions I spoke with white delegation the sport. And they know that we need to move forward these four. Do you expect in the public. Shows from the Texas group who by the way to start right over our shoulder here the URE where the Texas flag they've got the perhaps but but but yesterday they were shouting roll call vote they were once she anti you know. No more to do well in an Erickson states it's evident I don't think Texas was leading that charge you. I do know because take cruise won Texas and others on. Movement to have roll call vote and that's why you know we will have that. Roll call vote most conventions do. We fully into streets and Trotsky and talk a little bit about cruise Texas out. Very much Kris country he he went big in the primary. Do that you would then need to come out and have kind of a public Healy maybe if you talk to Donald Trump about that or two victories about this debate eats it. Have a public coming together after such a receipt for well I think two would be appropriate I think we should be team players with or he. We use news Austin and others. There are some tension. Between attitude and I think you're reconciliation. Be. It would be appropriate say thank for governor Kasich. I mean we're an Ohio. And yet the governor of Ohio as your. At the convention I think it's time to put aside petty differences. But they also dates for the nominee. Innocent that's what they should you. You talk about foreign policy and an end your actively advising trip ticket he spoke last night when things that caught my year he said Donald Trump will float. Shake the ground. The terrorists walk on. They got a big cheer put some meat on the bones for us what's. One thing that he would do you know that you could rise to and gotten as sensitive behind the scenes. Two really take the fight ice is in we were not specific. Well you know I talk to him is answers how would you give before I'd came on board of one make sure. I think it's taken the fight to Emmy worthy systems reports that troops who worked well combination owners for rights. A coalition not just US along. But it coalition forces led by the United States. You'd destroy priced to keep them where access house if it cannot do these external operations at home and how different just on the issue cold which it does when a simple now you know well what. There are there players that you like to see right Ian. You practice the how would you like that coldest night I like them to suit at greater or just its right now unites states here. Air countries that the Arab League of Nations should step but it's accurate it's their religion it's been for worded. And when I talked to investors from the Middle East and Protestants they. Say they want to president that's in the air force. It's got very top with the Russians in there now. She malicious on. Complicated. Situation but their world is I asked. Her radiant city better off I ask questions are do you feel safer. And you were yours resoundingly people. Say. And I think that's what we need to have policies that protect Americans from the terrorist threat that I see. On the issue of the threat from Islamic extremism in immigrants come to this country youths spoken out against. Trump's proposed ban on most low. Immigrants from tier which he calls terrorist countries you for post that. Are you using your influence now is an advisor to him to sort of he balked at battered nudge him a certain way of what's his response I think. You know where that it's that or some other issues the free trade. He is the sport. Rudy Giuliani jets beat Casey united appear to commit war. Donald to you advise them on this muzzle be and he chipped in every Muslim for coming and the king of Jordan. It's one of the biggest allies to United States to say he could not commits the unites states or the president be. Or many other Muslim L patients who smarter approaches to. Walk off Alter pathways to states in the you do that by ripping up the that it process from our threat or its. So there's a way to do it its work without. Being mean necessarily all of us since the three if you actually put together documents presented keep you get reaction from Pietrus. C think to a pivot and it's been much speculated ice has taken place that did that he scampered. They keep others campaign rhetoric. You know political rhetoric on the campaign you are like that here. News Droid policy. Sexually. And so. I think Jim. That's a role like who plays that helped him advise them in series that you may not be used familiar with like national security. To make sure. That he he can win beaches I think you know. Clinton's in the say. It's their greatest rate I think it's her graceful old. On the question of who helped formidable do you think she's going to be a couple a new national polls out just the past couple. Days it's shown the race stereotypes yes. Can read it a couple of different ways but are you at all concerned that there's a lot of race left. On that yet she still pretty tough votes it's commuters close election. Secretary Clinton it is. Agent and say she's national security expert but that's. The great week she has presided over fields for als she's architect. What led to the creation of license. The year spree became an winter. Mr. Putin became more aggress. China is taking a route South Pacific season lot of issues we're but he she's beautiful shall be formidable. No question about it I didn't think this FBI email scandal. Has greatly to image I'll tell you why. Even though she was indicted yet and FBI directors greatly. For its integrity character portrait them justice woman were. For its laid out the character flaws. And almost all the elements of an indictment short and I. And I think that has really do you picture. In the polls you to keep. Can be played well. It took some heat from some quarters welcome party for we're not. Recommended well that edited and former federal prosecutor that the Cortese. No reasonable prosecutor would take in this case that's not the rule the FBI gets the prosecutor's. Decision yet. He took that off the table placing. However I think he greatly to you mr. reputation. Laying out all the factual dances where she didn't so true. Yeah and most importantly where she may have compromised. So the most highly sensitive programs. In the United States government. By potential breaches of foreign nation forward at the series that could have gotten axis that it's so weak us for Clinton. It's a weakness for for Donald Trump is EC. The biggest challenge for a critique is the disappoint on the campaign obviously he likes to speak his mind. I think you more measured approach unit that's were they tents. Really complements. The campaign he's history of art. Service and the congress. On foreign affairs is very measured steady hand ethical balance the ticket out that well but I think I don't mean at a fort. Is working with. You know trots do yet become more just. So will we see you as secretary of state or secretary defense from. Administration deficits will be have you asked to get Erica. Ahead ST hey my topics arrangements with a different states are terrific conversation thank you very much for watching this on ABC news digital and ABC's FaceBook platform shall be here all day from the Republican National Convention. Live streaming beginning at 5 PM gavel to gavel coverage that you join us for now thanks torch.

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