RNC: Cokie Roberts Hosts Republican Delegate Roundtable

ABC News' Cokie Roberts talks with Republican delegates at Market Avenue Wine Bar in Cleveland, OH.
21:50 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for RNC: Cokie Roberts Hosts Republican Delegate Roundtable
I am cookie wrappers and re here at the Republican National Convention. In Cleveland. We've taken a little time away from the convention itself. To be here at the market street wine bar in old Ohio city Cleveland it's very likely here. And I mean little lovely group of ladies who are delegates is this convention. And I will let you introduce themselves. And and then we will go on have a conversation so why don't you start KV key props to. You're 24 years twenty where's all this. Kane and Amy I eighty winter Newton. Run Salt Lake county's top. Won't be here and yours he's county councilwoman Diana on the Sally county council the first Republican. There. And kiran. In his career and he didn't and pain to get. And you. And I hope you. First time delegates right now you've been tech convention before a cave that they have placed under. I have to say this is might when he first conviction. So it is. It is a little more usual for me that but it's always interest in it's exciting to be taken. The issue here is and I'm usual Republican Convention because C. Republican Party establishment such as it is really defeated. That's Reuters essentially saying we don't like with the leadership is doing and we. We preferred and go our way and this evidence is it here at the conviction. Also. What we're seeing in the campaign as a whole. Is the question of the women's vote Jones that is always import. Women vote than men and and what we call the gender gap the difference. Between the way. Men and women vote. Women I think speed he will vote slightly more democratic. Elections. But what we're seeing in polls. Right now is a 25. Police action. A human being or Hillary Clinton. And here you are Republican women annually that he that party will be counting on to close that gap so. What do you think not doing it for you and me. Yeah not. In Utah I'm downturn let's not a popular candidate it's it's asking you to answer still struggling with him. Quite frankly I'm struggling and so I'm hearing that you mention I am feeling we need Republican presidency. The Supreme Court justices on the line that got federal appointees. The as Republicans and so I am. Ended here mentioned and it get behind and what are your. Hesitation to mean we you know they're there have been comments clearly that he's made that some people have found offensive in some women particularly at night. You know I fill the Philly those comments her. Not what I would say to my children here's that you should try to be might someday because I don't teach my children to talk about other people and so. I answer. And Katie uniting. Well us here's that cruise I'm here to cast my bed for him and fountains. It. Pinch at. But. The phenomenon. I don't agree it's and and I had some concerns. And really interest to see how he treats himself as a general election candidate purses and her. It's like the rest of America and world watch and processing and the. When you say issue and whether things that are making news has to. Stream ordinance it can support. Passion. And also. Record and look there is there. We now know how that style. You know. Some one. It's prudent and sectors. That you're here as checked out okay and so you don't have these concerns. And that's contained. I see and we know what can you. But I mean I understand the opposition to him in and that is it certainly unifying theme. For the party and at a convention but what about trends and may mean you enthusiastic about it. This is successful businessman and he he's he's approving job creator he's improving builder. He any. He knows how to tune to create jobs and keep he's paying attention to the economy. People who are in the feel that he is they they hate even. Closer attention to the economy been. Most of us. That are kind of headed picker a lot of issues. They know what's coming up next thing you know where they should be investing where they should be building is going to be in it and city and that. You know if you're not successful. And sort of getting ahead at the apparently no new content knowingly testimony that you wouldn't be six. And he's he's been successful he'd let pat what we eat. Aside from the question him in people who actually as you know raise questions about exactly a success he's been that the but this question gang along the legislature though is different mean that is a different skill set. Right from from building building so does that does that concern you at all. Not because. How. Let he eight. If this women. And business. Office and is happy jobs and nothing. It. But yet. When you have employees or hurt you know you have you know board of directors. It's not. That much different building a consensus from new building in a month the board of directors and you're going you know and legislator and street peers in. You kind of tactic that's always in my youth in the turn you can make it to you want to negotiate because of the authors give me just just. Those skills saying. In order to be successful anything anyway. Career politician. And it is