RNC Highlights From Night 1: Melania Trump Sets the Tone

Roundtable analysis on the biggest moments from the first night of the 2016 Republican National Convention.
6:18 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for RNC Highlights From Night 1: Melania Trump Sets the Tone
Did you are on the whole world is thank you David Muir on the floor it does seem. As we see Scott Walker and the rest the crowd out there it does seem that after they saw Maloney child a lot of delegates wanted to go home early start. Part of yet no Clemson Georgia was struck by the same thing right down here on the floor the people who are here listen to general Flynn. But this keep in mind is night number one in prime time allotted from the moment she was done speaking to walk off that Steve CBO. Like to see if people moving out of got a minivan as you point out. It's really good to see you think about where this nation is these last couple weeks of violence we've witnessed. But in this country to deadly police shooting in the attacks on police officers and Delis and Baton Rouge. And going into tonight it was in everyone's watching Donald Trump and will be accepted of that incredible moment he walks out. But in silhouette. That was about it as far as those showbiz hardly produced moments that you have come to expect from Donald Trump. It's clear that the trump campaign and trump himself you would they were walking into tonight was in the audience from sniped I think that they accomplished they would do and Cokie Roberts you can. Expect to see a member of the trump family every single and those will be the stars and his conviction I think we'll see repeated this over and over and trapped speaks. The convention will be energized and paying attention eminent trump does not speaking they will be and normal convention delegates in this I'm during the fluids. This is true this is he. This is trumps platform from rules front's convention trumps party. And by Thursday will see a trump takeover of the Republican Party no doubt about it but I've got to say about Colombia trump. I've seen her out of the campaign trail not that often she spoken very few times very few words would he spoke. It she came out. In this hall a raucous all millions of people watching on televisions nearing an extensive speech in her second language really an amazing home. Chelan. Hello Jersey teacher unless you very much shown it I also think it's really Smart them for them to make this convention about the family because the American public for the last 45 years. Doesn't just vote for a candidate they vote for a family in the White House they did it with the bushes and they did it with the obamas and their looking for the trump family and who can we put in the White House. And Tommy on this one of the things he's seen we're gonna see the charm family on the podium. This week all the charm family on the podium we've also known they are real forces behind closed doors. To see his sons and daughter fly out to Indiana for this final interviews. But Mike pets George that is so right from taking out campaign manager for the windows keep. To choosing a running mate to out they're stomping on the campaign trail even to doing the cable talk shows the twelve children. Or a huge part of this campaign. Donald Trump even said over the weekend at one point he was considering e-book called dads are running mate he may have been kicking but it didn't sound like he was George. When my parents came into the then running mate came into the chamber to nightly arena tonight. He ran over and kissed Tiffany trump because they obviously got Denali Jones. That's rather than hand Jon Karl the term families so I Don junior holding court. It was Bob Dole they've really stepped into this time. Will they take him over. In in the absence really a campaign. Apparatus that has been the trump campaign has been pro Kremlin. And it's astounding to see. You know half dozen prime time slots taken up by Trump's filling in the void left by the absence of and mainstream report not follow this still here before it's adapting got scared truly is you know things going on and you talk about the advisors Martha Raddatz that the term family. General slid one of the few. Foreign policy military advisors but don't turn has been able to name it it. That's true at the end he came on pretty early on and as we saw tonight very passionate about Donald Trump he says he was fired. When President Obama he has real issues let how President Obama clearly he's talking about that night. Such as secretary of state Hillary Clinton how they went about going after prices especially in Syria and how things have ended up. Chris Asselta Sanderson what did the charm teens is not due. What I think the trump team meeting late was looking to do was to take. There are a lot of Americans who think we're not as safe as we work. Eight years ago in that highest president wants change that he still hasn't. Completely answer the question how we'll do it but he said I won't do what Obama did. Have you dead you've been at top levels presidential candidates take us inside six it's from high command. Maybe with the Stanley Hazen campaign strategists who they go back and review tonight what do they say it worked when they say we need some help find we need. I'm an activist. I think they're gonna say this wasn't a perfect easing. But if we hit we hit a triple with Milan yen down from center and they're gonna know that that's going to be the primary coverage in the aftermath of the night through the morning. Gilani a speech in parts of it and Donald Trump's and it's just those of dozer he's very happy with and the course in this. I think the other thing they're going to be happy about this in the and I agree with Jennifer they agree Hillary and and down tempered react when other thing which is they want to make this race about the other person is not about fundamentally about themselves today who spent almost entirely. But for Milan east beach. About Hillary Clinton. The other victory today for I think the term team in the Republican Party by its previous secured by the finance committee got a little messy there. It was Jon Karl but they did ten down. These protests and has it wrong. The never trump movement is dead. It's buried it's not coming back we may hear a little bit more noises. Convention goes on when we put the vice presidential name in nomination when he put Donald Trump's name in nomination. His daughter but it was a loud and raucous. Protest he saw the Colorado delegation actually walk out. But and I came back down Arizona real quickly what's the thing he watches together Democrat tonight the major worry. While the judge I still think that this is applauding that's still trying to come together. Donald Trump has to hit it often college grads hey you know he's still happy yes dance next question isn't qualified. The world Americans trust him so yes and want to do.

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"Roundtable analysis on the biggest moments from the first night of the 2016 Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40688637","title":"RNC Highlights From Night 1: Melania Trump Sets the Tone ","url":"/Politics/video/rnc-highlights-night-melania-trump-sets-tone-40688637"}