Two More Republicans Announce Run for President

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson join 2016 race for White House.
11:23 | 05/04/15

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Transcript for Two More Republicans Announce Run for President
I'm Ben Carson. Economic candidate for president. The Republican race for the White House is getting crowded doctor Ben Carson assume there threw his hat into the presidential ring today. Also making the big announcement former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina right on Good Morning America. This morning I'm Tom Thomas in New York what's good ABC's Karen Travers in Washington with the very latest and cure what struck me today this morning in just minutes ago with doctor Ben Carson. The two beer unorthodox ways they decide to announce. Very un orthodox and very much alike with their own personalities that Ben Carson holding is very large event there was acquired there were singers. And Carly Fiorina much more low key announcement in that interview on GMA now all of them come from very different backgrounds Carly Fiorina spent her career in business rising to be that CEO of Hewlett-Packard. And doctor Carson was a famous neurosurgeon but today. Their messages were very similar both of them say that there outsider status is a very big strain. In a Republican field full of Washington politicians. And they both said Americans are desperate for something new. Add to an ordained to the Republican presidential field yes I am running for president I think I'm the best person for the job makes an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos. Carly Fiorina said she's the best person for the job because she knows of the economy works and to make tough decisions. Also today doctor Ben Carson announced he's running for the Republican nomination the candidate for president it. Carly Fiorina has never held elected office she lost her 2010 senate bidding California by ten points. And served as an advisor to John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign his. But Fiorina has had an extensive career in business. Rising from secretary. To become the first female CEO of a fortune 500 company Hewlett-Packard. She does Americans are looking for a fresh perspective. They're kind of tired of the political class here Enid and traveling extensively through the early voting states. You distinguish yourself from the rest of the GOP field and slamming Hillary Clinton she clearly is not trustworthy doctor Ben Carson a retired neurosurgeon. He's the African American in the Republican field. He's a very vocal critic of President Obama and he has strong support from some Tea Party years I have a strong desire. To get programs that create tendency and able but it's. And Tom both Carson and Fiorina say they can win this nomination that they have very big uphill battles right now both of them are only polling in the low single digits time. And they sell a lot of money to raise as well all right Karen Travers residency Karen thank you so much let's bring Yahoo! senior political reporter John wart. John the Republican field just got much more diverse today but it also potentially just got much more conservative as well. Yeah I hate Tom certainly that's the case with and Carson I think bang Carson is like the most pure. Tea Party candidate he's he's not running in the lane all by himself he really. I think he really have to look at his candidacy is aimed primarily at Iowa where there's a large swath of social and and otherwise conservative voters. He's gonna have to share that lane with. Mike Huckabee. Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz. But he really is in his approach in his rhetoric he is the most secure Tea Party going all the way back to 20092000. And when you look at sort of origins of the Tea Party it's really that sense you know people need to get more involved in government people who were involved people need to take back the government. So it and he's also been been sort of side tracked him last. Several months by different. On polished very conservative things that he said. I'm so he is the most since may be the most conservative candidate in the field one of them Fiorina I think her candidacy is his love it more pragmatic. I think she really. Believes in the conservative principles and I think she was. Motivated in part by the fact that there are no other women there's more than a dozen. Candidates are likely candidate in this Republican field at the large field. And but she's the only one so I think part of that is she wants to help the Republican Party. Combat the idea that there against women. She wants to be a spokesman. On issues like abortion I've seen her kind of tape issue on head on. And so very very similar candidates in the sense that they're both long shots. But pretty different on the merits. You know some people have predicted and again a single vote has not been cast but a lot of people are describing doctor Ben Carson be somewhat of a fringe candidate. In the Republican field from watching his announce me either he's working with consultants who. Are trying to things outside the box or he's not listening to anyone and just doing his own thing what was your take away from the way he announced in this kind of unorthodox manner. I think it's pretty much in keeping with his style. If there was any phrase from his announcement that stood out to me at one point he said a fine president if god ordained. I think there isn't. I don't mean this in a purely prior derogatory. Manner but there is. Sort of mass panic. Character to his. And to his candidacy I think you really does. Believe that if they he's called in a religious sense I think he believes. That guys involved in this and that he is elected it would be something that would be. You know something of divine intervention so you know this question