expressed in the it seems skills. So but that doesn't have you can dance today. And not quite. What they see. Us yet. And believe me and you say and accidents at busy is it me not making the kinds of countenance that he's been making and that made me think. Welcome change this time it some problems Clinton's. And for other. To get cancer but we see so often candidates from the right primary and in England listener and action. And what mr. trump is me and her friend on the sauls announces. He. Tells it like it is. We continue to tell the general election is going to now certain forget demographic. We had him forever obstructing master marketer he's marketing expert group now he can just doing them. Oh but does that twisters in iffy and as changes to he's not saying it like it is. News is that he. He's. Street she fare comes. Doesn't matter but. It's her. Well he. Certainly whining yeah yeah you. I do you want to see him Meyer it's tones that he's not. So. To keep all day. I want him more about policy. Issues that really what he's going it's human to see these plans to surrounds. You know potential members and people around him. He really is more than just how does one person. He's himself is going yet weenie. You know nominee to this thing more than those are some of the things interested. His business experience is can be hopeful he's really doing filling. You know he's and it. He's a bit risky candidate as it could be really because he's a politician. You know on his business experience or it could be. So and and I don't know it's it's gonna open I'll take us however the risk of Hillary Clinton. So last night. Maloney it transforms of the commission and now a lot of the reasons that the campaign. Operatives wanted to speak. This because they thought that she would. Make a difference in terms of women's attitudes to extract. Is that true is that at work and didn't market. Now. I'm looking at this woman that's 24 years then McDonald's. It's. Beautiful obviously money and I'm thinking he can only so. It I was hoping me and it didn't. So hopefully other things this week to get there honestly yeah. And it was his personal. It's just. And the fact that it down we know that some of the speech was the same is true Michelle Obama's does that matter. I mean she speaks five languages. And he. And don't quit and get input that he'd sure like to see me and then somebody that are. Right OI message I cannot speak but but but does it mean today you know you know how campaigns go today this is the group. Do you care that. You care. You know say to that point it doesn't he wonder if he would her speech writer lips so much this legislature and for Michelle Obama. What does that say about the kind of is the only hire the best people. And surround himself with good advisors and it's that's. We know that some others that it interest and waited at the convention itself. Because. Yes it is. Appropriate. Ways you don't of these Republican. Hear these you know because that's what this conventions about eight. But on the other hand. If you don't have those people in Iran who are going to be foreign policy advisors neck and things so. Do you have any concerns. You just like you find them some place else. Yeah I think as with anything like that nothing's perfect there's. They're highly likely that some. They won't do that it cannot but yet it did to check the secret is is. It's getting it isn't gonna catch it early on. And do something and get them to be here fired. Or is he gonna let go and lie. And cover it. And pretend it didn't exit yeah. Klein his pick up Mike Pence. As the BP I think that's something I mean making having someone who Hudson executive experience is that governor. Speaks he speaks very well for his ability to find somebody who's going to be hopeful and and do good things for the country so that helps you not tell me. And and and that the fact that pits is so profoundly pro life just that also make a difference absolutely. There's a good conservatives that we now as his feet he can get to thinking. And tonight he and time. And the next night. That movie we're going to hear from trump children. And which is period. Lifting children speak which donors spent together at convention. Is that again is that something that we'll. Keep you thinking about in a different way here is that something that is. Anxious. Cute. I mean. A mother of 33. Dollars and three years apart there was a period my friends waiting three teenage daughter. And it's. I mean it's really good and for him I think is an. 100% success rate with his children are so hard as talking settlement on the yesterday and who take. You know I might be rather. This very. Just and and you know so that. You'd it and you malign it did say in her speech and she said and that is real testament to his values of family and children in education and now in California we. We definitely need that. Mean it it's only good for the society of all of our children getting needed to change. You think they mothers might get some credit there. I I. I think. And these successful children is seen water. District. So does that is that something else you're going to be listening to looking forward. Isn't anything else it could happen at this convention and try opted tribes themselves. That would make you. Feel more