Rep. Schiff on Khashoggi: Crown prince has ‘blood on his hands’

California congressman Adam Schiff urged the Biden administration to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for the murder of the journalist.
6:56 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for Rep. Schiff on Khashoggi: Crown prince has ‘blood on his hands’
House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff of California. Congressman thanks very much for being with us. Good we would do. So first I want to ask you then this is a brief report it's almost sketchy but it makes absolutely clear. That American government has decided to crown prince Mohammad installment a Saudi Arabia is responsible order. An operation to capture or kill. Jamarcus OG and I wonder. Basically what is the impact of this do you think on American Saudi relations and is there are more forensic evidence that we aren't seeing. Well for so I figure actually write the report makes it clear that the crown prince. Had a very direct role in ordering this capture or kill operation. And the intelligence community to the director's credit Taylor needs accredited. Holds no water and track about this doesn't mince words about this. In directly blame this set of CD of the crown prince armaments on mom. So I'm pleased to see that there's also other naming amazed in this class reporter. And this is written for years we have caught. To make this. A county public. It was resisted and prevented by the trump administration. There is a very potent naming and shaming impact demonstrations and a need to go further. And hold those responsible accountable. Well let's talk about that how we are hearing that crown prince Mohamed and some on who is essentially running Saudi Arabia and has been for a while certainly Allman said defense. Signed security side. Operations that the Biden administration will not sanction him personally what do you think and. Well I Berger who urged the administration to make sure their reaper. Russians or the crown prince I think it's fundamentally. A problem if you conclude that the crown prince supporter of the capture kill. But only hold people that follow the orders to account. I understand the need to try to maintain some relationship wouldn't kingdom. Four lead the value that it may bring in terms of our counterterrorism operations are pushing back. Against Iran's malign activities there a way to make sure there are ways to make sure that the real repercussions for the crown prince he gets no. Face to face meetings no direct phone call also with the president of the United States. That entities that are close financial entities like the Saudi Arabia sovereign fund investment fund. Elements that are tied to the crown prince Obama has reportedly. An aircraft company. That participated in this capture and kill operation. So there are ways to burn about consequences that are directly China the crown prince that I don't think completely ruptured relationship but the kingdom. And I'm encouraged administration should follow on what is announcing. With more steps to follow. And if I can follow on that non conference mom and summon the almost certain successor to his father king Solomon Saudi Arabia and so. How do we do business. With a man that our government has concluded order did this operation he's gotten blood on his pants. Is that something that than ordinary American should be troubled by going forward. The crown prince does have blood on his hands he is responsible for the murder and dismemberment. Other US resident and journalists. And so we're absolutely he has blood on his hands. How do you have a relationship with anyone and any country that has led by someone and someone like that. Well there are still served Berry to find common interest. On them just as we have what Russia we signed a new start treaty with Russia sometimes you do you reach agreement so when your adversaries. Must sometimes your relationship. Is a very difficult one arsenal teaching them certainly is. But nonetheless it's a different relationship pass immediate relationship. And the one we've had a last four years where we have virtual effectively the crown prince is car much do you want chill W made and it won't affect our relationship. This past to have an impact not just on US Saudi relations let on relations with the crown prince. And one of the crown prince's. Main projects really over the past several years has been the war in Yemen that humanitarian catastrophe there. I the United States is already under president Biden taking some steps taken to limit that to try to end that war and limits Saudi ability to prosecuted getting more needs to be done there what impact will this report holding him responsible for the killing of Jamal Kirsch MG. Have on the war on in Yemen. Well I think that the senate we've already taken has been a very important one in terms of cutting off our support for the war in Yemen and going further to come on ha arm sales Saudi Arabia. That is very disruptive to the the US Saudi relationship and it should be. And so I think those are very important steps. What the impact of this true or will be laying that a murder shinji. And defeated the crown prince is that there will be no backtracking. I hope all. On those shafts which frankly shouldn't take an even. Irrespective of that crime against issue she but I now underscores. We just why. The the leadership of his kingdom. Is so poisoned and why we need to treated at a very distant arms and. It really is such a fraught relationship. And the congressman you mentioned that the release of this report. Which was required by law was held up by the previous administration is there something. The congress can do to make sure that in the future. Material like this which the people's represented in congress decide need to be. Seen by the public. Isn't with. It's a good question unity and our committee and intelligence any real right language requirements or to be made public. One of the things we discover though over the last four years is where you don't president would literacy center for the balance of power or coequal branches of government. They can tie you up four years in order I've introduced legislation last session we shall be reintroducing. To extradite enforcement of congressional process so that in the future we have more tools to compel a recalcitrant. Or define its administration. Congress has a lot of abilities as it is to funding from administration. But we didn't have a willingness in the Republican Party to pull the former president's accountable in any way and that that included. When this president or simply flouted the law. Doctor Adam Schiff thanks very much for being with us on these important issues. Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"California congressman Adam Schiff urged the Biden administration to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for the murder of the journalist.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76144947","title":"Rep. Schiff on Khashoggi: Crown prince has ‘blood on his hands’","url":"/Politics/video/rep-schiff-khashoggi-crown-prince-blood-hands-76144947"}