Rick Scott files lawsuit against 2 Florida counties for slow vote count

Governor Scott, Senator Nelson brace for a possible recount
3:23 | 11/09/18

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Transcript for Rick Scott files lawsuit against 2 Florida counties for slow vote count
Irate so now as you know they're still. A lot of confusion about those mid terms that happened just a couple of days ago but there is no better person help us sort these out then ABC news political director Rick Klein and Rick thanks for being here. I just need to ask you you know we're gonna start off with the state that everyone's talking about what is half. I mean in Florida. Kimberly Florida is a mess even nastier than usual because you have not one but 20 statewide races the race for senate. And governor that apple could be headed for a recount and the governor of Florida just last night filing a lawsuit against a couple of the counties what a particular Broward County. That is a very familiar to anyone who remembers the 2000 presidential recount this could actually be just as messy if not mess you're depending on where it heads from here. We're have conflicting lawsuits in different directions tomorrow is the deadline. For all the counties report their totals to the secretary of state. And if the final margin in either or both of these races is within half a percentage point. And it is headed for a recount it's actually even closer than that right now is in its is inside a quarter. Of a percentage point which under for a lot means a hand recount so bring up those ballots in and start examine the all over. And of course of course we also have to ask you about George and Arizona also making the news in an on everyone's minds. Yet George over here more from plaintiffs in a potential lawsuit people talking about this being disenfranchised. I think concern there is that in voter suppression on the front end by. Republican officials and it on the back and making sure those votes are counted George has an unusual long were you actually. You can't just beat the other candidate yet to crack 50%. And it's still a possibility although not a likelihood that the Republican didn't crack fifty was released a run off as of now that is going to be uphill climb though for Stacey Abrams. Arizona is a bright spot for Democrats a whole batch of votes were counted from liberal areas of the state just yesterday into overnight and now for the first time since election night. Person cinema the Democrat is actually numerically ahead of the Republican we understand there's still be hot off the possibility of hundreds of thousands. Of uncounted votes so we're not done there either but as I said that one is a little bit different in that you have the democratic name first and not the Republicans. OK so the the mid terms were a couple days ago and you know at that point. People were saying when the election when the results came in that it wasn't so much of a blue wave because the Democrats didn't pick up as many seats as he said they were but now we see that some more seats have actually flips are we calling this a wave now. This story line is definitely changing Kimberly in one big thing is you see races like wanting in outside Atlanta that just stuff fell four. Four for the Democrats another one of Washington State that just got called we are seeing more of those suburban seats let the final number. Is likely to be in the high thirties for Democrats again they only needed 23 to pick up the house they always knew it was a tough map. This is going to be in all likelihood the largest number of democratic pick ups since right after Watergate when there was a real reaction against the Republican Party more than forty years ago so. That makes it a big win for the Democrats and and I think between that and the Arizona results of felt if those Stan I think we start to talk a battle tonight a little bit of a different way yes it was a mixed bag but. ID Democrats are happier with how this is going to land and they would have been just a couple of days ago. All right Rick thank you so much we appreciate you joining us and for in the air force sorting it all out.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Governor Scott, Senator Nelson brace for a possible recount","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59087215","title":"Rick Scott files lawsuit against 2 Florida counties for slow vote count","url":"/Politics/video/rick-scott-files-lawsuit-florida-counties-slow-vote-59087215"}