New report shows 263,000 jobs added in April

Wages have grown 3.2% over the past 12 months, according to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
27:14 | 05/03/19

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Transcript for New report shows 263,000 jobs added in April
And. Everybody welcome to the great fear of on this Friday on Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us a lot of good news to get teased today starting with the economy define. Expectations. In April take a look at these good numbers. 263000. Jobs were added last month look at that wages even on the way up. 3.2 percent over the past twelve months that is a change. After things had lagged for so many years coming out of that economic downturn the president just a short time ago. Touting the success. In the Oval Office tickle its. The economy is unbelievable. Were three point 6% unemployment that's the lowest number since 1969. We have tremendous. Back pain that companies are doing really well. And we have the lowest unemployment rates to different groups of people whether it's African American. Asian Hispanic. And Hispanic justice another all time record for low unemployment. He household income is the highest it's ever been. Our country is doing well never probably has done as well as its doing right now economically. Arts and who's cashing in on all this economic success in the US economy. And what's it really like out there in the job market right now joining us from California is Chris Bob Leahy is a 24 year old. Who just landed a new job Chris great to see you you are just took a new job after a three month. A stint and unemployment on the hunt there's a got to ask you. By the way congratulations on the new gig here how how was the search how difficult was it to actually find something right now. Yeah of course Tom. It can be really discouraging to be honest with you it can be difficult just plugging away and a pool of hundreds or thousands of applicants and maybe not hearing back from various company. But Tom I think what really helped the that he favored Doris all. I'm hopeful and you used retort it's like directing agencies. I used Robert half Westwood at lot Angeles specifically. I'm and you really you'd be resort stands and you keep being pursued that something will break ground target feel very hopeful about the content here. Yeah and three months. Being unemployed is is no small thing no doubt you had to dip into some of those savings a lot of people would be very nervous. Did you ever did you ever doubt you're gonna find something did you ever think about taking a smaller job and being what what economist called under employed. Of course Tom I actually got personal training certified kind of on the side threat and take other parts artwork. Let's kind of studying and a working capacity. But I would always hopeful again everything everything will work out. You just really do you have to apply yourself. And you have to be really on top a bit and kind of aggressive with the search a little bit but I am very I was very hopeful or. And when you ended up getting some offers Chris where we're did you get multiple offers Reza competitive were people try to fight over you to get your services what was that like. Yeah I think it was pretty it. Competitive in terms of the interviews I went on our luckily it multiple offers a prime but. Again trying to coordinate. Interviews around other interviewed didn't kind of not step on anybody's toes in the process and be professional on can be a difficult thing. And I guess they've got to ask you about that the pace side of all of this calmed. I don't know what job you had prior to being unemployed but as you saw there the top of the show wages are finally on the rise again this country. How what's happened for you had did you use experience at a pay bump how does your page in this new role compared to what you left behind. My day is and a lot better now I definitely took kind of step up entered the pay and it's really reassuring. Truth knowing that. After kind of working years in years maybe a job that I wasn't so happy with that kind of finally landed somewhere where. I feel like that experience. Led me to being able to I'm get the pay that I have now but I'm really thankful port. All right Chris subway in Santa Monica California congrats on the new job Chris and thanks for sharing your Q experience in the job market with us astray and economists doubt it. Talk a little more about the numbers and about chris' experience who we schooled. Is a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute also the author of the state of working America our recent study. On wages a lease great to see you want to get your reaction. To the new job numbers today specifically that wage number finally some uptick in net and wage wages in this country. Rea lease up three points U percent nominal wage growth in the report this morning that's pretty much what we've seen over the last few months in fact. We saw the last nine month an average about 3.2 percent so it is improving com from the previous years still not where we like to see it yet why isn't. Why isn't a growing faster. Funding for wine at the unemployment rate again out of Larry got a lot of attention today as it did it down on. That unfortunately fell for the wrong reasons keep its participation actually declined. But in general adding on a plan degree that Loewen and Larry is overseeing the strength of