Representation in vice president’s office

What Kamala Harris’ election means for inclusivity and representation for all Americans.
5:27 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for Representation in vice president’s office
The future of our nation how that may not be of voting age yet again Americans have some big ideas for the new president and vice president ABC's Erin Shaw spoke with some of them. On their hopes for our future. Dear president night and we put out the call in the currency movements. Yeah painting and asking our young Americans when they hope for in this new administration slim. And I hope for a from the new administration. Is that you guys can get it currently under control and make sure to save lives isn't losing them. I hope when yeah. People learn Alan in the friends. Paris and I sell I have. Think my. Her teen all the land cleaned and released. I am film one you've seen. New tankers com. Flying. On. For many it was go. History making vice president com Ryan Harris they were excited about. Hey do that. Where our parents. Sex and honor nice yeah. I'm serious I am C team remain bank's president Omar staying warm and just like we eat any. Full keen eyes my face tonight. Available in humbled grumpy old man. Eleven year old Charley Patton and was lucky enough to meet Connolly heiress multiple times a season. Looks like has. Same injury and a lease as all being vice president. Should he says I'll meet at first I definitely albeit the last and that is not a scene that. Follow her at stats and what better way to follow in someone's footsteps been wearing the same kind of shoes she likes to Wear stormy night issue these are inspired by com or I want to like her. C knows character matters in. Strange matters and similarly those standards. Nine year old want a rematch at sea and not only in there path hopefully please shall. Around. Cash. For still many they hope the next four years will bring real and lasting change. And I can't change and Ronald can hold show you're like yeah. I'm so grateful and happy boots you weren't able to rip this up against them. Under eighteen. That voice is a march on what had our futures are in shot joins us now with more Zairean you covered come all harris' run for president so it listen those kids are just wonderful. What was it like for you to hear their reaction. To where she got to yesterday. I know they were really great it was actually a really emotional experience for me to hearing that act and hear their voices. Terry you've been out on the trail so many times and you've seen semi these presidential candidates. And you've seen and interact with those kid the for the best parts of covering candidates right as I really special moments. But I remember when I covered her scene show many black and brown kids come to her events. And look at her with a sense of all and good sense of wonder it was the first time. For many of them that they had seen a woman of color candidate like that. It was really incredible there were so many parents who told me for the very first time that they are kid asked them that day. Could I be president to and it they never and that before. And you heard eleven year old Charlie pat meant I met her when she was nine years old she followed here is his entire journey. Her own mom says she changed so much street the course and that. Through watching stumble like parents on that journey. And you heard what she said there she said when she heard Mary say that she's the first she will be the last that is for huge edits or call to action pretty incredible. It's it is inspirational and and the best of us in some ways as Americans this kind of story and journey Harris. The first South Asian American vice president of among other first. And yesterday. Her ancestral village in India celebrated. Our inauguration her inauguration what does this mean to South Asian Americans -- you've talked to. Yeah and what incredible image that was I mean look Harrison the highest ranking Asian American official. Ever in the history of our country she shared so much of her own history and her own hair it's sitting with us. And she's talked about things like just cooking Indian food in carry on. Flower Garland over her husband Doug he talks about her grandfather activist and treatments is kind of a funny story she talks about as a kid. Although senate on this on a Saudi Asian kids. Trying to get her Graham much estate words with the letter W because our South Asian parents and parents can't save those weren't. And you think that south Asians being look at her they see themselves in her. And it just opened for it and they feel it opens a lot of doors for them and you mention her grandfather's village and hundreds celebrated the last night. There so many people back in countries like hot sun and India. The dream of coming to this country. And succeeding in a place like America we'll her family got to watch harris' mother come here. And they are now watching Harris become the first female vice president it is just remarkable. Terry kills kills I got it it is it is on our better days. That's what America's all about marine job thanks for them.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"What Kamala Harris’ election means for inclusivity and representation for all Americans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75415702","title":"Representation in vice president’s office","url":"/Politics/video/representation-vice-presidents-office-75415702"}