Rudy Giuliani planning to ask Ukraine for potentially damaging information on Biden

As the 2020 Presidential race ramps up, the president's lawyer says he plans to inquire with the Ukraine government on opposition research against former Vice President Joe Biden.
25:38 | 05/10/19

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Transcript for Rudy Giuliani planning to ask Ukraine for potentially damaging information on Biden
And. Yeah. Good afternoon happy Friday I'm Mary Alice park this is the briefing room hundred but I call it our political director Rick Klein and help us break down one of the biggest headlines and Washington today. Our senior White House producer Justin officials a lot of pressure. Hey go in and every it capped at day's event this morning just two days after president trapped how they're reelection campaign rally in Florida. Getting personal lawyer ready GO Giuliani told a near times he was gonna help the president when a second term till. But he admitted he's gonna use rather shocking tactics. Specifically he told the times that he was gonna fly to Ukraine in the coming days. And asked the Ukrainian government to help them find information that he thinks might be damaging to vice president Joseph Biden so Rick hill a big picture. The president and his team have spent the last two years saying they did not conspire with a foreign government ahead of 2016. But now we ever did Giuliani saying he wants to work with a foreign power to dig up dirt ahead of twenty quite. Yeah and this is a complicated story that involves the vice president and his son and business relationship site gas companies in the in Ukraine. But check out this quote Mary Alice because this says a lot misses an actual reply four from Rudy Giuliani. Speaking on in his in his capacity as the as the president's own lawyer quote we're not meddling in an election where meddling in an investigation. Which we have the right to do so again the attorney representing the president of the United States is heading overseas. It's explicitly say to say that he is meddling quote meddling. In an investigation that he knows and is the first to admit has major political consequences against the leading democratic candidate to run against president had. It's all over the place is not going they're just. Essentially dig up dirt on Biden. He wants to find out if the Clinton Campaign worked with Ukraine in the lead up to the 26 T election. Two to disparage Paul man for who and was eventually tied up in the Mueller messed ignition so keep you try to try to let that they can heats. Going to Ukraine to figure it to figure out if politicians went Ukraine in the past. Did you work with them and he's gonna go to a map to do work for them to see if it can help trucked to try to an election. Basically doing exactly what he's investigating. And claiming was done in. Amber was improper. He's fed not illegal but may be improper. You know the chairmen of the House Intelligence Committee Democrat Adam Schiff just blasted Rudy Giuliani and the entire top campaign. Over this Klestil listen to what Adam should had to say and how steps that. City and tragic. Just. And his defense. Before that would help in the election this investigation yes if that. One of the and it's they. It seems to me that would Giuliani has others. First. Is. We're going to do everything short went down like her. It's. Patriotism. That's where we are. Now Justin Rudy Giuliani hedged in and your tens article about whether or not the president was aware. Of this sensitive signed off on him going to do this work. What do we know about what do I. It's not clear what the president knows weather sports and I think what Giuliani knows. Is that he knew that outrage was coming he knew that every who's gonna talk about this trip with its so weird and it seems to fly in the face of everything we are investigating. But what it does and maybe this perhaps is motivation. Is it draws attention to his purpose. Which is to go. Dig up this story I'm Joseph Biden and push this nerve that Biden and his son were involved in some corrupt dealings. In Ukraine. And maybe it's a little self sacrificial maybe he takes a few hits board but he gets this narrative out there it's in the New York Times now. We're talking about it and and that I think I would suspect. Whether it's intentional or not it's happening that's that's part of the strategy. What do you know about those numbers as and lane well you're the you're the facts as we know them first of all the within the vice president's son the former us presidents on Hunter Biden did work for a Ukrainian energy company for a couple years they were trying to to develop new energy initiatives develop energy independence from Russia this is a little weird because he had no apparent background in in energy or in Ukraine. Up around the same time his father the vice president was running point for the for the Obama administration. On Ukraine policy which is a fast moving target as we learned quite a bit during the 2016 election. And as part of that is part of the official actions he took during that time he has boasted about an effort that he talked. Two at one point threatened to withhold aid package of billion dollars in aid. Until a particular Ukrainian prosecutor was fired that person was fired who they saw was dropped that never seem to run on army and Ukraine government that's right urged. And them into not doing corrupt behavior and then being accused by eight pumpkins out now of corruption in that effort the big unknown is what exactly was a prosecutor doing was he on. All was he on hunter Biden's the trail at that time was he actually investigating that act that's what Giuliani. Is out there and it's not until I didn't he was after he was after hunter Biden's blocks of Russian oligarchs. Maybe they're gonna go after this company and then. And then and then hunter would then be effect because he wouldn't be making money from them anymore and and so that's like the whole. That's old plot it's complicated but that's what they're gone for. Yet complicated and so a lot of questions about the timeline but exactly motivations work who was looking instant whom. And what Giuliani