the economy. There are many sidelined workers that are continuing to return leaner force in general every month are continuing to return. And sideline orders aren't counted among the official unemployment rates. Om but employers know that they're out there and they know that they can call upon those workers. And workers know that so they're not able to happily ever exited at their wages were finally seeing some of that turnaround now. And which groups. A lease Ers are seen. The bulk of that wage increases they start to climb. Well how obscene when looking at some other it is that's not what you know today is that low wage workers are seeing a bit faster growth than they had been before. And I think that is because of the tightening economy you would expect lowly workers are the ones we're batted around the most. The one suit half the worst outcomes of the worst times a tendon pick up a bit more proportionally more in the better times. At the same time of the blast but you're could be seen a number of state level minimum wage increases. On any knows stay ahead in a rate increases you sell low wage workers seeking 80% faster growth than in state that didn't. Manet is a hot topic right now out there at least in the presidential campaign trail as well minimum wage. Battles all across the country we saw the president's labor chief the other day say he opposes. An increase in federal minimum wages a 725 how significant. Would it be what impact would it have if the federal minimum wage were doubled to fifteen dollars an hour. We'll right now there are a lot of states have enacted is now rate increases he is the federal government has done nothing to increase sit in many years. And there are millions of workers that would be impacted directly and indirectly by that increase particularly in those states that did not freeze or narrow range asking years. So we'll see that fight play out Elise Gould thanks for your analysis and expertise today on this Friday will be every weekend thanks for joining us here. To the White House now where the president just announced a remarkable phone call with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Our president trump tweeted that he spent more than an hour on the phone with with prudent just after the release of course of the -- report which found. I that food and orchestrated. Quite a significant meddling campaigns when he sixteen the president said he along very good conversation talked about a lot of things. A note there at the end he said he discussed trade and Israeli Ukraine North Korean nuclear arms. Even the Russian hoax. In quotes are Jordan Phelps is at the White House she's been talking to officials about this Jordan. That phrase the Russian hoax caught a lot of people by surprise again because the president still seems to be. Refusing. To acknowledge what Robert Mueller found and that is that. Putin himself orchestrated this interference in our country. Absolutely DeVon what White House officials would tell you is that the president when he says Russia hopes. He's referring to collusion and we do know of course that Robert Muller's team didn't find evidence of a conspiracy between the trump campaign in Russia even though they did find. Ample evidence eight. Campaign by the Russians to interfere in the election in the presidents savor. But death and that is causing this brace causing fury up on Capitol Hill Elizabeth Warren a 20/20 contender one of the first. To respond strongly in a tweet she is saying that this act and mounts to you I need for the president to be immediately impeached there is a hostile foreign power attacked our democracy. The president welcome that attack obstructed the investigation into it and it now cozying up with a leader who orchestrated it. Congress needs to do its job standup for our national security and be gaining impeachment proceedings. I so DeVon things are already heating up there and and the president was questioned. About this I just moments ago in the Oval Office and he had a testy exchange with a reporter who asked him if he pressed couldn't on. Russian meddling telling him not to do it I next time the president's had backed and come up take a lesson. Started off as a mountain and it ended up being a malice when he knew that because he knew there was no collusion. Whatsoever. So. Pretty much that's what it was he. Excuse me I'm talking and answering this question. You a very real. So we had a good conversation about many different things connect yeah I don't. We didn't discuss that. So interesting of course they are that the president did not bring up this topic of Russian Madelaine and that of course. Will no doubt only. The passing these calls for him from Capitol Hill from the likes of Elizabeth Warren and others. Get your name we talked about this before here to break here but can you can ask you again because it is not a lot of people's minds including Republicans in congress what is the administration doing are there any meetings are there any planning. It there is sessions in the situation room to prevent what is happening now. In bids in between nineteen what will happen in into point one aiming even the attorney general last week said that the Russians are still lot of what are you hearing over there. DeVon that is that they concern sources tell. ABC news that there is no inner agency group working. To combat that threatens future Russian interference there is a small rush a group that does look