The Rundown: Top headlines today: Dec. 1, 2020

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:43 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: Dec. 1, 2020
The. American health officials tonight are calling it faced one day after an emergency meeting in Atlanta and then decided to encourage the nation's governors to give them first available doses of the rotavirus vaccine to certain seniors and healthcare workers in discussions with the jurisdictions. Most of them believed that they can Palestinians all of their health care workers and from within three weeks the government is expecting about forty million doses from two drug makers in the next few weeks enough to immunize twenty million Americans be experts took a boat and sets and the best use of these first shipment this first cover summon the heroes of the nation's 21 million health care workers and including those who work in hospitals pharmacies and clinics and they say we also need to try and first time in -- most at risk the nation's three million seniors and people who care for them. You live in nursing homes and assisted living. The decision will ultimately be made by states and cities who will be in charge of distributing the vaccine. Process the former CDC director says it won't be easy this is probably the single most complicated vaccination program in American history. Car crash that killed five people including a nine month old cars and pedestrians zone in the south western German city of dreams. Ambulances were strictly on the steam over a dozen people and injured and sounds very useless. Iverson president and vehicles and founded locals are being asked to stay away from the center and now we don't learn at this stage and Collins. Prayers some 100 them and supplies about 120 miles west Frankfort near the border with Luxembourg. Former security contractor AdWords Snowden and his wife are sent to receive Russian citizenship. Without renouncing their US citizenship. Quoted by Russian news agency Interfax noted his lawyer says the runaway American will obtain the needed documents to apply I weeks and Snowden has been living in Russia since when he thirteen to escape prosecution in America under leaking classified documents about government surveillance programs. The Kabul is expecting a child in December. A community locked in theory after random attacks in Waltham Massachusetts. Just west of Boston. Police releasing this surveillance video of an individual they described as a suspect in east. String of assaults. It's also ball in and out warning. The assailant technically approaching from behind the ten people on all men of various races and ethnicities have been assaulted since November 10 in the New England town initially police say the attacks occurred at an apartment complex but have since spread out across the community of about 63000. Emerson awesome was the ninth victim targeted. His voice cracked a lot on his crack finals value into the Emerson says he was attacked from behind the day before Thanksgiving and because of the injuries which includes the usual fractures police say they believe he blunt force weapon is being cute. The moment it is somewhat in question that it appears to be a thrill from on the assault. Men missing boater rescued at sea now back on dry land Stuart be spending hours to clean this boat capsized. He was about six miles off of work coastal he described the moments sliding down the container ship rescued him. Docking today don't. I take my shirt off. Maybe that's a long time waiting its. Not. Until probably my name's Lynn go. His most of them called members of the group and nicest guys ever.

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