Sally Yates says Michael Flynn was 'compromised'

"The View" co-hosts discuss reported warnings the Trump administration received about hiring Michael Flynn as national security adviser.
6:50 | 05/09/17

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Transcript for Sally Yates says Michael Flynn was 'compromised'
So yesterday, yesterday former acting attorney general Sally Yates gave some pretty damming testimony that the white house pick for national security adviser Michael Flynn lied to officials about his ties to Russia and it put the U.S. In a potentially dangerous position. Take a look. We felt like it was critical that we get this information to the white house because in part because the vice-president was unknowingly making false statements to the public and because we believed that general Flynn was compromised with respect to the rigussians. We believed that the Russians knew this but that they likely had proof of this information, and that created a compromised situation, a situation where the national security adviser essentially could be blackmailed by the Russians. Speaking of black males -- apparently president Obama also warned the white house that Flynn could be a problem. So now, if 55 people are telling you there's a problem, why would you ignore all these red flags? This concerned me a lot because I remember at the time seeing Mike pence go out there and put himself on the line and say that Mike Flynn was not talking about sanctions with Russia on those phone calls. That turned out to be false. Now, he was given that false information and was out there jeopardizing his own reputation, his own cred ablt, and now I'm saying if the white house top lawyer knew that this wasn't the case and if president trump knew that that wasn't the case, why did he put his vice-president at the time out there to disseminate this false information. Why do you think? I don't know, I really don't know. Guess. It doesn't help him. I was trying to figure an angle where it would help him but that's your right hand manned. People your cabinet like Paul manafort and Carter page and Rex tillerson and Roger stone that also have had connections with the Russians and they maybe have had secret meetings you certainly don't want to fire one person because it leads to a trickle down effect. In his own press release he said -- Who? President trump said in the presser that he really didn't see anything wrong here. But he's a pathological liar. Yeah, but I also think -- Might be the only thing he's ever told the truth about. That actually sounded kind of truthful. Really? Do you think trump thinks he did anything -- He doesn't understand the law, I think. He has a fundamental misunderstanding of that. And what is surprising to me and it shows that misunderstanding is right before Sally Yates' testimony before the senate intelligence committee, he tweets out a threat to her. He witness tampers. He says something like, ask Sally Yates under oath if she knows how classified information got into newspapers soon after she explained it to white house counsel, implying a leak. That's how it happened, dude. What's crazy is you have a president who's witness tampering. Wait a minute. It gets better. So you have the outgoing president who you know is not a fan of yours, doesn't have to tell you jack. Yeah. Doesn't have to tell you anything. Pulls your coat tails and says, look dude, you might not want to mess with that. I already been down this road and this guy is not a good pick. He also says that about Kim Jong-un. He warned them about the north Korea dictator, he's your biggest problem. He was very nice to trump actually. That's what we know of trump, his stubbornness saying if president Obama is trying to tell me this I'm not going to listen. In this case he was saying this is someone whose name has come up too many times when we're researching Russia in our election. There's an interesting number. In watergate there was an 18-minute gap on the tape and nobody really knew what -- rosemary woods, Nixon's secretary, erased 18 minutes of the tape which was incriminating. Do you remember that? Yes. In this case, Sally Yates tells him this guy is compromised, he's in bed with the Russians, and they keep him for 18 days. I thought that was an interesting -- Longer if you talk about president Obama. Play that number. My mom says that all the time, play the number in the lottery, all the time. My grandmother used to say that. I'm just going to put this out because gambling outside of specific places are -- is illegal. So we are not condoning gambling, no. No, no. We're just saying should there be a number near you, that's the one to look for -- Find a bookie. No, you don't want to look for a bookie. But actually, you have this whole thing, someone is saying fire, fire, fire, we're burning here, and they go, no, we're not. Yeah. Yeah. And I think what's also maddening is that he continues attending top level security briefings. He's attending a meeting with the -- discussing Iran with Putin. He's on the phone with Russia. He has the thing when they put Iran on notice. I think Al Franken, senator Franken was on the right path when he said why would he do that, which is I think where you're going, Jed, why would he do that unless somehow he himself was compromising other members of the senate. I can see that point but it also tarnished his cred ablt. Your vice-president is your right hand man so if he's out there saying something that's false, it makes you look bad. As long as he didn't know. As long as he didn't -- listen, in this -- He did not know. In this administration, nobody knows what anybody knows. I just feel like -- True. And that's what -- and for me, that's what this kind of craziness does. It makes me suspect everybody. But Mike pence, I can tell you just from following him for years, he's not stupid. He's not a dumb guy. He wouldn't go out there and say something -- It's not about stupid. It's about party following. When you follow your party line and not the people's line, it makes you do things that you would not normally too. And justify them. And justify them. So again, I'm not accusing Mike pence. I'm saying for me, it puts it in my head, well, what did you know or did you know or what the hell, you know. Do you think trump is scared right now? I think he's a little scared. I don't know if he's scared. I still believe he thinks he's golden. Where there's smoke there's fire, come on. I don't know, I don't know. I mean, he's threatening a witness. He even said something in the tweet -- go ahead, whoopi. Sorry.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss reported warnings the Trump administration received about hiring Michael Flynn as national security adviser.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"47303753","title":"Sally Yates says Michael Flynn was 'compromised'","url":"/Politics/video/sally-yates-michael-flynn-compromised-47303753"}