at this. Among agencies within the government but this isn't something that is being led by the White House and DeVon I'm told that's because when this topic comes at. Comes up. It elicits a visceral response from president trump who continues to associate the topic of Russians. At tends to interfere in elections with questioning the outcome his collection points sixteen. I'm right he denied that force at the White House toward Phelps thank you so much ever we can Jordan. One group that is aware of what the Russians did in 2016. Is the company FaceBook that they announced overnight. But they are taking new steps to crack down on the misuse. Of their platform both by Russia and by other extremist groups. In a statement saying we don't allow hate groups to maintain a presence on FaceBook we consider a number of different signals among them. Organizations and their leaders. Also that have called for directly carrying out violence against people based or race religious affiliation nationality ethnicity gender sex sexual orientation. Serious disease are or disability of course that statement comes as they. And formally kicked off the platform Alex Jones of info wars and Louis you're kind of nation of Islam leaner. Among others quite a controversial move what does this mean for the presidential campaign coming up. And how did they decide what actually is too extreme we're joined now by two experts in both of those things Jon Cohen RA BC news national security. Can trigger he's eyewitness on the foreign Paul Barrett the deputy director of the MRU. Mr. and center for business and human rights is standing by as well but John let's start with you. What do you make of Facebook's effort today to taxi kick off. People they deem to be extremists. So well on the one hand DeVon it. You know it repaired illustrate that FaceBook recognizes that there's a real problem and that their platform along with other. Social media platforms are part of problem. Social media paparazzi just FaceBook YouTube instead Graham. Have really become the platform or choice for terrorist groups extremist organizations. Our purpose you know other purveyors of hate even foreign intelligence organizations. Do. Use those platforms to spread disinformation. Part of spread hateful rhetoric directly for the purposes of inciting violence. But at the same time and and I know I packed compositions and law enforcement and Homeland Security officials across the country on this issue. This is their their little skeptical that these companies are there right entities to police their networks in the sense were acting asking a private company. To be the arbiter of free speech. Com to make decisions on whether. Some things that has been posted on their platform is incendiary or whether it is part of a pattern of behavior that exhibit. You know potential for violence. We're also asking them to do something that very well may be inconsistent with there. There underlying business interest and that raises concerns. About how committed they will be cut so there's there's definitely things that we have to do the relates to social media usage by. Individuals were trying to incite violence or who are about to conduct an attack. But I think it's real skepticism that having these companies police their own network is the right approach. And Paul Barrett some of the criticism that FaceBook. Has encountered both from these individuals that were booted but from other experts agree conservatives. Is that the definition here is very squishy. Way at what do you make of of where that where FaceBook has drawn on the line for what is and isn't allowed and what constitutes an extremist. Well I mean I think FaceBook. Looks at things or lines of what was just mentioned. In terms of people who harass others in a systematic way. Engaging in hate speech and spread misinformation. Sort of prove only untrue. Facts and I guess I disagree. With your colleague. Because I don't know that there's really an alternative to FaceBook to some degree policing its armed. Platform because we certainly can't under the First Amendment have a government in that. So the only other alternative it is Facebook's hands are tied it is their disputes total free for all at all times and that just doesn't seem to be the best option. And who should hold them account to account Paul. You know there's a lot of talk here in this town in Washington about imposing regulation. On FaceBook. But again and in today's examples of individuals kicked off the platform. We're hearing from some of the trump people over in the White House complaining again. About the ham handedness with which this is is allegedly done that algorithms are identifying people as extremists. Rather than any in portion all human police force if you will so how how do you grapple with that if your company like FaceBook. Well I think they have to move very carefully I don't think they needed an algorithm to identify Alex Jones as disseminate or. Of hoaxes and end a conspiracy theories in. Allegations. Such as guided the notion that school shooting. Are false events where children are trained as actors pretend that they'd been shot. So you know I again I think. Inevitably Facebook. A private organization that owns and operates. A an Internet platform. It regulate content is I'm much much less desirable if not unconstitutional on space. Jon Cohen how do you respond to that what what what role is there for any or any individual outside of