What we know: Russia probe

Special counsel appointed on investigation and more, as ABC News' Amna Nawaz breaks down the latest headlines surrounding the investigation into possible ties between Trump's campaign and Russia.
3:49 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for What we know: Russia probe
Hey guys I'm on an Abbas will look it's the flood of news out of Washington in a bit much for you you're not alone so here is what you need to know today. Let's start with an anger going to be hearing a lot more of in the months ahead. Robert Mueller. Last night the former FBI director was named special counsel by the Department of Justice he's now than a lead separate independent investigation into the truck campaign's ties to Russia. And that wasn't the only big news last night. The New York Times reported that weeks before trump with even in office. Michael Flynn told trumps team that he was under federal investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for Turkey. And fling with still made trumps national security advisor. And another report. This one from McClatchy said that as national security advisor clean actually stopped military plan to attack Syria a plan that Turkey opposed. This after he'd been paid more than 500000. Dollars to represented Turkey in previous work. Understandably. That raises questions but after the big news. Former FBI director Robert Mueller has been appointed special counsel for that investigation into the trunk campaign's ties to Russian officials. Annie was appointed by deputy attorney general rod Rosen Stein. Remember Rosa fine if the guy who wrote the memo that the White House first said was their reason for firing FBI director James coney. Komi who was investigating rational action interference. Call me who was reportedly asked by the president to drop the probe into Michael Flynn. It's a tangled web here and rodents I knew that the country needed a credible investigation. Within independent leader. Q Robert Mueller. Now for its part the White House quickly said that there was no pollution during the campaign and that it looks forward to the matter concluding quickly. And that is all they had to say. Until this morning when the president log back in to Twitter and said this. With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton Campaign and Obama administration. There was never a special counsel appointed. He also said quote this is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician. In American history and quote. But here is something else you should know that complicates matters and the times reported last night that Michael Flynn actually told the trump transition team weeks before inauguration. That he was under federal investigation for lobbying for the Turkish government during the trial campaign. And trump still made fully and national security advisor it's not think even access to just about every American intelligence secrets. Now fling you'll remember was fired after three weeks on the job for lying to the administration about his contacts with Russian officials. You'll also remember it took the White House eighteen days from the time they first learned when it lie when Sally sworn in until Flynn was fired. And only after the news broke publicly these are all important things to remember. Finally another report from McClatchy. Second Flynn put the brakes on a military plan in Syria a plan that Turkey opposed. Turkey which painfully and more than 500000. Dollars to represent them in previous work. What happened here. Okay so during that transition before trump took office that Penn anonymous working on a plan to retake ice as its capital in Syria. With force was largely made up of Kurdish fighters that Turkey would not have supported that they have long opposed. Any partnership with Kurdish forces because there actually fighting their own Kurdish separatists back home. McClatchy reports that Flint stop the plan in its tracks weeks after he was forced out that plan was revived and then approved by president try. So here is the key question do we know why claimed stop the plan now. But does the timeline and the money trail race particularly disturbing questions. Absolutely so stay with us here and at abcnews.com. As we learn more and hopefully find out the answers we'll bring that to you here.

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{"id":47495621,"title":"What we know: Russia probe","duration":"3:49","description":"Special counsel appointed on investigation and more, as ABC News' Amna Nawaz breaks down the latest headlines surrounding the investigation into possible ties between Trump's campaign and Russia.","url":"/Politics/video/russia-probe-47495621","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}