Does Rick Perry's CPAC Speech Hint at 2016 Run?

Day 2 of CPAC in Maryland featured Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Transcript for Does Rick Perry's CPAC Speech Hint at 2016 Run?
This is a special group. Healthcare business. -- The education. Create. Belongs. For the on a distant. Then a man. Again. Texas governor Rick Perry certainly sounding like a 2016 presidential hopeful rallying the seat -- troops this morning. Everyone I'm down Cutler -- new York and it's an excuse -- special report date to -- 2014 conservative public action conference in Maryland. Kentucky's Rand Paul speaking right now a little more. In June in touch with the left turn a juxtaposed next to Rick Perry -- -- a lot of love from the C packed crowd nonetheless we'll get back him just a moment but first. -- from Washington ABC news political director Rick Klein and Rick what a fiery start to the day with an energized Rick Perry's mr. a couple of moments ago it back -- -- -- -- A little more over the Texas governor talking about the kinds of leaders that. He wants in Washington. Leaders to devolve power up. The mistakes and not -- them out leaders who believe in free markets. And not bigger federal government. Leaders who respect the freedom of the individual instead depriving them the power to realise -- It is time for Washington. To focus on the -- the constitution. Establishes as the federal government's role. -- our country provide. Could get foreign policy and what -- -- the male preferably on -- And yeah well what does it sound -- that sound like Rick Perry thinks Rick Perry is one of those leaders. I think Rick Klein thinks that Rick Perry thinks that Rick Perry is one of those that's I think that. -- -- that's exactly right it's an interesting even -- you hear a lot of what's interesting about Rick Perry and also with me frustrating about Rick -- that's not a typical conservative line atop a post office openings but it is something that appeals to more rural base that he is speaking to at the same time so. Well I think Rick Perry now with the glasses now without cowboy boots a little bit different a little -- -- -- Why not it's certainly enough other people that that given a run in 20082012. That'll be trying against -- Energized I think is the understatement from that this morning it's a Tea Party favorite Rand Paul just start speaking a few moments and I -- little bit of what he just had -- Will you. Will you America's next generation of liberty lovers real Hughes stand NB are. I. We will not submit. And we will not trade our liberty for security. Not now -- -- I've ever. Hall also getting a very favorable response and Maryland today. Indeed -- Rand Paul won the -- -- straw poll a year ago now he's gonna have some type competition this year tech crews. -- Tea Party darling over the past year but Rand Paul with his gaze. Particularly his positions on civil liberties a lot of his libertarian positions he is in tune with a good portion of the conservative movement what Mason and apart from Ted Cruz and some others as foreign policy issues. That's not something that senator -- -- dwelling on those today. Well a little earlier at a former Republican presidential candidates this one from 2008 Mike Huckabee and he. Went right for the democratic presumed front runner Hillary Clinton. I also that four Americans were murdered had been Ghazi and our government lied to -- as to what happened and I know -- had not one thing to do with some. Ridiculous video. And I know something else. -- all due respect Hillary Clinton. It does make a difference why they died. That last line that -- -- very famous line that the then secretary of state delivered during that testimony saying what difference does it make senator jab. At that posting -- testimony what did you think that line of attack is this something else that Huckabee said about Hillary Clinton. I think -- the focus on being -- is very important among conservative activists and that's. The that is the that's the crux of that I think they'll tellingly Huckabee at a press coverage is asked about Rand Paul's criticism of of Hillary Clinton. And particularly what he's what would -- Paul was saying about Bill Clinton and his old associations. And of course that the sex scandals of the Clinton years and that response from Huckabee which is echoed most conservatives which is to say that Bill Clinton is not the guy on the ballot -- 2060 less market fight its stock. Fighting old battles so Hillary Clinton will unite this crowd but how to attack Hillary Clinton might -- Well and here again is Mike Huckabee at this time with a couple of words for President Obama. I know that the only time that Vladimir Putin's shivers as when he has his -- off in the cold Russian winner. Well our rights the fifth it. Lines that timely but a bit of a surprise. Here Huckabee -- -- policy. No I don't think it all mean clearly USC president he's gonna have to go there we had -- our Pailin. Musing aloud about how we think about food and is that you know of the tough guy who's essentially -- tigers and we think about Barack Obama is the guy in mom jeans so. It's -- -- for conservatives right now to be attacking present -- -- over the Russian relationship clearly tense. Standoff going on right now in the region not clear what they would do this actually different because sort of authorizing military force sending ground troops is unclear how you're going to be able to turn wouldn't back. So just as Rick Perry made his way on an opener this morning and -- -- fellow Texan senator Ted Cruz yesterday. -- said this but the party's recent failed presidential candidates here's what crew said on Thursday. Course all of us remember. President -- And president McCain. And president Romney. Look those are good men they're decent man but when you don't stand -- draw a clear distinction when you don't stand for principle. Democrats Celebrex. So Rick let let me ask you this after we hear from her response because this after Senator John McCain spoke to Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC and stepped in. On Bob Dole's -- -- I spoke to Ted Cruz he and I have eight. Cordial relationship about this and he can say what he wants to about me and he couldn't say anything he wants to I think about Mitt minutes. Capable of taking -- but when he throws Bob Dole and there I want her. If he thinks -- Bob Dole stood for prince won't comment Hilltop to nearly. When he was so gravely wounded and left part of his body they're fighting for. Our country Bob Dole fish -- this show -- not a man of honor and integrity and principal. I hope that. That Ted Cruz -- will it -- I apologize to. To Bob Dole because that that's -- that that that is crossed a line that to me. Is she is sweet leaves the realm of politics and -- -- and discourse that we should have in America. Rick let let me ask you about this that. Because there's a lot of discussion that's always been said that there could be splintering factions within the Republican Party and that there can be infighting among some of the smaller groups there. Is that what took place or was it settling old scores. I think it I think -- this is indicative of a larger problem in the Republican Party look I don't think anyone was really thinking that senator Cruz was questioning. The courage -- the principles of the integrity of senator dole or Senator McCain to -- phrased it may have sounded that way and provided his opening but what are -- trying to say is. Those guys are raging moderates I'm a true conservative we need a true conservative. And that's a different argument and I I think is senator crews. I don't think anyone again we would say that he really believes that -- it did this it says something larger principle. But it is -- it is pretty hot rhetoric and that's why you see the push back from the establishments -- even at this moment down. Where Republicans are altogether in one place raging against President Obama finding common cause in common ground and lots of people dislike them around the country. They are seeing this classic -- between the moderate wings and the conservative wings of the party I keep -- -- people aren't even all that moderate we're not talking about people who are. You know pro choice on abortion so called pro choice on abortion for instance are saying we need to -- keep obamacare they agree on things like that. There really around the edges -- on the tactics that they continue to disagree. And that's why this fight I think is and continue through its 2016 and beyond. You see -- you -- -- -- because that was actually that -- -- wanted to to leave you with what is asking about that is that the fact that it's 2014 now. We still two years to go yet at the same time we're try to build some kind of a consensus among a group that you might not agree with all of their ideals and principles on. Can you afford to do that so early on. Yes you can everything you do it forever and I think Democrats went there's something similar in the bush years and that hashing it out through the primary process this is. Going to be -- particularly. Divisive primary process that the early skirmishing is any indication we've already seen senator -- and senator Paul begin to -- some jets -- the Paul and Chris Christie chetry a couple of jabs. I think yesterday Chris Christie writing a slightly different vision -- Ted -- so all this intramural warfare that's starting to break out right now. That is -- -- work itself out in the primaries and Republicans left to decide what direction they wanna go. We know they're going to be energized the try to take on the Democrat whether it's Hillary Clinton or anyone else you know they want the White House back. But the path back is something that that remains -- program we've. A throwback Thursday and now I think fired up Friday I think could be coming out of today's seat back right there's a -- that's right gets into the weekend just just write them. Fired up ABC's political director -- -- in Washington DC recht thanks so much appreciate it thank you -- of course you give up on this -- -- conservative Powell out in real time by downloading. Out. News digital special report for now I'm -- -- York.

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