FaceBook itself here. Yeah I aptly disagree with what was just set. They FaceBook actions are probably going to be challenged in court they are platform and while they are private company can regulate what's on their platform. They you know that they're gonna run into the same challenges. About free speech that I government entity would be. Hey a board do agree is that government should not be regulating speech and law enforcement in particular shouldn't be. In the position of regulating what material is on those platforms the government should be doing. It is incorporating. Social media behavior into broader efforts to identify. Billy behaviors that may be associated with a violent activity. And then using that information as part of a broader effort. To identify high risk individuals and take steps to stop violent attacks so try to regulate the speech is can be much harder. Been looking at. At this speech as part of a broad range of behaviors that are associated with violent activity and taking steps to talk about violent attack. Interest in debate here on Iran on the role of government and the business obligation of FaceBook before we let you go Paul. What what I just go back to this definitional issue again gets so much of the criticism today. In the Blogosphere and on social media about these moves is what is the definition. Of extremism obviously as you said some of the examples they are fairly obvious. The budget but does FaceBook need to do more to spell out. What is and is inappropriate and does doesn't that get them into trouble. I would agree review that the more it FaceBook does to publicly explained. The principles that lie behind what they're doing the general principles that they're applying predicts an aces the better. So why I'm sure that you do a better job. But I you know I'd I think they're well within. There rice. And in fact I was at had an obligation. Two. Demote and or remove material that's crew really false. And that is is dangers. And final thoughts you Jon Cohen. That I think he did the key is that the federal government to police. And impacting that Custer country. Extreme Stotts and even extreme speech is protected by the constitution. What law enforcement counterterrorism authorities ban and other government agencies are concerned about. It is our identifying people who may be prepared to use those spots that's been motivation for violent. I'm that's where police and another law enforcement official would like to work more closely with companies like FaceBook. And YouTube. Google. So that they can be more effective in identifying. Behaviors exhibited on the digital street that when looked at broadly. Give us prayed inside the people who are preparing to conduct attacks. Fascinating conversation Jon Cohen joining us by phone ABC news contributor and great depth Paul parent with a city deputy director of MIU eastern center for business and human rights think you both very much on the FaceBook story today. Turning out of the race for 20/20 and the sprint to Iowa we're now just 276. Days from in the first votes will be cast in the democratic primary. For the presidential race and arms Rihanna Stewart is one of our new political reporters he's on the ground in Iowa Rihanna. Democrats are going to be flocking. To that state this weekend. How revved up our islands right now about about what's coming their way. You know this is not nothing new for up. A friend and that this is nothing new island actually spoke. With two islands in Des Moines and then they headed for the five Democrats coming. Q I am glad to make there act campaign that's been tell them why they should be the next president. Him were seen the list here on the screen. That's our usual this time here to see a bunch of Democrats out in Iowa but we will see five candidates. Barnstorming the state this weekend so it is in full swaying. Ed in addition to embryonic you've been doing some reporting on this were kind of movie out of the get to know you phase in this primary and into some. Policy platform bill bean and a number of candidates in just the past couple of days have really put some meat on the bones out there. Doesn't landing you have empty and clean who issued that his. Clean and Angie have planned on Friday uphill battle is returning to Iowa tomorrow. After releasing his clean energy plan. And real quiet to extract that bad out or taking I'll oil money for it and taking money out. You know as as some of his support it sloppily and a clean energy plan in Elizabeth warrant out at her clinic public and policy plan. A few weeks back the have a number. Democrats had making their campaign Babson and and sharing what they want to see change in the country. Yet very detailed proposals in Klobuchar today two out with a substance abuse and mental health plan. Many people saying as you know I your candidate your find most close Lou Elizabeth Warren sort of setting. Setting the bar for the pack she was out early with a lot of details there and speaking of Elizabeth Warren. Rihanna she is starting to take on Joseph Biden who got an in the race this week. What's her team's approach right now on on going toe to toe with though former vice president. She thought it I Clinton herself at the watchdog. All of the candidate that she's planning to Carl out. I'm not just Joseph Biden put all of the candidate I did their inconsistent fees but specifically the Joseph Biden. I just talking about his his complicated