Republican committee members attempt to delay Cohen hearing

The chairman of the committee, Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings, said "the American people have a right to hear him."
6:54 | 02/27/19

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Transcript for Republican committee members attempt to delay Cohen hearing
The committee rule I'm order. Without objection shares authorized to declaring. But. We'll committee hearing and here but the testimony of Michael Cohen. Former attorney to president Donald. Mr. chairman I have appoint a border. You figured on order. Rule half real rule nine staff of the committee rules. Say that any testimony from your witness needs to be here 24 hours in advance. The committee the chairman knows well that at 1008. We receive the written testimony and then we received evidence this morning at 754. Now at this was just an oversight mister chairman. I could I could look beyond it but it was an intentional effort by this witness and his advisors to once again. Show his disdain. That I move that we postpone this here. But thank you don't. Police say this that we directory testimony. Lately this site. We did. And we guided you'll. Aren't in much the same time it that we got. I want to move port would this. Hearing mr. chairman with all due respect mr. chairman this is a violation of the rule and if it was not intentional. I would I would not have a problem I'm not saying it was intentional on your part I'm saying its intention a ball on his part. Because mr. dean last night on a cable need that network. Actually. Made it all very evident John Dean and all quote mr. chairman. He said. As a former committee council in the House Judiciary Committee and then a long term witness sitting alone at the table is import. Quote holding your statement as long as you can't say the other side can't chew it up is is important as well close quote. And so so it was advised that our witness got what this particular body and mr. chairman when you were in the minority you would have stood for it and I could say that we should not stand for it. As a body amid sailors airman movement that is. Am. Yet. A deal. And that's table chairman. That second mr. chairman the chairman I was asked and he recognized before the motion. Voted so in tabling emotion in it who had this material before all the members of the committee Newman CNN about it before guarded. In and had it sir before we did. He out while the vote is going tabling the motion to postpone all in favor. All opposed say no no. I's have it if I appeal the ruling of the chair. Yes I have to act I can assure you it's in the rules. I appeal the ruling of the chair knew the rules matter mr. chairman. I was able to generally. Moved to waive the rules. There's a motion to let people able. The dammit voters to vote listed names and emotions what's the motion the vote is gone tabling. I moved to table. The appeal to the ruling of the chair. Botha's is going that all in favor say aren't. All opposed say no. Guys avid. I ask were I asked a recorded vote mr. chairman very well this court clerk. We'll coal. Role. OK we see. Republicans protesting saying they didn't get Michael Collins testimony prepared to switching 124 hours ahead of time. They're saying that did not happen want to bring in Mary Bruce for more on that they're protesting here Mary but what matters in a congressional committee is who has the votes. I. Exactly and if there was any question as to the partisan tension in the room that was just on full display their Republican mark met a straight off the bat demanding that this hearing be delayed because he says the testimony wasn't made available until late. Overnight. And look and there is no question that the stakes are very high here and we are seeing that play out inside this year before it even really get started but Democrats ultimately. Have the louder voice and more votes in this near ground. The what is being called right now let's listen. Mr. sarbanes votes yes mr. Welch mr. Welch votes yes his spear. SPE a votes yes miss Kelly. Ms. Kelly votes yes listed the Sonja. Mr. decide yea votes yes miss Lawrence. Who still aren't miss Lawrence votes yes miss class get. Missed basket votes yes mr. Connor. Missed cut mr. kind of votes yes. On route one of the things we're gonna see here has become so commonplace in our our our partisan political cultures two very different story lines coming out of this hearing today. That's right and each one of them a partisan. No question about it did this is more than two different story like this is an effort to sabotage. The reliability credibility of these hearings. The Democrats would do it too on the other side you just throws much sand into the gears is you can't. You make a lot of noise you pound the table it's an injustice this whole place is out of order. And Ed you watered down the impact of hearing that's the hope anyway that it's time time time strategy old times. This Tacoma votes you know mr. clout. Mr. Clough both you know mr. gift. This to give their heritage this roll call Cecilia Vega we do know that Michael Cohen spent hours with the senate. Intelligence committee yesterday. And even though they're saying that Russia will be off the table. Today if Michael Cohen as we expect brings it up and talks recommendations for a comments within a lot of questions on that as well. And and the Democrats are ready for that many of them had been furious that they were not going to be allowed to ask about brush out per the special counsel. And that's ongoing investigation but that's how Clinton and asked about it now. Knows. Who they just finish the roll call is elected chairman Elijah Cummings. Motion to table it agreed to. And many status. You've made it clear to did not want the American people to hear. What mr. Cohen this is saying. But the American people have a right. To hear him. So we're going to proceed.

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"The chairman of the committee, Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings, said \"the American people have a right to hear him.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61354870","title":"Republican committee members attempt to delay Cohen hearing","url":"/Politics/video/republican-committee-members-attempt-delay-cohen-hearing-61354870"}