Can Republicans sell new tax bill to the American people?

Republicans now have to convince Americans that the bill will help the economy in the long run.
3:13 | 12/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Can Republicans sell new tax bill to the American people?
Clovis president I want to thank you and your administration and our thanks sectors yankees doing a great job but senator Murkowski. Well. This administration. On the rack. You're watching live picture there as Republicans members of congress celebrate passage of there. Major major tax overhaul I want to bring in my colleague senior national correspondent for ABC news married groups who has been. Watching this process unfold and Mary pointing it included Mary Mary quickly largely along. Party lines we're hearing there as we heard from senator Tim Scott that this was not about the write this with not about the last. Try telling that to the Democrats right now they called that the Travis edict called it. A disgrace. But it's a bit of a gamble is and they're hoping that this will pay off in the long when the middle class miracle that they're all selling ads will come through. There's no question commented it is a gamble and it's a gamble Republican let's make that Mary cleared this with passes near unanimous Republican support in the house not a single. Republican senators voted no date now on this and the question is. What happens going forward they are promising eagle results to Americans that you'll start to. Potentially see some more money in your paycheck come February now most Americans. Will see a tax cut. At the beginning of this but of course analysts cautioned that over the long term the wealthy stand to benefit most and corporations of course get that sit tax cut down 35 to 21%. The big question here on the island and can Republicans translate into a political went not just their first major legislative win which of course. They say if that's what this big group pat on the back at that we're seeing here right now. And they need that we going into 2018 now most of these changes won't really be felt until they will go to file their tax returns. Next year but some changes will be felt right away but again right now to think deeply. Popular bill it pleaded at one point five trillion dollars to the deficit analysts are raising a lot of concern about what will happen in the long term here. And the Republicans know they have a messaging issue they need to get out and sell this bill. The speaker of the house told me the results. We'll sell this bill that's what they're thinking. And there you mentioned not a single democratic vote there it's worth pointing out not all Republicans in the house. Voted for it either what's the calculation there they looking at its when he team. Yeah if you actually to count up all the all those faces you see they're behind the president there about 300 Republicans that the president the White House today we believe that means you're missing about 121000. Twelve house members. Who voted no most of those are members from a high tax states like New Jersey New York California those that are expected to be particularly hard hit. By what's known as the salt deductions the state and local tax deductions those are now we admit it. To just 101000 dollars as deductions on state and local income and property taxes and that the issue for pervert at this handfuls to bring it to him both. There were the house Republicans that's why they they opposed this bill and and they think that that ultimately Republicans may not win on this one. So we'll have to see how this all plays out over the coming weeks and months and the next year primary Bruce on Capitol Hill at.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Republicans now have to convince Americans that the bill will help the economy in the long run.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51918110","title":"Can Republicans sell new tax bill to the American people?","url":"/Politics/video/republicans-sell-tax-bill-american-people-51918110"}