Rev. Silvester Beaman delivers benediction

The conclusion of the inauguration comes from the longtime Biden confidant.
4:48 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for Rev. Silvester Beaman delivers benediction
As a nation and people of faith and gathered in this historical moment. Let us in ninety and prayer. God. We gather under the beauty of your holiness. And the holiness of your beauty. We seek your face. You'll smile. You're warm and Greece. We petition you want some more in this celebration. We pray for divine favor upon our president. Joseph. And our First Lady and doctor Jill Biden and their family. We further asks. That you would extend the same fever. Upon our vice president. Come the and our second young women ducked them all and their family. More than effort. More than there. They in our nation. Needs you. We need you. For being you we discover our common humanity. And our common humanity. We will seek help the wounded. And buying their wounds. Who seek healing for those who are sick and diseased and we will mourn our dead. We will be friends only at the least and the left out. From a share RO pundits with those who are hungry. We wouldn't just leave to deal Chris. Acknowledged sin and seek forgiveness. Does grasping reconciliation. And discovering our humanity. We will seek the good in and for all our neighbors. We will love beyond lovable. And remove the stigma of the so called untouchables. Who care for our most vulnerable are children the elderly. Emotionally challenged and the poor. Who was seeking rehabilitation beyond correction. Let stand an opportunity to those locked out of our opportunity. Who'll make friends. Of our enemies we will meet friends. Of our enemies. People are you all people. Should no longer raise up weapons against one another. Moorad the use our resources. For the national good and become a deacon of life and goodwill to the world. And neither shall we learned a hatred anymore. Who lied down in peace and not make our neighbors are free. And you all god. We discover our humanity. And our humanity. We discover our column in this. Beyond that difference of color creed or Tim political party ideology geography. And personal preferences. Will become. Greater stewards of your environment. Preserving the land and reaping front Mitt a sustainable harvest. There's securing its wonder. And miracle giving Powell. For generations to come. This is our dinner addiction. They're from. These hallowed grounds. We're slaves labored to build this Ryan instead go to liberty and democracy we let us all acknowledge. From the indigenous native American. To those who recently received a citizenship. From the African Americans and those who stalked parents came from Europe. And every corner of the rule. Don't know well did you know struggling to make it. From every human being regardless other choices. That this is our country. That's such teach us O god. That's such teach us all god. Didn't. That didn't. We didn't. And reconcile. It to one another and it. Lest we miss. Kingdoms gold. To your glory. And majesty. Don't you can Powell. Forever but potted it and move you don't. Hot and I'm here and the strong name of our collective feet. He man.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"The conclusion of the inauguration comes from the longtime Biden confidant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75379471","title":"Rev. Silvester Beaman delivers benediction","url":"/Politics/video/rev-silvester-beaman-delivers-benediction-75379471"}