Ryan pulls GOP health care bill following call from Trump

Republican leadership has decided to pull their Obamacare replacement bill at the request of President Donald Trump.
4:15 | 03/24/17

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Transcript for Ryan pulls GOP health care bill following call from Trump
This has been a special. From ABC. And we're coming and they are now would breaking news a major treat from president trump on the issue of health care of course is his signature promise to repeal obamacare he's challenged. The congress and vocal we have just learned. He's now as congress to pull the bill and go straight. To our White House correspondent to say Avaya to see in the news came in a phone call from president tried to speaker of the house Paul Ryan just a short while ago. Just a short while ago George and what a day it has been here at the White House it started with a surprise visit from speaker one Ryan it. Here in the Oval Office it lasted about an hour and twenty minutes as that meeting was going on. It's Press Secretary Sean Spicer was briefing the press now. Saying that the pride they still had confidence. It everything that the president had done to get the bill as far as they had but as we now know. It's not succeeding the president has called Paul Ryan asked him to pull the bill that was expected to be. A vote on the house floor to around 330 today a few minutes ago obviously that is now not happening this is all. Just coming down on the White House has been very adamant about how hard the president worked to get this the real meeting with the 120 lawmakers they said today. But Georgia as you know I mean this is the president's signature campaign promise repealing and replacing obamacare he campaigned as the negotiator in chief. The man who would see in easy repeal through here if he was elected but George this is a huge scar on his agenda Alex. Our working hard to close the deal over the last 48 hours bringing members of congress in but all through this day. The no votes appeared to continue to climb I'm joined on the phone by our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl the question now John how does he recover. Source this is devastating it's devastating not just because it's a big defeat on its first big legislative task. But initially on a campaign promise he repeated over and over get but it gets right to the heart of the present its brands as. Cecilia mentioned the negotiator in chief he is the master of the art of the deal he is the one. They can close the deal in this case. He just couldn't do it and the reason why they're polling this Jordan's that are going through the vote president said he wanted to vote all the blocks. Of the Republicans still are unwilling to commit he wanted to vote the reason why they're wonder if you know what happened yet three big tough vote in congress. If it's not going to passed all of those. Who would reluctantly go on your show support for the presidency it's going to jail anyway they're gonna vote know if this was headed not just shortly if she. Put toward a land. Bloody crushing defeat I think that's exactly right Jonathan Karl right now right now the votes are not there. For president Trump's signature promise there on repealing obamacare. I want to go to Capitol Hill right now our congressional correspondent Mary Bruce there and Mary right now the speaker of the house homeland is just called all Republicans in an emergency meeting. George I just cannot from the basement of the capitol Republican members are streaming into that emergency meeting. I'm right off of the floor they have been here debating this bill for the last. Three plus hours a bill that the president has now passed and the speaker to pull off the floor. It is an eight frantic scramble for the last 24 hours to push this bill. Across the finish line but despite all of that late night negotiations the highest in the speaker's office and of course the president's personal pitches it seems they simply do not have the support to get this done. He comes after we've seen those ultra conservative freedom caucus members voiced. Increasing concerns saying that. Despite all of the back and forth the bill simply would not go far enough for them of course all those concessions offered to the ultra conservative then angered and frustrated a lot of the moderate that cease stock. And stuck in between house speaker today it's very clear he simply was not able to find a bounce between his members to get this done. OK Mary thanks 64 days into his presidency president trump a major treat. A retreat on the issue of health or when stay on top of that all afternoon long full wrap up tonight on world news tonight. We'll be right back. This has been a special. For me he's.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Republican leadership has decided to pull their Obamacare replacement bill at the request of President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46358247","title":"Ryan pulls GOP health care bill following call from Trump","url":"/Politics/video/ryan-pulls-gop-health-care-bill-call-trump-46358247"}