The Rundown: Top headlines today: Jan. 12, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:56 | 01/13/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: Jan. 12, 2021
From from from. Six days after the deadly assault on the capital growing support among house Republicans tonight to impeach president problem for the second time from representative Liz Cheney does third highest ranking GOP member in the house saying his statement she voted to impeach travel Cheney writing there has never been a greater betrayal by us president of the United States that's. Big question is how many Republicans. Are gonna follow this chain easily and there are three Republicans. On the record breaking to impeach the house is expected to vote on impeachment as soon as tomorrow and charge them inciting violence against the government of the United States the president is still defiant and taking no responsibility for the insurrection from people thought that. What I said it was totally appropriate for me get his actions that day have been widely criticized. House lawmakers are now debating a resolution calling on vice president Mike Pence to strip trump of his powers by invoking the 25 amendment which requires a majority of the cabinet. I don't hurt or vice president. Yeah. You don't bright. Oh the FBI is now raising the alarm about more threats saying arms protests are being planned in all fifty state capitals leading up to inauguration day January 20 from this as field agents comb your videos images and some 45000. Tips to try to track down thousands of the capital rioters were among yet significant. Felony cases I view from six dishing it can't conspiracy. In Minneapolis worst filed in Henan and county district court and show that officer Garrett showed it will be tried separately then the other tiny former officer is accused endurance flight status chauvinism and cop who the hell is need to Floyd's neck for nearly ten minutes before he died. The Flint water. Rice is not over in fact some new charges are expected to be Associated Press reports that a new investigation targets former Michigan governor Rick Snyder and its health director and another ex officials. Allowed contaminated water left an indelible scar on the majority black city and not poisonous water flames spread deadly outbreak of legionnaires' disease and 2014 does when he fifteen sources though many believe the attorney general's office hasn't performed best defense lawyers about indictments and Clinton and so court appearances could be coming soon. Compliments. Are no longer dramatic new video shows an officer rescue a woman from a burning car yeah. Half hour yeah off. The Ohio deputy says he was checking on what he thought was an abandoned car when he noticed an unconscious woman inside. The woman was having a medical emergency and her fight. We're stuck on the gas and the officer got her out with the Helm of a good samaritan woman who only suffered burns but was alert. Then taken to the hospital. Millionaire casino mogul Sheldon als and has died he was the head of Las Vegas Sands and passed away at the age of 87 battles and died of complications from non hodgkin's lymphoma. Pastor at a conference what he hoped his legacy would be panels and who was a power broker within the Republican party's sad. He hoped it would be his impact on Israel. President drum awarded him and his wife Miriam a medal of freedom and when he teens. Based X dragon capsules on its way back to burn in undocked from the International Space Station today and we'll splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow night on the capsules bringing back with a good wine and just start early from Luxembourg sent twelve bottles of Bordeaux wine opt to space. He it was left uncorked. An ancient for the last year in space. Comes back Derrick packaged in the steel cylinder to prevent breakage of will be on court in February and the company plans attested to seek out space has changed the line.

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