Russian Authorities Hunt Down Terror Threats Before 2014 Sochi Games

President Vladimir Putin increases security to prevent any potential attacks on the Winter Olympics.
3:00 | 01/21/14

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Transcript for Russian Authorities Hunt Down Terror Threats Before 2014 Sochi Games
This is a special room. Desktops -- new -- this ABC news digital special report with less than two and a half weeks before the winter games begin in Sochi Russian authorities are on high alert. -- for potential terrorists that they believe could be targeting the Olympics. ABC's cared Roddick has the latest on a tenuous security situation in Sochi. Authorities in Sochi are on the hunt for this woman a 22 year old from dog -- stunned that they say is -- suicide bomber she's described as having a long scar on her face and she walks with a -- her husband was reportedly killed in a shootout with police last year. Authorities have circulated this photo to hotels and public places warning that there could be more so called black widows in the area. The fact that she's there is a major concern because it shows that a small group of determined individuals. Can infiltrate the Russian security apparatus. And get into the heart as such -- just a few weeks ahead of the Olympics. President Putin has ordered one of the biggest security operations in Olympic history it's -- the ring of steel. Tens of thousands of troops air defense missiles and a massive surveillance program and -- They may have reason to be worried last summer Russia's most wanted terrorist urged his followers to strike the games in recent weeks terrorists had attacked public transportation in nearby cities. Russian officials insist there's nothing to worry about but experts say it may mean that there are cracks in the Russian defenses. When it's women attended operate in teams of two and it's very unlikely that they would just sand. One of these teams and to Sochi US officials tell ABC news that they've sent a formal request to the Russians asking for more information. But so far nobody is pulling out of the games over security concerns. And we're now just a few weeks away from the opening ceremony when thousands of fans will pack the stadiums behind me here. But with all these threats the Pentagon seems to be taking some precautions. They're sending two navy ships into the Black Sea nearby. -- idea ABC news Sochi. So with more on the US preparedness I want to bring in ABC's Chris -- in Washington DC he sees -- Martinez. I pentagon. -- -- with you first the US has those two ships in the Black Sea. What apparently it would this is planet months though advance correct. That's right -- -- -- planned for months and actually if it has not happened yet. This is what we -- contingency planning. This has to do -- -- -- military planners. Doing what they do. They planned for eventualities in this case. What they're thinking -- -- and at some point -- might be the need to evacuate Americans from the Sochi Winter Olympics that's an extreme possibility but if it does happen me that the plane fort. -- one of the things that they come up with is that it would it. At a place these two. Navy ships in the Black Sea at some point in the coming weeks and -- though they stressed that the main mission for these ships is not. Though it took her right security for the Winter Olympics what they're saying is that there there. And that if needed and coordination with the Russians that that they -- -- -- -- another thing that they're doing is that they are reviewing. There US military assets in the air assets in the region this would be more likely -- C seventeens in Germany. In England. -- aircraft that are permanently based in those countries that could at some point be called upon to that it matters but again this is a very extreme possibility and in any case it's the US State Department actually takes the lead. In providing security. In providing. Context or. Planning for an evacuation from -- high risk area. So Chris if that's the case if this -- all based on a contingency plan and what's from the US response to this most recent thread. Williams' response -- this threat has been to offer assistance or Russia that that's that they repeatedly say you went when asked what what is the US doing. Then the state department's -- cooperation with the Russians in the past. It's unclear you know what what exactly. US officials are doing it there actually people out in in Russia. Looking around for this -- and it appears not so so really their response has been limited to an offer. For support and cooperation to the Russians if they requested if they would accept it. A well -- is what has been that what is in the back and forth and as far as the US offering to help with that -- of the so called black widow. -- the US offer assistance actually. Became public a couple of weeks ago -- in the wake of the Volgograd. A bombing this who is the terror bombings the first -- on the bus. And then the one right afterward in the train station their Volgograd you had to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel talking to his counterpart. In Moscow saying basically if -- if Russia wants assistance we are willing to provided. We have been checking with. -- that officials here that in the last couple weeks about that standing offer and have been told that there's been very little response from the Russians since then. So this planning that we were talking about again is just contingency planning on the part of military planners. Looking to see what assets they could provide. By any extreme possibility that something has to be done. In Russian and one thing important thing to remember -- You know there in Russia is a sovereign country -- got forty to 50000 security forces handling security in that ring of steel that we -- -- talk about. In his package. And and so obviously they have the -- so whatever the US can offer would be very limited and would require coordination to the point of almost getting permission from them to. -- from the Russians to operate on Russian soil and so we're talking about a very very extreme possibilities Chris tells little bit more about these. Suspected plotters what's -- their history with the Russian government. What will their from the region of Dagestan it's about five or six -- miles from Sochi. Driving and Indian neighbors Chechnya. This is where the group comes from that that claimed responsibility for the Volgograd bombings and it's and it's an area that's known to be arrested. To have. As sort of below grade insurgency kind of simmering over there so it's it's a region that that has been on Russia's radar for this kind of threat. And and really that's that's where people think -- coming from and also the region where the Boston Marathon bombers came from as well correct. That's straight ten reliance on as a preventive spent time in in Dagestan early 2012. For the bus bombings that something that. US and Russian forces cooperated -- sort of digging into after. After the bombings happened. So Lou obviously at US athletes go over there as ambassadors to the country and at the same time they have to work in coordination -- -- kind of military force should. Unfortunately if it ever is to be required. Our US military forces are they prepping -- athletes in case of any kind of emergency. Now as far as I can tell them this is a stand -- a mission by the US military right now in terms as preparations. You know US Olympic Committee has. And leaves it up to the individual organization federations. What -- -- security -- may have individually. There's overall coordination with the IOC and of course with the host in this case the Russians and this is they're providing the lead in Russians in security. Forces there for the Olympics we've heard talk about this the ski team Howell they have contract that -- -- American firm to help them. Evacuated if need be so -- that's kind of what we're talking about you have. The main US Olympic Committee in coordination with the International Olympic Committee -- which is dealing with the Russians were providing security. But the independent federations and on the US side can at least. Do something extra if they so wish but in terms of what the military is doing with. Then what these. Federations and the -- it's really -- the State Department that's providing -- -- Chris do we know any other emergency contingency plans like that -- aside from the ski team. You know the six person very tight lipped on this. The branch of the State Department that's in charge of security -- embassies and diplomatic security. We'll take the lead on an evacuation plan if any of these extreme possibilities that we're talking about -- to happen that's pretty much standard procedure. It's the State Department that has authority over all US persons who are in Russia. You know like -- mention we really need. Permission from Russia if you think about it -- -- to go in and operate security forces on their soil that would be a State Department thing but you know. They're they're really not saying how many security agents they have in Russia they really don't wanna disclose too many of their their security plans what we've seen in the past. When the State Department does need to coordinate with and -- coming out and get people out of places like just happened in south Sudan he -- You know -- combination. Military flights and sort of -- Chartered flights getting people out but the State Department hasn't said anything about what it plans to do that's just kind of what they've done in the past in situations where it -- security threat to Americans to diplomatic personnel on the ground. Two and a half weeks ago -- to see if more those plans are either revealed or created in the first place ABC's Chris good Washington and the emerging as the Pentagon guys thanks much appreciated. Aggressively recap countdown to the Olympics right here on for now -- down Cutler -- New York. With this ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"President Vladimir Putin increases security to prevent any potential attacks on the Winter Olympics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"21615405","title":"Russian Authorities Hunt Down Terror Threats Before 2014 Sochi Games","url":"/Politics/video/russian-authorities-hunt-terror-threats-2014-sochi-games-21615405"}