comfortable going mean I know that you use comfortable posting. But is anything that would make you won't have to. But. Other than the trump. It's. Time I want to Seymour theme of his policy. I want it I want to understand more what his plans. I feel like a lot of speeches last night where anti Hillary speeches and Guinea Guinea and eat I want to know what you're gonna do you expect them. And what would you like to see him do. You know lying I feel very top selling at one of the things I'm about Republican platform is states' rights and decentralizing the federal government and pushing local control steeped in local government level. And I actually we need a plan to fielding do more you know it's in our steepener communities were being ill. Best but what we can do to help the people that surround us and how to make our communities better and so I'm looking for someplace for more of as well as ideas on how much are budget how are we going to how conservative fiscal policy I think that's extremely important that. From California ballot crazy message rates rate. So I use I would yeah I am actually. If I do believe in local and because that's that's weird all government is well. You know and you know me it isn't the criminal justice. You know I believe that government's first responsibility is to keep its infancy and I just in. We'll let vicious thing you learn and use your businesses. And you know and absence is so so you see. Criminals. Yankees' best that's for. Easy to use it richer in his system use. You know. Digestive system. Excuse me unique perspective can see the whole. Site. And I just. It's just it's the policies. And day. You know. And you know helping me. Needing. Actually helps people that you wouldn't. They they just continue. And and when you are looking to use the what's gonna make you work this is anything. Leon trump himself in the triumphantly. It. Chopped. It like she. Copper. What do you testimony. New and see him so he's running with an electric that's an excellent personal its catering to him. Brain changes in mark and that's. And and where you own that issue the bush. It of course is way. He said adding if it. I'm sort of a lot harder so if it's if this is what the law is that we haven't. Oh ruling that this is what can happen and you know I believe that government should stay out we mean business. My body. And so your own use and what libertarian. And these. I am I you know if I mean I just don't understand what different would. Kill him and he can't let. What did he wrote it doesn't matter who says. Abortion alive is that really and it may take years to see in hiring and over again you Zack and you know it's not changed the world exactly change our economies and the people back to work. You know maybe if we created more jobs and people have good jobs didn't they be able to afford to have their big check out. Instead of getting divorced. So. Actually kind of for is law and order. And we are in a moment. We're we have you know these horrendous shoes. And listen truckers whose shoes. Stolen. Goods facility and is there. Much an echo. Richard Nixon and and I'm wondering if that is something again this as something that appeals to you does that make you like them there is that. Make you think let we've heard this before. I think it eight helps me I feel like you know the number one job of our federal government should be to cut eight. National security and so you know about something I don't philosophy and Hillary Clinton. I think that is a good thing for term I think he is positioning himself Cleland arena. Here security at major issues that QBs. She. He used that this gives us. Safe and keep our troops out to finish. So so you know tomorrow. We have to drop children tonight I think Windham when the next day and then him. He might happen again missed this bit the end so what can he say. That get you to get go out of here. On Friday morning just ready to to be can push its way the Republican. I'm doing your friend connect district congressional race that the presence or it's a little back there for me. Minute that you need me. I want to know. People he's looking to Imus and not account need to know some of the people is an act but he's not until now he's not a credit check. I'm. I don't know I think there's a like ability factors here that were missing and if we can somehow see that he does relate with women's issues and he is. He's not a male chauvinist and he does get where we're coming from would be really helpful. And you are ready to go do it anything. All that anyway just. No I think you have jury did have cracked and have at creating. An. Is English she can't if you you know. Percent this is not properly and this group. We're voting for the president and of the United States here. And who's talking about you know. Making making me an antsy CE making hair putting people back where but he you know. Creating a tax plan that this man and you can raises more money to the government. I mean if he says some don't eat every now and then from. Program. All right so route we'll see how this plays out in the next couple of days it's very very nice if you wanted to come. Here to the wine bar at market street going there and and be with me I appreciate payments he.

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