Republican leader McConnell blocks election security bills post-Mueller hearing

Senate Democrats sought the passage of two election security bills that were then stopped by Sen. Mitch McConnell amid warnings from Robert Mueller and the FBI.
3:32 | 07/26/19

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Transcript for Republican leader McConnell blocks election security bills post-Mueller hearing
And we move on to Washington N election and appearance front and center after special counsel Robert Mueller warned that it is quote. Still happening as we sit here and this. As a new report from the Senate Intelligence Committee down. That all fifty states yes every single one were targeted in twenty sixteens I want to bring in shock that day. Jack docking in our DC bureau and Karen Travers at the White House. Karen I just let's start with you what is congress doing about. As well the Democrats in the senate and the house have been trying to push forward on bills that would give more federal support. Tiff state level action on this but it's not going anywhere in the senate senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Has essentially said at this is just politics by the Democrats are trying to. Yeah key off of the Mahler hearings in key off of the Russian investigation. And he did not think more needs to be done while critics of course say that this is just keeping their heads in the sand on an issue that is of critical. Urgent security for this country. Democrats say that they're gonna keep trying to push forward on house passed bill that. Authorizes I think that's 775. Million dollars in grants that would go to states to help them with their efforts but for now. There's no expectation that this will have any action in the senate where the Republicans are of course in charge. Again Jack it's interesting that there's not going to be any funding that's allocated because the election systems are outdated we saw where some states are even buying parts off of eBay. Yeah it's it's and not a great situation right now you know. Then there's the State's run the elections right they abusers. Each each state is responsible for running elections in every state and you know. Four point sixteen. That's when the federal government tried to help them election security Torre sixty many states. Asset backed off. We've got this. Not the usual bit different. A lot of states are asking for some help and looks like some of that won't be coming any time soon and as as the FBI director testified last week as. As Robert Mueller testified last week. That the threat is ongoing and it's not just gonna come from Russia other. Nation states. Or other actors. May also get in the came in it's it is something that's critically important to our democracy. And caring how do we actually move forward because the presidency is. Any conversation about this adds and a tap on his legitimacy. Yet it at the big thing for the president he is certainly again out you know little all over the map when it comes to accepting the conclusions in the intelligence community about the 2016 interference even what the Muller reports that. About Russia's efforts to interfere in that election and the ongoing efforts as Jack pointed out. Because for the president then that does in some ways take away from his victory he made it very clear it's interview with George Stephanopoulos the couple weeks ago any comments here at the White House he is said nobody helped me get elected I got myself elected so I think the acknowledgment and that. There was this action by Russia is certainly in his view seen as taking away from that his administration is dealing there's certainly faded they're coordinating this on an inner agency leveled senior officials at each department that would have a role in this are coordinating but ultimately like Jack said. They are pushing this off on to the state saying elections are done at the state level will help but we're not gonna have a massive federal effort to take over this this has to be done in state and local level. All right Karen Travers at the White House I want to thank you for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Senate Democrats sought the passage of two election security bills that were then stopped by Sen. Mitch McConnell amid warnings from Robert Mueller and the FBI.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64590205","title":"Republican leader McConnell blocks election security bills post-Mueller hearing","url":"/Politics/video/republican-leader-mcconnell-blocks-election-security-bills-post-64590205"}