Republicans Grapple With the First Days of the Trump Presidency

ABC News' Josh Haskell and Ali Rogin give you the big takeaways from the Republican meeting in Philadelphia.
7:51 | 01/26/17

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Transcript for Republicans Grapple With the First Days of the Trump Presidency
ABC's Josh Haskell tally broken or sent a reporter and of course I'm always running into you and hallways now we're at a hotel normally it's. Some dark hallway US capitol. But renowned Philadelphia kind of feels like we might do. Yes definitely Washington DC sees vehemently. He Republican. Conference is your house and senate Republicans all here meeting. My street wearing act. Visited him his speech went after. They're events. But they're all your meetings talk about the agenda and Gary gent they're framing it in the next 200 days. And so let's talk about their candidate in a pretty easy going it was a national security of section was. Obamacare section. Was dress from. President talk specifically about them. What we've learned anything accomplished. That is certainly one of the biggest priorities that we're. Applicants had coming into this conference was talking about but common ground there is on Obama's replacement key element. Some policy elements. Everything but also how do you view it. This is one of the things they're dealing with now that trump is president and that you won't vote. Chambers of congress your winnings so much as Donald Trump might say that it's had its problems good problems have. But they have to figure out how'd it. Use that control of all the levers of power right now in Washington to accomplish. A lot of care repeal it has remember how biggest a lot of stuff they wanted to view and they have been doing about Obama administration. The question has always been in the senate there was no resisting political will. He didn't have an up. Republicans to have things without needing democratic support. That's still the case so they're gonna need to figure out how to get a couple Democrats over to their side when it comes to parts of up here. The other part of that figuring out what they can do. Just. Like congress the president can do what the Department of Health and Human Services can do this really complicated. In the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell speaker of the house all right. These stormy today with the press conference right inside the stores and there was little hot and talk about how the senate has so much on their plate they have to confirm. All of Trump's cabinet they also have a Supreme Court nominee which we'll find out and eager to so they have so much. It's almost like Paul Ryan explaining. That for the priest while we got our house members together we got our Republican senators together because every Rooney be on the same news. Thank you could achieve so far today. What one of the things that a Republican congress yesterday it's funny was he said that a lot of house members sometimes forget the senate exits and number. They operate under it. Different polls in the house does the house can just start voting on things and they can vote on thirty bills. In a one hour period the senators and it's different there's duties involved in passing one single piece of legislation and as you mentioned. He and other responsibilities in the house have to worry about the air in charge of converting 12100 metrics. The top administration here in charge of confirming. Cabinet level position so yeah. That's what you. Went out all of that policy and that they want to accomplish which included Affordable Care Act. Tax reform they want to overhaul the tax code. They want to get rid of a lot of president's comments regulations that he couldn't bring him asking yourself there's a lot of late but the house is kind of happened. Reconcile all their ambitious plans with the senate can actually content. And the GOP retreat has completely. If you don't look for help here in downtown Philadelphia Allentown not even allowed in the lobby normally we can. Hang out in Milwaukee. Gets talked senators and members of congress leaving open at least seemed amended and unless they come here. What if you hurt here being an area hotel where the press gathered some have come in what is it hurts so far. Oh specific color any. It's been going half side there's isn't interesting reactions you what presidents have been talking about. First before he came to Philadelphia and then when I started speech here. Before thinking he was reading about things that really don't currently the Republican agenda very management's reading about. Hit he wants to invest in election pride he wants to. Find a way to make Mexico paper the wall which actually. Hasn't really been much of a hot topic of conversation among rank and file Republicans here. He was talking about violence in Chicago he's talking about things of Republicans they're not really high priorities for baton so if any gets here. Some Republicans expressing concern after his speech where he was gearing Fran Krause president Marx is happening in Washington tomorrow. Actually things like tax reform and then back again to neatly election product keep all over the place. And several Republicans are concerned that that sort of lack of focus is going to affect the focus of their priority but on the other hand. We heard from some Republicans who seem like a good. Because he can be so fixated with his obsession that he doesn't actually get very involved in the dating pretty policy instantly it Affordable Care Act. And that actually allows you serious. Republican legislators that really walking guys to focus on the. So the president in a way could be cover he takes a lot of attention off them they could just get to work as Paul Ryan said these things that they've been working on. For ten plus years including whose interest in senator. Chuck Schumer even mention it once. Yet that was a bill that Chuck Schumer was Jaffe for a defense yeah yeah. He wants to prove to everyone that this is not paying we're gonna do all this right now we just. Have no idea do stuff that they can try to do and they felt like I'm Harry here's President Obama they were delayed. Yet this is a way for them to articulate answer messaging their priorities. It's probably not the way they were hoping this is a hornet work out because you have a president who is kind of distracting from these incidents we. But there arguing that they can still accomplish what they want to accomplish legislatively and it really doesn't matter what he's saying on these extraneous issues and he's giving them. He's kind of saying go forth and legislate do your thing I'm gonna do mine that's fine. Again it may not be waiting really wanted to start going about it they probably want it tried to sort of follow there Ian. That doesn't look like it's going to happen and said there making Lemond a Medina Clemens. And we have to acknowledge that lack of focus trump the discipline. That's something we've been hearing since he first entered the race and now he's president of the United States have none of that really has seemed to slow him down or stop him. And I think that's encouraged. The senators definitely speaker of the house that he we have a real chance here to get them we want. My last question for Alley before we let you go back into a little bit reporting is tell us about some socks gifts. Yeah what's going on inside that lows again we're not even allowed near the loads of talent at. An Alaskan Amy haven't I I haven't seen this firsthand but apparently eat in eat gift package a lot of these Republicans are getting. What a pair of socks that had. President comes face on them. Apparently Olson who were fired and it came along with little note that that you know in the hopes that congress gets off on the right but it's not. Yes you know Sox feet gifts socks. First few days of trump presidency and there. You know trying to unite here all happening in Philadelphia where the DNC of course took place where I'm ABC's Josh Haskell and Alan Rogan appreciate. You joining us soundly giving us your insight will have another update if war in tee it again. Not old Thai senators not a time members of congress coming over to us here I'll kind of an empty hallway. But if anything happens you'll be the first and.

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{"duration":"7:51","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell and Ali Rogin give you the big takeaways from the Republican meeting in Philadelphia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45072613","title":"Republicans Grapple With the First Days of the Trump Presidency","url":"/Politics/video/republicans-grapple-days-trump-presidency-45072613"}