Republicans Prepare for the First Night of the RNC

ABC News' Tom Llamas tells us how republicans are preparing for the first night of the Republican National Convention.
4:55 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for Republicans Prepare for the First Night of the RNC
We thought Ireland Tonya how much he's down there on the floor we keep peeking a congressional seat what's happening at every mention that floor fight that erupted earlier I think Tom is joining us. Now live from right down there on the floor. Todd is an extreme thing to watch ads are scheduled media went a little knots tracking what exactly was happening has conned out. Down there. Negative it was exciting social media it was even more exciting ride him or send. First you heard a wave of gates and and you heard this loud roar of knows when they're trying to get a roll call. All of the votes on the rules but this is a little bit procedural get too much into the weeds. But it was a mixture of people who really wanted to vote on those rules and some never trump folks who really thought this was there last. Stand to make sure trump would not be vacated its not gonna happen trump will be the nominee tonight but it definitely made for good television a lot of excitement down on the floor there were. Folks with these neon green hats were screaming. At the top of their longs at the stage try to get a roll call state by date it never did happen. But a lot of back import the ultimate end up losing the battle. But for sure it was it was a scene ST at least tests but at athletic league did not want on television it turned out. You know beyond cable news L types of other things but it's better that it happened in the afternoon but it happened prime time. It's not as we're talking with you were to seen alive split screen picture of some of the delegates started to come back into the conventional Bob Dole. Is it is Jerry the scrutiny get a so much. The conversation lead at the convention has been about who's not a Tandy. We see Bob Dole there at number of people we might have expected to see are showing up right. That's right just saw governor Rick Perry he walked by you or ember at one point he compared Donald Trump. To cancer Sadie was a cancer for the party. Mayor Rudy Giuliani was just warming up his speech we saw Matt on stage but you're right there are a lot of prominent Republicans that are not here including both President Bush's Jeb Bush nit Romney Senator John McCain the last two Republican nominees. Up more than a third of Republican senators are not here some say they had a campaign their own states others. Zain that they had important meetings in those states and that you had one senator saying he's fly fishing with his wife. And senator Rand Paul Hussein he's doing pro Bono I surgeries so at least yet about excuse. If you looked at. Governor Casey. Clearly had a long way to travel I understand Ian does not making it up here. Post a Colorado giving it's like it was a small walk out Leon ethnic and recovered from that a deal back in the seats you think that you are. Coming in right now people are still Waukegan right now the delegates are are trickling in so we'll see once they come back as moderate. A break but we did have that image dial whirled news tonight those empty chairs the Colorado delegation walking out in protest. And there were other states reportedly to have walked out and protest but it was it was also chaotic and unclear at times. At which dates for walk united who we stayed and who was going. We'll see of Colorado comes back you you never know with these. Delegations of time slot the wait to see but people are certain trip when lenders the excite ministering to build for tonight's speakers the headliner forced Maloney trump. Sources tell me your speech will be around five minutes we know that she's practiced for speech at home in New York mystic have a teleprompter she sat here. You know she spoke very rarely on the campaign trail but any time she has spoken. It's been very forceful and very blunt she once said famously when you attack Donald Trump he hits you back ten times harder so it'll be if you see what she says tonight because. With the campaign wants right now with that convention organizers want it show Donald Trump's softer side. The last year to half we've seen the very tough talking Donald Trump the man who's not afraid to fight back. With the trump children with Bologna they want shall we saw upside seen that comes across again it's gonna come across that a date when there was this or flight and it's chaos. Here at the convention. Oh. Time for a quick before we let you go oh what's been the reaction of the trump campaign to a plea to. You know its interest in the trump campaign as has claimed victory after victory when it comes to these never trump revolts. Even Donald Trump was speaking on Saturday when he was supposed to be introducing Mike Pence is running mate he was talking about how the crush the never trump. Movement early on in the convention and there were such we. That Donald Trump put out earlier today about I'll paraphrase eggs at a had to work for work but basically saying what would happen on the on the on the ground floor was something yeah. At a river out of poverty Zack where's but he was basically stated it was something nice to have at the convention but. Ultimately that the convention will roll on and a big events are what are what's happening tonight. All right that is ABC timed dumbest live for us on the floor after a public edge here at Cleveland thanks so much it's not.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas tells us how republicans are preparing for the first night of the Republican National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40681972","title":"Republicans Prepare for the First Night of the RNC","url":"/Politics/video/republicans-prepare-night-rnc-40681972"}