is and hope today when he goes to dig up absolutely if you travels in the coming days. And I think it's important to put up Biden's statement Tom he says. The push or his campaign is telling us that the pushed out the former prosecutor. Picture show can and 2016 was not undertaken quote without any regard for how it Warner were not impact business interest of this site. So that's what they're in the thing does not and a fears is by. In doing its job the official Obama administration policy try to root out corruption and saw part of the record that he's proud out that he's spoken since as vice president and by the way Giuliani is also saying that what he's doing is not illegal. I'm although he does admit it could be seen ads improper. Here. And I think that we ought to stay out all the twists and turns of the story there'll be more to come. Think you'd think he's also today overnight at 1201. Last night. Big new tariffs went in place the US and ramping up. Tariffs on 200 billion dollars an incoming Chinese goods. A pretty dramatically from 10% to 25%. We have a graphic I think that'll show all of this incredibly long list of items impacted things like seafood in luggage electronics. Just I'm number of of in the coming products to the United States. Now I was shocked by the fact that this new rate hike went into effect at 1201 but it only impacts products that leave China today not those that are RD in transit. So we know the Chinese delegation is still here in the nation's capital negotiating with. Our own diplomats of ballot a possible trade deal and now there's this. The rats essentially making its way across. The ocean and it does closer that those newly taxed goods and get United States the more real that credit increase terrorists will be. I bring in two guests we have Mary lovely a professor at Syracuse University. As well as Michelle Jones a fourth generation farmer from Montana. And the show wasn't review because you've pretty outspoken. Saying that your against the idea of increased tariffs against these incoming Chinese guides tell us why. You know armor I'm terrorists and Everett leaked on your. We aren't seeing out our experience on ardor own products expert overseas. And China. Particularly in terms of soybeans as loans are now our own farm. We've seen in disappear or are we are it is why they how to here and coming when he and actually stopped importing them once the lots near. I'm and there's also increases to our autumn input costs steel our other big name is negatively impacting our. On deck here larger economy. And rest a lovely Adenauer TO you know. Candid deals still be reached with the Chinese delegation that's here seem that the president has really upping the ante putting a lot of pressure on them. Just water stones how. Yes the president is determined to negotiate with the guns and the Chinese. But I do you think a deal. And will likely be done. And armored the reason I believe that is because the Chinese delegation is still here. With this threat hanging over their hand they wouldn't be here they didn't ink a deal could be done so we hope that a deal is still going to be sealed. Hopefully by the ended its week. I think Michelle is very articulate in explaining some of the pain that farmers are feeling. Army's urban and very patriotic in saying that they're willing to sacrifice for some gains here but. I think that if president tram goes through. And raises these parents and then China retaliate they'll be a lot more pain and no game so I really don't see anything in for the company administration. Either not to strike a deal this week. Ever vessel while it does seem like the markets are making a similar calculation you're not seeing a major meltdown in in in line with what you might expect. I'm curious how that affects the negotiations. From your perspective does that weaken the president's hand if everyone maybe including the Chinese thinks that he's bluffing. Well you know it's ending years aimed to try to get it is an kind of Donald Trump. But I would say that the markets had seen this administration make threats. And make initiatives that haven't come through. They are not overreacting. I think that the president is more sophisticated. And merely thinking well this is not going to move markets I think he doesn't know that is market. And if he doesn't know there's a lot of people in the business community that are telling him and it Wilmer market so I think he know his and ash. I think he does think that this type of strategy is a winning one. There is enough on the table here to keep the Chinese here and again I say I think we're likely to see deal by the end the week I could be wrong I hope not because it beat a lot of farmers like Michelle will really suffer it we do not get a deal this week. Michelle I want to ask you about their line from from those that are in favor of some of these terrorists in favor of the tough tactics. You know they say that this pressure on China. Could mean event that people turn elsewhere they turn to other countries for manufactured dad's seat backs the ad states for manufactured goods. Is there any of our plus side that you see Judy convince an argument like that. Why it's important thing and it is certainly the quarry. Things are much street is hurting practices. Oh lead industry and we weren't case is that. Written Eric. They're trade is hurting policies. It hold on without parents or outing a substantial impact on. The imam gives an leaking ship to China and parts and in terms of the commodity market this week item soybeans and wheat I believe I was the corps sitting on contract well so. Diet. And a break down toxins in. Do you need but we also raised here is how did it impact on. Commodities markets and negative manner. And so oh. Hopefully we can deal of the week in our role in acts of these tariffs and allow you normalize street again. And prescilla they'll let you have the last word here I was struck by. The big vote of confidence that the president got from Democrats on Capitol Hill in a tweet front. Minority leader Chuck Schumer there in the senate who basically said stays strong. When you're talking to China don't back down is this a rare moment where