Rep. Ryan Zinke Discusses America's Role as a Global Leader

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Devin Dwyer speak with Rep. Ryan Zinke at the Republican National Convention.
9:24 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for Rep. Ryan Zinke Discusses America's Role as a Global Leader
We're joined right now by the represented a great. Hand out tickets to be here let's immigrants. Get you for joining us. On your question panera. Announce Booth here at area if you mission like this lately giants like been helicoptered. You a lot easier to seal congress. Sirte yours you're speaking this week. I'm the last speaker tonight. Al terrifically sorties. Ma'am shift to Wear a few comfortable national defense troops teachers troops outline. We have the red equipment write rules gauged decisively the and outlined. World America. Better. I think were tires seen our flag flies out. Mast. I think a lot of people probably agree with that we know the theme of today sort of focusing on national security right. Michele make America safer and yes. Do you have specific prescriptions that you're going to be putting toward based on your experience as your one of the rare people who whereas now in service and Washington. And you've got military experience a drop for. Well it around. I'm red white blue. I I think what we face as a country. Is divisions you know there's if visions domestically. Black white Hispanic Republican Democrat. In overseas divisions we need to unify as a country I think are for African Americans that stretched. And what we see overseas is creation of that keeps. And he's vacuums are being filled the case China. Vacuum by China that's or competitor. But as China builds violence and threatens sea lions and our allies around the reached look at that as weakness. And if you pivot to your crane Eastern Europe they're nervous. Because you know Russia is expanding I don't think the Russians are intimate with certainly aggressor at the moment. And then you looking at the Middle East while the focus. Oftentimes is a crisis Qaeda we forget about Iran. And the emergence of Iran and there's reef building of Persia. You know comes at a cost. You have marine troops now the territory of Iraq you have Iran launched ICBM missiles. And through this dangers agreement they Havoc packed with legal path to acquire nuclear weapons and thirteen sure years legally. If if they don't look before so our world is changing. And you look at what Turkey. And this is what happens in my opinion when an American is lead this mean we don't have to review we don't have to be day that police that. The world. But we have to lead in our allies have to trust us. So we put a line in the scenes. You know red line or line we have to hold that and we have to make sure their allies known have a vision. That we are there for the right reasons. And American leadership is for a stability goes there one the senate. Don't ask you about that and and and what confidence you have a Donald trumped to be that leader that this party still wants an area for policy referred from the Clinton Campaign. Coming up pretty hard I'm against him. It's pointed out one thing that he's his praise for Vladimir Putin's. For example but he takes his counsel as he said from from the generals on the talks are show host on Sundays. What gives you with the confidence that you seem to have in Donald Trump's ability to to execute to form policy that you want. Well if I think it's ironic that Hillary's criticizing trump based at her experience at her experiences Libya. That I donate part. By Q look at it don't deputies do three things to. Make America great for every any need to say everyone that's rich poor black white Hispanic he should say it's Spanish. Secondly he should to should discipline. And it discipline both it is domestic policies and is or receives policies and last he needs to assemble it Reagan like captain around him. It gives some certain. As some call. I think his choice of the PP candidates is just that he's Heather rocket Gibraltar very steady. He's conservative but yet has been critical. From but times. He's independent thinker he works well respected in the house on poll sites. It is is trumps selection of of this Supreme Court list. Has been widely accepted as bright. So if that's the people these get a surround himself with he needs to show the American public that that's that his Forte as a business person. A lot of people expected you know he's a business guy certainly he surrounds it so with good people. Well I think he needs at the cards face up. Asked that he said he needs to unify people moving forward. A lot of people aren't you must of the late which has gotten him to this place to that place of being the presumptive nominee if not exactly been unify it all been quite divisive. A lot of times so what you're asking or is it basically for him to be a little bit different than he has been in the past is that what you're saying Orson reports for a national campaign. I think he needs to show more discipline. Whether it and unity in the coup where America is today America's upset it is from O'Donnell trial. It's from different division now police officers are the bad guys. Others tensions racial tensions were in my lifetime there wasn't there and I think we need to take a deep breath. Go back to what made America great it is we're all Americans first. And I think Donald Trump needs to articulate that before were black before way before Democrat independent. Republican we arm parents because we all rise fall the same tie. This is a pivotal point Baikonur history you know we have to rise. And and there in rise Eagles who is not accepting cronies or corruption. Its status closed not working. Freshman. Republic. In the house I don't think Indy was happy. With the Washington at the moment both sides the because status closed now work in in this is in order to have a great democracy like ours. I think he have to have active participation. It's so this is I think this is necessary this dialogue. Where we ours country order values are. And I agree opposite Donald Trump will be a Greek president. Go back the Ronald right. Good candidate became Eckert president a lot of it was that people around this cat. As we get radiated to listen to use tonight closes out. But how you became as a speaker tonight howry grass you have any hesitation Emmy we know that they had some trouble filling out the speakers list. Sort of interest in day. It Jordan. A few members of congress to be in prime time speaking well this week you know I find myself one of speaking last which have used to they vote last congress because my last stinky most of my life epic. It last anyway. But. On national security system house armed services. Accident urgent threats and I think that those that no real brightly. A contrasts. With that political affiliation of the person next to me woods always mattered is that there Ers. And I think if the of the day. I think we need to move forward and I was asked to speak you know monitors be on the first steel how's the represented its. On the only congressman from from the states the size from Washington DC two. Chicago plus two miles from the fact that topic Montana and east and the math. And to a degree I think a talk with credibility the presidency and on the military side. You know Mosul father. Because my daughter Mary Navy SEALs she's a diver. Our family is military might wife watched all three of us deploy. In care great deal potter veterans. Also care and at the right tools to win if we're gonna par the last person that wants a war. Because it seemed but if we have to go toward his go to war we. That's giver troops there are virtually everything they need to successfully care ought to mission in any thing else is just unacceptable. In my judgment. So I'm respected and excited. Do that last. On it and if tomorrow the other thing gotta say is. This the first technically. I like I diet I likelihood. I did it critic it's a bad rap. A photo that it's a beautiful city dealt spotlights people out what you over Butte on a rock and roll hall of fame why we're two a concert with later scattered. Walk through of wonderful people Cleveland. It it's despite all the layers of security it's nice to own it did a cruise on lake. Erie last night. Very nice on the press so. Greatly got a pretty good basketball team got a great city area pretty and pretty good. I asked as they keep thank you so much for for being here during its nine good luck tonight. Great big speech by follow Jodi years. She's a warrior to it it's just it's just nice to bearden. The apartment but thanks from unit to it thanks so much an aggregate after service that you would not to your speech Abbott Eilat all right.

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