history. With I. Some of these special interest groups. And that's where I'm sitting current a time. You know she's certainly has a history there they've sparing him before each other congressional committees as well also. Can't wait to see them on the debate stage together beyond Stewart forests and out in Iowa every weekend out there Rihanna thank you for your reporting. A little while and also caught up in our political reporter Adam Kelsey was in Iowa today to ask him. About his thoughts on the big picture status of this 4020 Richmond. Adam so looking back on this week you spent a lot of time out there in the field how have their dynamics of this race changed. Now that Joseph Biden's gotten him. Well is dead and it's as if he'd big fish has joined the big pond this is the person that everybody was waiting for Joseph Biden obviously comes in with more name recognition. Anybody in the field Bernie Sanders obviously coming off his sixteen Iran is close to that but. Everybody has to respond to what Joseph Biden is doing now no matter whether it's in his events in Pittsburgh earlier in the week his his visits here in Iowa a little bit. Hot later in the weeks. Every question that all the other candidates are getting is what do you think of Joseph Biden's speech what do you think of his attempts to play the union members what do you think. Of the way that he's been interacting with boaters have suddenly instead of maybe talking about the issues as much as they want to Elizabeth Warren. Who's here at the end game is always wants talk about policy they're now talking about the other candidates and we're starting to see them go back and forth maybe not so much with each other amongst that big field. But actual by. Yet as the voters there in Iowa Adams a start to. It's this we're still sort of in the get to know you phase they're trying to size up the candidates. See who they like at the end of the day right this really it all comes down to electability the voters want somebody who can beat Donald Trump. Yet a majority of voters and against the voting population skews a little bit older. Fevers electability we we've seen in a number of polls throughout the past couple of months if it. Voters would prefer a candidate that matches up. How with their their their policy believes gorgeous somebody who can beat Donald Trump. Overwhelmingly. In most of these polls are saying somebody who can beat Donald Trump do you look at some of the front runners Joseph Biden of course Bernie Sanders even eat better or work a lot of these names. Doing well in those head to head matchups against Donald Trump but the one person. Struggling is Elizabeth Warren as much as she's been talking about policy. Especially here in Iowa going through step at a one step at a time hot through her platform. It might be resonating with some of her most ardent supporters but when she gets a net head to head matchup with president trump she is one of the big name Democrats who actually lose. Doubt it yeah Adam in the big task ahead for all of these candidates the one that might actually serve to winnow the field a little bit is that first. Democratic primary debates just under two months from now down in Miami do we know yet. Who has qualified for that debate how's that looking. Yes so. Almost all of the members of this when he won it candidate field so far have qualified in one way or the other now remember it's either. 65000. Individual donors. Or in a periods in three different polls whether national or state level polls at at least 1% so. Throughout past couple weeks mussina a lot of emails from candidates saying help me get 65000. Donors. Even though they might have already gotten in on poles the most recent one today Leon Castro made a big push he got to 65000 donors but again a little bit ironic because he was already in. On his polling numbers but. Once we get over twenty and it is very possible someone or maybe multiple people we have a few more candidates enter the race for going to be left off that stage and that is going to be. Almost 88 death blow for their campaigns this early. Still eight months out before the Cox. Carter thanks again to Adam Kelsey for his Smart analysis on the ground and Ames Iowa and if you have any doubt. They history is already being made in this campaign look no further than a cover of the latest issue of time magazine take a look. There it is the 37 year old mayor of South Bend, Indiana people to judge alongside his husband Chastain this is the first time a presidential candidate. Has graced the cover of time magazine. Alongside a same sex spouses fascinating story in there about their relationship growing up the conservative midwest. I've been men of faith serving in the military and of course embarking. On this presidential journey together just ten months. After they were married Chastain due to judge. There are the right people Richards and the laugh the fascinating tale and again history in the making already. In the early stages of the torn torn campaign it's great to have you with us on this Friday in the briefing here here and ABC. News live hope you stay with us into the weekend a lot of coverage. Coming out of Iowa in the political team on the ground there will be back here Monday 3:30 eastern time you can download BBC news act as well watch us. All weekend long on DeVon while Washington hope you have a great weekend see you next week.

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