both sides seem to agree the president is at least moving in the right direction. Didn't issue is never minute free trader. But it's also not his district is suffering now so so badly his state. I I think that the people who think that you know this stuff just move someplace else to get it from someplace else through reached shore. To realize that that is going to be costly. Demanding how we look at it is going to raise costs for American businesses and there will be retaliation so there's really no way around this. So again I think the best thing for the US economy you as farmers. Will be and ends at the conflict in ho Lee that the Chinese make good enough deal we see significant progress. In changing the practices which we. Jacked. Well that's a very lovely they're from Sarah Hughes thank you for joining us and Michelle Jones all the way from Montana we really appreciate you being with us here on the briefing room. Return to 20/20 now in the presidential primary race we have reporters all around the country and as a weekend we love them because. We have candidates that are all around the country this weekend by my count there eight candidates know. Ten candidates in eight states this weekend alone now I imagine I to those candidates are going to be asked a lot about this. Escalating tension. In terms of oversight investigations between house and the administration I know you've been writing a lot this week. On whether or not Democrats are basically getting backed further and further into an impeachment coroner is this canister boiling over in Atlanta when he raised. Yes it actually has an interest in relation to the twenty funniest as the times they're moving them along and we saw Elizabeth Warren among others come up very strong early on saying we have to be talking impeachment and other times is being forced to back onto the agenda might might take on this analysis the Democrats how to plan. They felt like OK let's investigate not impeach call it impeachment light whatever it is they weren't gonna go there. And now the president through the roadblocks that he is that he's erected in all of the various ways that you're seeing stonewalling on the part of the White House. They are realizing they may not have a choice and is as musicals he said this week maybe the president is self impeaching himself that's exactly how works. Well we have one reporter Allen on the road I'm sure he'll bring some of these questions. To center Cory Booker are Adam Kelsey is there in South Carolina ahead of Barry Booker is trip to this day. This weekend Adams tell us what you plan to ask Cory Booker about it and what his agenda is for this weekend. Yet some Mary Ellis who won here a lot more about Hillary workers recently recently released gun control plant that was the headline. Earlier this week in New Jersey senator pulling out of fairly comprehensive plan. It includes some ideas that we've heard before from Democrats things like universal background checks but also some novel ideas as well. How we're talking about a heat gun registration from ransom and he's. Compared basically to make driver's license saying that he need a license to operate an automobile you should eat it license to carry a firearm as well you can just wanted to fire. Hi things as well like to unseat. Is when you want to purchase a firearm patsy easy course that way. And government insured and it properly handle in the something that we want to find out he's. Consequences. Freaky some of these. Laws revoke or somebody who's running for president. Somewhat on on a criminal justice reform platform and as it relates to. Drug offenses nonviolent drug offenses he said that the United States is doing better job of not sending people. Prisoner prisons are overpopulated and are a lot of people who could. Benefit more from rehabilitation rather than jail time so just that cross over into his gun control plan is he assuming at. People who freak is all eyes. Are not going to go to prison for doing so there's are even a lot of push back on the Republican side a lot of questions about how much knowledge of government. Out and out. Yesterday from a fellow Democrat battle more. We send it. To operate their guns. Steeply in magnet not miss. Entry on that point vets or today saying that he is basically taking back its previous critique he's now flooding Cory Booker. For advancing this is part of the conversation whether or not it's realistic. I want to ask though about about these issues of oversight and impeachment. Senator Booker has been we've seen some pretty famous and infamous moments of hymns asking tough questions on Capitol Hill. But the broader brand of Cory Booker a lot of it is based on. I need to to work together there's there's kind of a higher calling and politics that he likes to. Try to it to aspire toward how is he handling Adam the key issues around. The stonewalling and the calls to impeach president. Yeah we'll he has not joined with his senate colleagues in this. It falls like you said Rick a lot of forty brokers campaign a lot of his time in the senate has been about bipartisanship. He really openly talks about loving all Americans loving all people being willing to. With his republic in our colleagues across gallery site when you working on criminal justice. Reform last year on one side Republicans eventually signed by president trumps. I'm something edgy applauded the president for doing when it comes to lead to treat he has not gone that far. Like I say he's not doing that was. It's on the senate floor again calling for an. Like you mentioned ringing the tough questions continue to come from Cory Booker high heat. Really went after an attorney general William Barr from last week when he appeared before a Senate Judiciary Committee saying I bet his press conference ahead anymore. Report was basically a form of propaganda times he has gone to force Paul Huntley and more to resign from his position. But so far those calls have not. Or office. Adam thank you so much for joining us there from South Carolina we know you're there had evidence there's an interview that ABC news has. With Cory Booker that'll be airing this weekend on Sunday were excited to see your team