Retired Justice Alan Page: The White House 'is the people's house'

Former Minnesota Viking and state Justice Alan Page receives Medal of Freedom.
4:26 | 11/16/18

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Transcript for Retired Justice Alan Page: The White House 'is the people's house'
You've been honored by the president today not just for your success on the Plainfield your of course. An NFL hall of Famer Notre Dame graduate. But but someone who's done a lot of incredible work. For children in this country with your foundation. Tell us a little bit about the work that you do and what this award means to you. Well. 31 years ago my wife Diane and I started the page education foundation. With the goal of encouraging motivating and assisting. Young men and women of color in the pursuit of education beyond high school. And we would we do that two ways one by providing financial assistance but more importantly and I think the most important thing. The foundation. Is we require error. Grant recipients we call them paid scholars. To. Do its service with children kindergarten through eighth grade. Specifically in the area of education has tutors mentors and role models. Sending that strong clear message to those young children that education is a tool that they can use. To achieve whatever their hopes and dreams are. For far too long. We have. Donna send a disservice. To our kids of color when it comes to academic a academic accomplishment. And how to roll with the foundation has. Create hope and opportunity. And you certainly have done that by all accounts 7000 children have received scholarships. Three year program Saddam thousand and growing. And growing indeed the page education foundation. He. You know I'm. This award you've written about and spoken about it being not just about you and your foundation but about all those who've helped you. Along the way and also. Some hesitation about coming to the trump White House in light of the values that you stand for it is as if what was it uncomfortable being there today did you have to speak to the president. Tell us a little bit about how you grappled with that. A motion today. You know in the end it isn't about me. And but it is about I think the things. Both my. A wife and I have sought to use to represent the values. That we believe in the end. Justice. Equal justice under the law in educational opportunity. In. Working to ensure that. People understand that the truth matters that character is important. And so. In the final analysis it was pretty easy to be here. And than. In joined. The experience. Something that I would not have anticipated. It's SA said it's about those values that we. Have tried to represent. And it's also about those who shoulders. Had the opportunity to stand on ambulances. My ancestors who came to this country in the belly of slave ships it's about those civil rights. People who. Gave the ultimate sacrifice. Schwerner Chaney and Goodman. By a little weasel views so. Four little girls and Birmingham Baptist Church. There are. Voices. What they stood for. Has. A place in this White House. It is the people's house and it was my opportunity. Represent them in accepting the award and in that respect. It was an honor and a privilege to be here to receive the award. Alan page it's certainly an honor and a privilege to have you here with us on ABC news live in the briefing room I congratulations to you and our condolences to you. On the loss of your wife just a month ago Diane sands page we know is a very integral part of your work. And the foundation and our thoughts are are certainly with you and your family thank you so much sir. Well thank you.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Former Minnesota Viking and state Justice Alan Page receives Medal of Freedom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59253693","title":"Retired Justice Alan Page: The White House 'is the people's house'","url":"/Politics/video/retired-justice-alan-page-white-house-peoples-house-59253693"}