Republican senators react to Trump's historic summit with Kim Jong Un

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Trump "has put his entire presidency on the line."
2:48 | 06/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Republican senators react to Trump's historic summit with Kim Jong Un
The president and can it vote put themselves in boxes. This is historic moment. But look at it this way. It can shake Strom sent. And receives lavish praise from president try and trust to play Preston trying to look what happened and it. Bad things are gonna happen the worst thing you can do present crop here foreign leader is try to play. So if they're saying cheating. North Korea and bakers say. You know promising not deliver North Korea. And were frolic on Apple's war from president trumps point it is. He is put his entire presidency on the line here. He says believe can deliver. When it comes in North Korea no one else was able to do it so he capitulate. And North Korea backs out of the deal they achieved and he does nothing about it. That's going to be the end of this foreign policy and arrives home look at him differently the president says that the United States is going to suspend military. Operator great military exercises he caught more games what do you make that's fine with me gives us some breathing space to actually senator negotiate. Turning will continue but the joint exercises are designed to show North Korea we have the capability. To feature a war don't cross. The 38 parallel quarter apparently at what is don't cross it. Gosh you're running into South Korean American forces in you'll lose. The message now it is let's try to find a peaceful solution. The military exercises. Being put on hold this time. It gets that space what would not be found with me. Is to withdraw our forces from South Korea's part of being deal. When North Korea these forces provide stability. China's long term interest has been to drop us out of Asia. Having military presence in South Korea's an insurance policy interest. In Asia and I think case stabilized. Force we shouldn't trust North Korea we remembered Kim you know as a murderer. Human rights abuser and somebody who was threatened quietly. Not only parts of the United States but our allies in South Korea. But I think when you're talking you're not fighting. So I think continuing these talks and hopefully get a good place where we can achieve even polarization would be a noble. And worthy. Go what do you think of the president announcing that he'll suspend. Joint military exercise. I think it's it's sort of a a token of good will. But. I think it's. Only as good as. The goodwill on the other side computer and then negotiate. In good it is it too much isn't too much she concede at this point. Under the present lot of flexibility.

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{"id":55837588,"title":"Republican senators react to Trump's historic summit with Kim Jong Un","duration":"2:48","description":"Sen. Lindsey Graham said Trump \"has put his entire presidency on the line.\"","url":"/Politics/video/republican-senators-react-trumps-historic-summit-kim-jong-55837588","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}