out there on the road and thanks to Dax is I think shooting your life sat nice to have a team effort. All around to make it a briefing room I happen. Here's now our chief transportation correspondent data currently west flying high today with its human known as the ahead of the 75 year anniversary of this T you'll fly restored vintage aircraft all the way to Normandy but first they flew around the nation's capital. I talk to David Curley just a little bit ago about his pretty awesome day take a listen. Well this was a remarkable today and just the beginning of this group's efforts to remember. You're looking at a C 47. Which is basically the troop carrier used in World War II. The plane that thirteen thousand paratroopers jumped out on. So here in Frederick Maryland it is now rating which is why I'm standing underneath that wing of an aircraft. I want to show you some of the pictures getting onboard one of these C forty seven's actually taking off and information. Flying. South of Washington DC then coming up though it Potomac. Going past the capitals past the Washington monument. Right over the Pentagon and Arlington national cemetery. A nod to those who sacrifice in World War II. Coming up as the 75 anniversary. Have a group of these C forty sevens that they are going to fly. The coast of the United States then hop over to England and will fly these on the anniversary of over to Normandy there will actually be some paratroopers who are gonna jump out of the aircraft as well. Now this train slows down just a little bit Mary Alice will show you the aircraft but we're gonna wait for Tacoma little bit go ahead in. Ask your question. So tell me more about the pilots he met today who's going to be flying all the way over to Normandy to be part of the celebration. So these or are our pilots who. Are interested in vintage aircraft in one of the leaders of the he has his own business but he started flying these old aircraft he's kinda helping lead this group he's been involved. For about a dozen years and it's all kind of volunteers who love these aircraft. All right we're gonna get wet to show you I just want to show you in secondary maintenance guy right there day under the wing of this went. We're gonna can't imagine that rely have been hit a child that's different. Everything is different so here we come to a C 47 that is kind of in the shape. Of the aircraft that would have been there for the paratroopers. Can we come aboard a quick thanks very much ominous show you yes. No air conditioning. None of that kind of stuff coming. Could give you a sense of what it was like for these guys inside. So here's what the paratroopers would hold onto this guide wire they come down to be lined up. Come down and then they'd get the go. And then they would jump out of this aircraft. Behind enemy lines so this did you a sense of what this is life. And what it was like for those paratroopers 75 years ago. But he was amazing ride in to look down and see Arlington national cemetery in the Washington monument was. Quite remarkable for us to this gives you a sense. Of what it actually was like that this paratroopers is only about 89 feet ten feet wide. And this could be filled if you look down here in the left you can kind of see the would they be harnessed in the seat belts it would hold them just the line this actually if I think appear for a second day you know this basically is a folder C. So you'd have paratroopers and each one of these all the way up. Getting ready to make their jobs. I think it did accounted for bringing us that story. You know my grandfather was there on the beaches of Normandy on. D.s helping excruciating detail any day he died mysteries national. But we want to finish out this week. On nurses appreciation week got to thank nurses everywhere often unsung heroes around the country and our ABC news reporter Erica king. Without a local DC hospital talking to nurse. As what did you learn to sell you know a lot of people spend time thinking their doctors and praising their doctors for all the hard work that they do but we can't forget about our nurses. After holiday is nurse appreciation week and ABC news reporter Matt silent and I actually caught up let's Sandner says at Sibley memorial hospital today in Washington DC and Oliver and just like. Really. I'm sorry Scott on the railing. You know expressing. How rewarding this occupation is for and then he can help people every day let's. I've been a nurse since 1990 when savvy 28 years it's actually been an honor and a privilege to. Actually grow in this profession wasn't alone bringing you Tim Harris. Home making a difference to be associates. By rewarding when you see a patient comes in city. And in the coming up better Norwich are part of that recovery since its advocate. I think this profession professional an is. Not just noticing that a quality do you have any patients than have you know flown back to you. That are much care who might commitment and I'm really saved him from that so maybe make a month later he actually came back with a card. Saying. Dias miners. Satan from century. That meant. And my personal thanks to those actual or is it silly both my boys are born there they were they Arabic immigrant experience there and they are a pretty amazing people and we thank you and I and absolutely and I think it's nurses. Everywhere all across the country in schools. With local governments in hospitals obviously and thank you also to mother is ahead of Mother's Day this weekend's. Happy Friday everyone I'm Mary Alice parks and I think. Rick Klein this is a breathing room we'll be back on Monday at 330 you can watch us every day I ABC news app thanks again.

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{"duration":"25:38","description":"As the 2020 Presidential race ramps up, the president's lawyer says he plans to inquire with the Ukraine government on opposition research against former Vice President Joe Biden.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62970061","title":"Rudy Giuliani planning to ask Ukraine for potentially damaging information on Biden ","url":"/Politics/video/rudy-giuliani-planning-ukraine-potentially-damaging-information-biden-62970061"}