Rubio Dismisses Trump Claims About Rigged Election

Sen. Marco Rubio dismissed Donald Trump's claims about a fixed election Monday night in the Florida Senate debate, while casting himself as a check on a Trump or Clinton White House.
2:34 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Rubio Dismisses Trump Claims About Rigged Election
But let's start with the Republican nominee Donald Trump ramping up those allegations that they presidential election. Is rigged overnight at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin again hammering home the claim. They even water try. To rig the election at the polling booths and believe it is a lot going on you having here these people they say there's nothing going on. People that have died ten years ago is still voting illegal immigrants are voting I mean. Where are this street smarts of some of these politicians. And Miette Jon Karl joining us now for the battleground state of Florida which was the epicenter of the last presidential election controversy. And I don't have to tell you trump is not letting this one go John. Oh he is obsessed with this. Everywhere he is Ricky is talking about this this morning he is still tweeting about it. And this is a bedrock principle of American democracy the peaceful transition of power the integrity of our election systems he is saying that they don't have integrity. So I. Asked one of the Republican leaders he's talking about last that I moderated debate here in Florida last night between the senate candidates and I asked Marco Rubio about this listen to his rich. There's been. A lot of question the legitimacy. Of this election cultural has said his selection is absolutely. Being raped. This election stopping rape and I'm explained she why it's not being rigged in Florida and why I hope you stop saying that. Why should stop saying that. We have 67 counties in the state each of which conduct their own elections I promise you there is not a 67 county conspiracy to rig the selection. Weapon and here's another thing Robin what what we talk about this local election officials in much of the country are Republicans in fact him. In the two biggest battleground states Ohio and Florida the two top election officials are Republicans. But John would have what do what do they do what state do this year that the elections are fair. It because of what Donald Trump is saying do you think this year to dirt extra careful. Ole yes I think there will be an eagle lie on all of the election. Largely because of what cultural think what really. This was the case before Donald Trump uttered the word rape. I mean I was down here covering the Florida recount in 2000. Also believe me after that process. People. Did did did get a big scrub of the election process. Teams of lawyers from both parties this is something that has been put that very carefully for a long time point there John. Hi my thank you John.

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{"id":42875983,"title":"Rubio Dismisses Trump Claims About Rigged Election","duration":"2:34","description":"Sen. Marco Rubio dismissed Donald Trump's claims about a fixed election Monday night in the Florida Senate debate, while casting himself as a check on a Trump or Clinton White House.","url":"/Politics/video/rubio-dismisses-trump-claims-rigged-election-42875983","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}