Residents of St. Charles, Illinois weigh in ahead of Rep. Hultgren's town hall

ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to community members gathered for the town hall.
15:57 | 04/19/17

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Transcript for Residents of St. Charles, Illinois weigh in ahead of Rep. Hultgren's town hall
Illinois yes committed another town halls. The difference. At this morning only people for senator Bob. Congress made it rain. And already expecting. Mover behind Richard. Your. It's. Right here. And if you look over there. The there's a line action news happening around them off. I'll take you out there and she's right judging ride on sight here. Site. It was actually. There. In your. Testing. Street right. Protest. Song they'll be inside your year. With the colonies either bring. In science. Teachers at night. Let's side. And it. This town halls starting in Illinois. I'm listening. Network inside your father Peter you can see it's starting to fill up here. Creating world redeem. Pretty conservative Republican. He's been identified. As a member of Tea Party. Wasn't who work on the Paul Ryan's health care bill that would definitely get brought up tonight it stands on that. George president trump. So a lot of the constituents here that they are going through tonight. Representative Holmgren to present that being said as of late. Really hope restored to separate itself especially on the issue of Russia Russia's interference the election and Michael Flynn. Grady Little prince had an interview that he believed that likely shoot go. Michael Flynn is no longer for the administration. Any wants to take a closer look at Russia he hasn't called for an end of as many Democrats now. I could change tonight we will definitely see your question on that let's talk to some of our friends that we. We met. Two. Tammy and nick. You guys are from this area and represent whole green is your congressman if you have the opportunity to ask a question tonight what he lands. Will we when we would want to ask congressman. He supports Steve regulating our economy has. Such an economic disaster. See market about ten years ago and we've seen. Current administration and the attendant how he's doing and went to check in. Have you seen presidents on. All very much so go. So many of them. In the streets. It's pretty. What about you Tammy. Wanted to ask you guys so I arrived here. Of the year and we when that was sad that protest. We were not. They're not going to be. You've seen it. It seems like people have songs they're they're pretty fired up. Find out. From what I've been hearing tonight. What one. Told me yeah I'm here because my. Roscoe won't even. Com. What is it like tip had the opportunity to hold them. Accountable to your views on his policies. Seems like a fundamental right that should take place. We'll check in with you guys tonight. And again there. As you can see here is some members of the League of Women Voters passing out. Sargent you're collecting weapons. Have you been reading the questions. And he war with the topic faithful. You can down here in. Beautiful. You don't aisles are filled with members of the League of Women Voters there a nonpartisan group hosting a town hall tonight. And as we turn around they are actually gathered. Right here in front at this table are all wearing a flight. Organizing all the questions submitted if you could. Of questions. Local par. How are you guys organizing the questions tonight. I. And then okay. David there's some topics that law the question. Touchdowns in health care. Policy or. Is it removes a wide variety. Doesn't look like all we'll be if we get all these. We might have to be here for six around my. Tell that. Here doesn't seem like there's a lot of in this area this enough it's. Maybe they feel like they can really able there. Represented. What's your name again man re worried we're live. Earlier your. I'm many of the side. Because they want. Manages to. What are the questions that you seasonal full. Yeah. What I have seen is. About specific questions. Creation. Tonight justice. Preview what that immigration question is. Isn't yours Henderson is hot. Upset yeah. This is another. You back to reviewing these question. Very busy taping right now. Live on ABC news. And those beautiful moderator Hillary. And he. Playing for you trying. The audience. In line you know some. It's mountain it's. Let the other important thing. Here is Cherie. There's less than. Beginning. Courtesy of we're reminded again and I can hear his. He's got back the latest on a lot of primary were added. The word out to. He's expected to last an hour card. Great we'll let you get heavy tanks and it can't. Right now show you Rea. A live picture of the are caught a feeder. In saint Charles Illinois soaring to fill up for this evening's town hall. We representative Republican congressman. Meehan people. The film over there looks like he. I got here. I like it ABC news. You have the chance to ask a question what would you ask. And sporting news. Is he your congressman. You vote for Mike. But he's your congressman's so it's his job to represent you. In Washington and from what you've seen so far. What do you think to be done tonight to meet persuade him. He's knows. Falling behind. Has represented people. I don't see. Mean hearing. And I think what tonight night. You don't really see. I'm. Yeah. It's. Out. It's. Can't. Mean anything there. Represented Holmgren has definitely didn't give George present this kind of debris filled residence on. Typically. Ross. Believe that. Time. What was your reaction. Now they're thinking that way. Went into them like he. Yeah yeah. And even his reasoning no longer have. Yeah. Let anything. I mean. Okay. You guys have watched them in another town hall. Now it's you're Shane. How do you think the crowd where. We will act. League City. And it's much too young. Hillary let's talk about my job him. Yes sir. Yeah. When rates for years. Well I remember we. Very. We your front row and I hope you have the chance to make to have questions are. So we are here we're gonna have full coverage. A live stream of the actual town. Which is set to begin in just minutes. I think she'll. Illinois packed house tonight and am proud crown revue and all the details for me BC news. For now undisputed heat outside the Peter when I can sign off yet we get a better sense. Outside any of the songs. As we start to begin this. It appears everyone wanted. To come tonight he's here. No word line. River just one minute away actually from the town hall started. I wrote in the life which will be up shortly. For now why and ABC's Josh school ring. Saint Charles Illinois town Holmgren in green.

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{"id":46878738,"title":"Residents of St. Charles, Illinois weigh in ahead of Rep. Hultgren's town hall","duration":"15:57","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to community members gathered for the town hall.","url":"/Politics/video/residents-st-charles-illinois-weigh-ahead-rep-hultgrens-46878738","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}