Restaurant receipts take on both sides of the immigration debate

"The View" co-hosts discuss how the immigration debate is playing out in restaurants.
3:34 | 02/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Restaurant receipts take on both sides of the immigration debate
We'll debate and spilled over on into restaurants. Amanda who eight in an Italian restaurant in San Antonio Texas wrote what is receipt. Before it was tasty but service was attention. However the owner is Mexicans we want not attack. America perhaps mad just point this out and then a much Jenna. San Antonio Texas. Was Mexico props. It from Mexico 1845. Now you know what we asked. Immigrants we said immigrants come already do it rack. Come over and get your papers did you know how do you write and will support ship. Well it this is what that looks like understand why people don't do what you tell them to do because. If you don't support. Your local restaurants because you think somebody Mexican dollars and I don't know I'm going against bigotry it's just plain bigotry yeah I had you know whether there was something else that can add another a better side of that restaurant to be here. A restaurant Brooklyn is using their receipts for good at Berkeley the restaurant called TV on happen. It is preening on a pro immigration message on their receipts at the bottom it says immigrants make America great in imprint the cease. They also cooked her food and serve G today at. What was terrible about what happened in San Antonio is the B owner is Mexican has restaurants in the United States restaurants in Mexico. And his family got death threats after us you know and they must business. Business I get out there is a site does not come from the right tonight at I think sometimes it's best to kind of call out your own there is a segment on the right. That yes supports border security and supports immigration and their great about it and then there's a very small segment. On the right that has emerged that is anti immigrant and I hear things like this and it bothers us because they're well they're small but they're allowed. And as we don't know if you're allowed in your small you get hurt and act gets the front page of the hot want to all of those people that are fighting. For legal immigration and want talented people to come here and want this to still be America where people feel welcome in this as a land of opportunity. Both can look at silently and a small majority I didn't really small because that's Mike spears talks ran on it anti immigration platform. And millions of people voted for him but a lot on I don't and they are also anti. But I don't mean really anyway I don't know which one is a lot more people voted for Hillary alive three million what here's here's what I can do this and gets me out of this restaurant in San Antonio if you live in San Antonio glimpse of what ahead always. I didn't even writing it you know on May never want us to say the name of an accountant got a bit. Someone should actually think that was seller does that make Italian food now I don't know it was I didn't time. Bryant you'll find out the name of the restaurant we will tell two people repulsive right now. Then I also want these folks these outside work and their butts off and they've been there were seventeen year percent on sat and you won't work. As this is also a frat Bob. Defrag defrag folk can you spell it yet deeds wrap up. You know Abdullah ballot. DI FR. AB OD for obvious route please don't support them out we're abandoned and that yeah.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss how the immigration debate is playing out in restaurants.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45514126","title":"Restaurant receipts take on both sides of the immigration debate","url":"/Politics/video/restaurant-receipts-sides-immigration-debate-45514126"}