Rep. Tlaib will not travel to Israel after all

The Israeli government had approved a “humanitarian visit,” but the Michigan congresswoman ultimately decided not to visit her grandmother.
7:18 | 08/16/19

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Transcript for Rep. Tlaib will not travel to Israel after all
Going to turn to. Politics. President trot pressured. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government to actually bar to members of congress from entering Israel the two congresswoman of color were represented Eddie on Omar. And representative proceeded to leave this stoking the flames in an already controversial relationship if you remember the president's comments a few weeks ago where he told him. To go back to where they came from so I want to bring in Rachel Scott. In bed minster New Jersey to discuss this. Rachel good to see you again this is unprecedented. But now they're saying representative tell leave the can actually go. Hey good morning Kimberly yes that represented to leave Beth Israel opening the door for her to answer the country now but. Under restrictions restriction she says. She does not willing to meet today. And let's mark this back a little bit to leave isn't a Palestinian descent she says that her visit to Israel was in part to see her ninety year old grandmother. But Israel slapped this travel ban on Phil -- even representative bill hunt Omar as you mentioned under pressure from president trump. Israel site that they have this law that allows them to bar people from entering the country if they call our operate a boycott of Israel. But Israel walk that card back a little bit reportedly amid pleas from Philly who said that she wanted to just see her grandmother. And and saying that she went this year possibly before she pass awaited me had been one of her last chance or grandmothers nine years old. And so they had Israel say are right OK you can caught in but under conditions this just simply have to be. Humanitarian. Trip so now we're seeing representative Tillie response about today and want to read to a tweet from her this morning and in which she says. Silencing me and treating me like a criminal. Is not what she wants for me obviously referring to her grandmother there. It would kill a piece of me she said. I have decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything I believe and fighting against the racism oppression and injustice. And there is no doubting here that able to leave and Omar have been very outspoken. But it looks and there aren't many folks that say this is just simply unprecedented. For the president of the United States did due to be calling. How another telling is real upper and encouraging them to Bob are two Americans not only to Americans but do American law makers. From entering the country we know that the president has continued at that tax. On Omar and to leave as part of a larger group of the slot which is painted as that social list gaining the Democratic Party a socialist. As you mentioned those sent her back chance happening Greenville north Carolina at his rally out is there. Just a few weeks ago when that happened we saw the president did mention old mark by name yesterday maybe once or twice the did not directly refer to this. This BN but there is no doubt where he stands on it. This this president that that he is simply OK with Israel barring two American lawmakers from entering the country now some folks saying that. They he's using these attacks that they political weapon and hit encouraging them past the waters that Kimberly. All right Rachel I want you to stick with us but I want to continue this conversation. With the rabbi a rabbi from represented of Omar's district I'm rabbi I'll deal lifts ski thank you for joining us today I wanna get your reaction in but to these comments this barring when this first happened. To hurt yesterday ending for having me yesterday I like our different date today as it happens is news cycles political cycles. I was conflicts when I heard this especially because when we urge the short. 23 weeks ago that it's not going to be the case that represent representatives aren't we would be. Welcomed into the country as well as the delegation of west seventy members of congress just a couple weeks ago into Israel. I would celebrity's it flabbergasted I was surprised I was concerned. And really taken aback that this was something completely different and I think what and you expected in Equus unprecedented. Yang and it's interesting because you have written of ballots. Things that representative Omar has said in the past thing that you don't agree with. But you came to her defense a few weeks back when president trump was telling four of the congresswoman of color including her to go back to where they came from. Sure and I finger pointing out several new want to use am why did. Coming to defense and the others speaking truth Pellerin calling out the race is worse stance and so that was. As opposed to saying here I agree with these positions and you're right. I support Arab present Omar as a candidate GS my elected representative Brady irrespective of her is positions and leaves and where I stand. Racism has no place. Put that in one part you want the other parking lot is I actually don't believe. That this decision on prime minister Netanyahu work has anything to do with racism or. Oppression or anti. I grandstanding on boats are right now we under debt now from white. I'm your colleague just shared about represented the bees were sparked the story now this is becoming what seems to be a little bit of PR stunt. Yeah and you you've said before that these conversations. Regarding Israel and in general un need to be civil dialogue how does that happen do you think. I know it's because relationships matter. And part of that is not just simply calling up. Any of our elected officials without having a relationship. And either complaining or reading or writing or requesting. It's about having those conversations regularly staying in touch sitting down in the district and sitting down in Washington DC it's attending certain. Meeting and parlor conversation when their private or public and being able to actually get to know and speak to the curse. That's the dialogue between the civilian and the elected official becomes agent hundreds of billions and billion and these between elected official elected official. It's really don't arbor in DB holiness of the human being. And recognizing that we're all revealing that means. Your perspective about her religious spurs region irrespective horror race and ethnicity and get people sit down and see that with any other arts written to talk from but human mobile and libel law. All right rabbi Avi a Lipsky. From Bethel synagogue thank you for joining us today we appreciate that. And on Rachel I'm happy that you're sticking with us because I just wanted to ask you one more question before you go randomly the president said he wants to. Perches Greenland a completely different conversation. Yeah I admit those reports will relent response today and that they are open for business but they are not open per bale went spokesman from Denmark yesterday that and he hopes that the flu that joke actually in. In fact here check Clinton would not the first president to express interest in buying Greenland. Score only. President hearing true and also offered to buy green Lindbergh hundred million dollars apparently that was also denied the White House. It's not commenting on this but along week here get ruling pretty long week parades thank you so much for being with us today good to see you.

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"The Israeli government had approved a “humanitarian visit,” but the Michigan congresswoman ultimately decided not to visit her grandmother.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65017946","title":"Rep. Tlaib will not travel to Israel after all","url":"/Politics/video/rep-tlaib-travel-israel-65017946"}