Russia latest: Flynn invokes the Fifth Amendment

ABC News' Amna Nawaz reports that former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn will invoke the 5th Amendment and will not hand over documents to Senate Intelligence Committee.
3:00 | 05/22/17

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Transcript for Russia latest: Flynn invokes the Fifth Amendment
Hey everybody I'm on the Nevada law the president may be overseas but the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. And possible collusion with the trump campaign keeps on going the new tea tails almost every day so here are the three things you need to know about this story today. First news late on Friday spill over to this week investigators have identified someone inside the White House at the person of interest in the investigation. Also we learn that president trump bought former FBI director James coney. Was and not job more on that in a minute secondly wolf finally hear from the FBI director himself the first time since he was fired. -- has agreed to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee. And lastly breaking news today former national security advisor Michael fling. Will choose to invoke his Fifth Amendment right and not comply with the congressional subpoena. All of this while the president is away on his first foreign trek. First it's Monday a lot happened over the weekend let's get to caught out from a New York Times report that broke late on Friday. We learn more about how president trump sought James cone the FBI director who was leading the investigation. Interruption election interference specifically trump hot Komi what's quote crazy and a real nut job. And he is much at a may tenth Oval Office meeting with Russian officials. A meeting with happened the day after he fired Komi and yes that's that they meeting at which trump also disclose. Information that wasn't Americans to share. Now the times citing a White House document based on notes from inside the meeting. Also reported the president trumps that firing call me relieved quote great pressure on. The White House didn't dispute the president's comments also on Friday night. Another report turning up the heat on this White House this one. Saying that not only are federal investigators looking to trump campaign advisors that they dig in the possible collusion with Russian officials. They also identified at least one current White House staffer as a quote significant person of interest and that pro. Don't forget all of this is going to be part of special counsel Robert Mueller independent investigation. Which is still in early days and remember. The White House though it always had a special counsel wasn't needed maintained that the investigation will prove there with absolutely no pollution. Moving on now to former FBI director James Connolly he was fired unexpectedly and unceremoniously. Back on May ninth but will finally hear from the man himself. And in an open hearing when he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee sometime after memorial not hearing date. Hasn't been sacked yet but police have a lot to report. Since he was fired the number of reports really damaging for the president and this White House have come out. Many of them based on notes and memos Cooley reportedly wrote after meetings and calls with trop. Reports about the president trying to influence the investigation into rational action interference. Reports about him requesting the Komi drop the probe into the trumps former national security advisor Michael play. So it's fair to say we've got some questions for the guys up before that hearing even get under way one member of congress may get some of his questions answered even earlier. The outgoing chairman of the house oversight committee Jason cheek that the Republican congressman can you top that he expects to speak with the former FBI director today. Don't forget if it is resigning at the end of June his committee has been going after any documented. Breaking news today president trumps former national security advisor Michael Flynn is taking the fifth now this isn't huge surprise back in March. Flint that he wouldn't cooperate with investigations quote without assurances against unfair prosecution. The president even waited about this on Twitter thing flame should ask for immunity. In April the Senate Intelligence Committee requested any documents related to their pro in early may they followed up with a subpoena. Today we learn he's not gonna get them up Flynn is now invoking the Fifth Amendment which gave everyone the right to her tactic and self incrimination. And refusing to honor the request fling is the only trump associate subpoena by the Senate Intelligence Committee. But each of these investigations and a lot of ways remember he was an early term after a close advisor and we later learned. Contact with Russian officials before trump took office and then he lied about back contacted the White House that would force him out in the so yes also fair today we've got some questions for this. All of this is unfolding at the president is on his first trip overseas since taking office stay with us here and it For the late.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz reports that former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn will invoke the 5th Amendment and will not hand over documents to Senate Intelligence Committee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"47562775","title":"Russia latest: Flynn invokes the Fifth Amendment","url":"/Politics/video/russia-latest-flynn-invokes-amendment-47562775"}