Rudy Giuliani, others defy Congress' demand for Ukraine documents

Giuliani and other people are not complying with the investigation being led by the House in the impeachment inquiry.
5:08 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for Rudy Giuliani, others defy Congress' demand for Ukraine documents
Impeachment wasn't something that they were really debating on last night but he continues to dominate the White House with president Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani refusing to hand over documents on Ukraine. And several other departments not complying with this investigation being led. By the Democrat controlled house I want to bring in Kathryn. Baldor is an on Capitol Hill Catherine good to see you one asking what do we know about the Rudy Giuliani and. Negation so far. It is so look I would say Kimberly that I'm not particularly surprised that Rudy Giuliani defied back subpoena and did and hand over any of those documents that Democrats wanted to see now. It hurts aren't particularly surprised by this either but. Look what this does is it's another. Example of the administration an associate is close. Close to the president of buying these subpoenas and what Democrats are saying is that this is helping build their case. For obstruction for obstruction of their impeachment investigation now we do know. That congress doesn't just want to investigate Giuliani he is also being investigated by the southern district of New York according to. Our sources at ABC news he's being investigated specifically. We've learned last week a for his relationship with those two with his two business associates who work. Arrested and indicted last week on campaign finance charges so we don't expect it to see obviously any documents from Giuliani now the committee could do is they could subpoena Giuliani for his testimony to come up parent testify behind closed doors there yet to do that is unclear if that's. The road the Celtic. Catherine I just wanna get your opinion because I don't how do you handle a constitutional crisis like this when the two branches are not cooperating with each other. Well look this was. Something that the committee's expected my sources told me that they at the White House side of this that once they release the transcript of that Ukraine call that the White House the administration thought that they were being as transparent as possible and what I was told from sources inside the White House is that they were not going to cooperate. At all and Stonewall. This impeachment an investigation but we have seen. Some cooperation from these depositions at a been happening for the last two weeks. Of form our officials some current. At the state department for example we've seen a ten hour depositions behind closed doors so congressional investigators are getting. More information out of them there but look we don't expect the administration. To really cooperate with the set all the White House will continue to block these appearances yen before we go is there a deadline so to speak on when these investigations are supposed to wrap up there's a lot to uncover. Look chairmanship that is running this along with the oversight committee in the foreign affairs committee they want to get this done as quickly as they possibly can so there's no. Wheeled deadline in sight but look what we don't expect this to drag on four ever. Given that a lot of these witnesses are being blocked what we've told in terms of a rough timeline to think his. They want to have all of this evidence and information and depositions completed a round Thanksgiving and then 12 turned over their evidence of the House Judiciary Committee and then potentially have those articles of impeachment. Referred to the house by Christmas but look it's all still to be determined and it's not clear if the scope of the investigation knack. Really wide ends are. All right Catherine father's right there on Capitol Hill thank you so much and as we're gonna continue this conversation Henry and Karen Travers at the White House. Because Caron as you know on the White House is doing an internal review now of this Ukraine call what does that. Mean at sources tell us that the White House is looking into the deet tails surrounding that phone call the president had with the president and Ukraine in July. Mainly what happened right before and what happened right after world told that this is looking to specifically the actions of the White House deputy counsel John Eisenberg who moved a rough transcript of that phone call. Onto a different server Democrats of course of a lot of questions about this but now we're learning that even here in the White House they wanna get a sense of how that happened and why that happened. We're also told that the review is looking at actions taken. Right before the call and immediately after the call by members of the trump administration. Also people working on the administration's behalf so this is an internal White House review that's going on that is separate from anything the Democrats are doing up on Capitol Hill. Does this internal review sort of suggest the idea that this call wasn't as perfect as the president has claimed it was. Residents not going to admit that for sure he's been saying this now for three weeks that the call is perfect at the transcript shows that and that there is no they Aaron there. I think now years beyond the actual substance of the call but more about. How the call with handle what flags were raised ahead of time when they knew what the president might be interested in talking about with the president of Ukraine. And then how things are handled afterwards because of course we're learning now that. There were people who were raising warnings and were concerned about what the president said on that call. And one aide to make their concerns known to the official channels here at the White House. I right Karen Travers right there at the White House with the updates there thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Giuliani and other people are not complying with the investigation being led by the House in the impeachment inquiry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66321940","title":"Rudy Giuliani, others defy Congress' demand for Ukraine documents","url":"/Politics/video/rudy-giuliani-defy-congress-demand-ukraine-documents-66321940"}