Romney, Trump Dine at Exclusive Restaurant Amid Cabinet Speculation

2:17 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for Romney, Trump Dine at Exclusive Restaurant Amid Cabinet Speculation
Now to Mitt Romney stunning about face on Donald Trump heaping praise on the man he wants land as a phony. And a con man after having dinner including frog legs and chocolate cake with trump last night running is now expressing hope and confidence. And the president elect meanwhile as trunk pulls his cabinet together he said into Indiana tomorrow to unveil a deal to keep thousand jobs from moving overseas. Here's ABC's June a Norman. Yet another meeting with former foe Mitt Romney have to tell you have been impressed by what I think he's friends of to the dismay of some supporters trump and the former presidential hopeful having dinner last night as the president elect. Continued Wayne who will pick for secretary of state. His latest cabinet choices Republican congressman Tom price of Georgia for secretary of health and human services. Price in orthopedic surgeon and fierce critic of Obama care. Trump also picking a former labor secretary Elaine Chao to head the Department of Transportation. The wife of senate majority leader Mitch McConnell chow was the only member of president George W Bush's cabinet to serve all eight years. For Treasury Secretary trump picking his campaign finance chairman Steve may knew Jim he spent seventeen years working for Goldman Sachs. Overnight word of a done deal and one of Trump's big campaign promises. Believe me if I weren't offers right now. Ten area would not be leaving Indiana that I can tell you. Air conditioning company carrier making a deal to keep its manufacturing plant and a thousand jobs in Indianapolis instead of moving to Mexico. Trump tweeting great deal for workers. This after one of the president elect's first tweets Tuesday took aim at the First Amendment tweeting nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag. If they do their must be consequences. Perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. And that tweet setting off a firestorm. On social media the Supreme Court deciding 26 years ago flag burning is protected under the First Amendment. Where the justices who agreed the late Antonin Scalia who trump has often praised Henderson Diane. Lunch and then some Republicans coming out and speaking out against. His stance on matinee Norman live for us from Washington DC Jeanette thank you.

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