Roy Moore scandal grows

"The View" co-hosts discuss accuser's shutting down Sean Hannity and Kellyanne Conway's suggestion that Moore is needed for vote on tax bill.
4:47 | 11/21/17

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Transcript for Roy Moore scandal grows
Very few people say, yeah, I did it. Louis C.K. Said I did it. Al Franken said, yeah, I took that picture. The comedians. Donald Trump, there was videotape and he still denied it and people believed it. They said I was locker room talk. Right. Some say they misinterpreted the dynamic of the relationship, they thought it was consensual. There is a chance in this climate that we are going to see people accused falsely that as details come out we are going to see it. It's important to listen and get information because there are going to be times where as you said people take the fall. Paul Ryan, he withdrew his support of trump after that tape came out from "Access Hollywood." Lately he has said nothing. What's going on with the Republican party. Why don't they open their mouths? The Republican leadership in Washington, whether it's Mitch Mcconnell, John McCain, Paul Ryan, they have been speaking out against this Roy Moore case in Alabama. Yeah but not trump. It's the Republican party in Alabama that's sticking by him. The Republican governor of Alabama -- Yesterday the governor of Alabama said listen, we need those votes. We need those votes. And then kellyanne came out and said, well yeah, we wanted to pass this tax bill. So basically what they're saying, it sounds like to me -- and if I'm wrong, I'm sure somebody will tell me. But you're basically saying I don't care what he did to you. Yeah. I want to get this tax bill passed. And if that is, in fact, how you feel, bye, because I think women are not taking this anymore. Don't get it twisted. Women are not playing with you here. We're talking about child molestati molestation. How do you put the party before children and the -- Sunny, we got a -- Assault on children. We got a hoo ha grabber in chief in the oval office. That's how you do it. This is right out of Donald Trump's campaign playbook. Donald Trump said that what his campaign and what he said to people is, look, I'm going to appoint a conservative supreme court justice, and he has. And therefore, vote for me no matter what because that's more important than anything. Kellyanne Conway should be ashamed of herself. Do we have that -- that was crazy. Everybody calm down. I know you want to show it but finish your point. Kellyanne Conway has daughters. Yeah. She should be ashamed of herself. That's all I'm saying. Now, you know you were asking yesterday -- we were talking about accusers coming forward and you know that one of the accusers of Roy Moore was invited on to hannity's show. Oh. And her lawyer said basically no, we're not sending her on there. You do nothing but put these women down and talk nasty about them. Why would we want to come there. And people say those are the people you got to convince. You know, if you're going into the lion's den and we know it's a lion's den. We know it's not a friendly place to won, you know? So why would they want to put themselves out there to say this is what happened to me if at the top of it you've already dismissed them. It's true. Donald Trump P hasn't even got the guts to go on CNN and yet they want these women to go into the lion's den known as fox News. That's not right. They've done their part by speaking up. They literally were silent for years and lived with this and the consequences and how it affected their personal lives as these men climbed the ranks into more power. So the idea that they should ever have to say more than their piece and their truth is asking too much. C remember on Sean hannity, there's money involved. There's advertisers that have been pulling out of his program because he did defend Roy Moore in the beginning. He's flipped it quite a bit. He's also lost a lot of advertisers. Too bad. It's a for profit business. I got to say with this kellyanne Conway thing, when she's answering these questions, she does look like she through up in her mouth a little bit. She was like -- we need the tax vote. So she has sold her soul. Yes, she has. She has sold her soul for this. A lot of people have sold their soul for this but here's the question that we will pose to you before we go. If your daughter came and said to you, dad, this is what happened to me, this is what this man did to , or ma, this is what happened to me, and this is what this man did to me, is that how you would treat her, say I don't care, we need the tax money? Is that what you would say to your children because that's the question. You have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask. We'll be right back. When heartburn hits,

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{"id":51305239,"title":"Roy Moore scandal grows","duration":"4:47","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss accuser's shutting down Sean Hannity and Kellyanne Conway's suggestion that Moore is needed for vote on tax bill.","url":"/Politics/video/roy-moore-scandal-grows-51305239","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}