Republicans go on the offensive in impeachment probe

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., says Democrats are cherry picking words to distract the public from the "truth" in the impeachment probe.
4:53 | 11/13/19

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Transcript for Republicans go on the offensive in impeachment probe
So when I go back now to cure Phillips is on Capitol Hill right now she's with representative les Eldon a republic get it and a staunch defender of the president. He sure is a matter of fact BM most colorful quote I think I have read recently. Is that you see this whole process a charade a clown show Adam shifts. Marjorie or favorite drink rather to get America drunk on. Yeah hold back at all to you well I. I think of Ivan if you if you different statements routes you it's. If I have had observations thing through all of these depositions sitting. For many hours sometimes every single day inside of the most secure room in the capitol and capitol basement. For depositions that were at the unclassified level I believe that the American public should have been able to watch live you should have been able to watch lives. And that if you could it wants like you should've gotten information right away because what happened was strategically a lot of the information that getting. Cherry picked out of the depositions there was selective leaking of substance. That's not really how they should work and in this particular. A situation that Adam should set wasn't an analogous to a grand jury proceedings. He was the prosecutor the judge the jury times use a witness coach. And the leaking was just something that I had an issue with because I want my constituents want the American public just have all the facts I don't want to nap 3% the story. Jim hunter percent of the storm are they going to get a 100% the story now that we are engaging in open hearings well the Republicans do have witnesses that we would like to bring in some. Are. I'm not going to be brought in on I'm hearing as far as the witnesses who do comment. Little accessory out of the nine will now be brought in but not the whistle Blair blower or poor Hunter Biden and also with regards to the the whistle blower it's not just the whistle blower it's also the people who the whistle blower. Claims. He was relying on with first hand information. If there's anybody with firsthand information know what you're alleging it rather than bringing in Bill Taylor for example this morning. Where is going to be giving a lot of testimony that second third fourth hand information in some cases no hand information. Bring in anyone who the whistle blowers claiming has firsthand information we haven't heard from yet. As far is the Hunter Biden in some of these other witnesses go. At Dell underlying root. Part of this issue was a requests for. Two investigations one was with regards to ukrainians. Interfering with its when he sixteen election the other one was is with regards to. This Ukrainian energy company for re song which is a corrupt Ukrainian energy company run by corrupt you communal garden with a long history. Of many different kinds of corruption allegations over the years but. Bottom line this comes down to abuse of power here. And you even have represented Eric Small well known member of house Intel saying that these depositions. For the most part they all. Cooperated with each other each one of these individuals. So it get. Do you not feel that that due process injuries happening here all the. We'll due process isn't happening for example when you're in the deposition with Fiona hill we're asking a question. That the president's council would be asserting executive privilege on. They Fiona hill doesn't know or doesn't care with regards to whether or not to exert executive privilege. It's ultimately Adam Schiff who is ruling in its own favor every single time whenever there's an objection. We are tallying about former and present White House officials that are corroborating each other that there was a pressure campaign. And in an abuse of power that took place with the president telling ms. Lewinsky no military aid until I get some investigators are still gets under how much a political rival. Meyer might my response your last question was because you rent referenced the words due process that's was responding to that as far as that this substance goes. We've had new words basically every day I've heard quid pro quo for awhile then they were using extortion this past Sunday. That I you'd heard the word bribery now today we're hearing the words abuse of power. Different moving goalposts shiny objects but what's important to note as far as what you just stated as a presence -- sixty feet felt no pressure. That there was no quid pro quo he had stated that now on on multiple occasions on July 25 presents what's he doesn't know there's a hold on made. The read outs from both the United States citing cream inside out that's like 45 call no reference of quid pro quo or hold on him. July 26 prisons lest he meets with ambassadors Volcker and silent and there's no reference to quid pro quo or hold on aid in the weeks that followed. They made no reference either so as the end of August that Ukraine that learns that there is say hold on aim. And then shortly there after the gets released and guess what Ukraine had to do Noory get that hold lifted. Absolutely nothing so let's get all of the facts out they're not just cherry picking out the facts that best support. That that allegation that word of the day or those words of the day to try to take on a sitting president let's get the full story out represented Lee seldom appreciate your time today for yours.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., says Democrats are cherry picking words to distract the public from the \"truth\" in the impeachment probe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66973091","title":"Republicans go on the offensive in impeachment probe","url":"/Politics/video/republicans-offensive-impeachment-probe-66973091"}