of does he believe he has shot and I think these are deeply religious person. You know respect for that. But I think some of the political realities he sort of ignoring because there's he's looking at from a different point of view. You know several years ago another conservative African American enter the presidential race Alan Keyes and what he did during the debate was really move. The debates in the conversation for Republicans even further to the right. DC doctor Ben Carson doing that during the primary season. Possibly to some degree I don't see and that's as a huge primary mover. On the issues. In the debates I think you're gonna have others he really played out well I think Ted Cruz will probably be. One prominent guys doing that he is and much more talented debater he's a more savvy politician. And that is it his path is to the right in the Republican Party. What's your take away from Carly Fiorina is announcement you know she decided to doing good morning American of course we at ABC news we love that because we looked at. And he would want to run for president who was a serious contender to announce our shows what she was not a swing state she was not a forever supporters. It was dipped rate do you think it was a Smart play. Yeah I think you know if your if your a candidate is limited in terms of cash and organization. Trying to pull off a big announcement. Could back parties happen actually lasts like with Jon Huntsman who did have some some more money than early after it has right now but he tried to pull off a elaborate saying it statue of liberty in new York and really the big story then was that how disorganized it was thank the reporters over. Taking the wrong location so I think for Carly it's Smart to kind of comment below you get a splash from the announcement. And she was I think she's gonna work she's going to be a serious candidate on on substance. I think she's gonna. An interest in role in this campaign I think she she'll get a look for. Definitely for vice presidential slot. Yet to be contenders who have yet to announce governor Scott Walker and former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Had been racing lots and lots of money how hard will it be for someone like Ben Carson or caller Fiorina and even. To a lesser degree some of the other major Republicans who have entered like doctor Rand Paul and senator Ted Cruz or senator rubio to keep up with some of the the fund raising at this point. When more more people are entering the race. Well in some respects they can they can't keep up they can't raise money at the same rate but. Part of that is equalized by the fact by actually by two facts. With the administer for pacts. All any of these guys need is is one or two or three people. Wealthy investors wealthy business people to decide that they want to bankroll of super pac. And on the other hand some really Rand Paul. Has a pretty well established small dollar donors on line giving network so that means that he can raise money both from wealthy individuals. Bankroll super pac he can also raise money on line in small amounts. So the campaign finance world is not. As heavily tilted towards somebody in the establishment as it once Wallace. And Joseph we're not deal with announcements this week were expecting another major player to enter the race tomorrow correct. Yes Mike Huckabee former Arkansas governor. And you know I think all these candidates this week. You look at them from one perspective and you say why are they running they have shot. And I think Huckabee fall into that as well that has. He's been out of politics there other people over do well Iowa. I think the counterpoint to that for Huckabee is that he won Iowa Caucuses in 2008. He has the ability to connect of Iowa voters so. It's going to be interest in to see how he campaigns. Whether he really goes all out whether he really put the full effort into it I can't imagine getting in and running for president in not doing that which look at Fred Thompson. Couple years ago he got and it didn't really give it is all there is a potential for somebody like mark Mike Huckabee he's done well this book in his television show over the last few years. To get and and maybe decide actually I actually don't want to do this because it's too hard. That's what I'm going to be watching with my. The other so what if you're seeing dynamics just within the people who have announced and we're gonna announce. Senator rubio endorsed Mike Huckabee in 2008 for president. Of course Jeb Bush and review have such a tight relationship when they worked together in Florida so it will be interesting to see once these men and -- for real all line up on stage how. Actually go after each other or if they just keep the focus on Hillary Clinton. And some of the Obama policies. No question they will be going after each other. I talked to somebody who's close to Jeb Bush. Recently who said that he may in this part of parts think that you can just go out lay out the case for candidacy. And that would be enough. But this person said at some point. You're gonna have to go after wanted to some of those other Republican candidates it's just a reality of politics especially when bush and move your flight brought of those big money donors. In the home state of Florida OK John abort think you so much renounces relieve you appreciate it can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news at and starring. This story for exclusive updates. On the go. On Tommy Thomas and York thank you so much for watch.

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{"duration":"11:23","description":"Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson join 2016 race for White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"30794690","title":"Two More Republicans Announce Run for President","url":"/Politics/video/republicans-announce-run-president-30794690"}