Sanctions ‘with teeth’ needed on China cyber threat: Rep. John Katko

ABC News' Linsey Davis speaks with Homeland Security Committee ranking member Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y., on the Biden administration and allies blaming China for the recent Microsoft hack.
4:13 | 07/20/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sanctions ‘with teeth’ needed on China cyber threat: Rep. John Katko
We are joined now by Republican congressman John cat co of New York the top Republican on the house homeland security committee thanks so much for joining us again congressman. Capita beer. So secretary of state Antony blinking in today he said of China quote that it's irresponsible. Disrupted and destabilizing. Behavior in cyberspace which poses a major threat to our economic and national security. And we're so often focus on the cyber threat coming from Russia and Eastern Europe was your reaction to the information revealed publicly today on the threat coming from China. Well wasn't a surprise bring a big known for large security that China's one of the worst offenders when it comes to cyber attacks and they're here they're a direct threat to the jury's economic stability and as the security of our country. Lincoln's words were strong and it really endeavor that will need. But we have to follow up in this country what action if we don't follow what action. We're paper tiger and Charlie's gonna walk along oversight fabric Dorn. And not bad guys only understand strength. If they don't respond but sanctions and strong punitive actions instead they're just words China's gonna continue to run roughshod over some of cyberspace. Which should be catastrophic. It's bad guys don't understand strength really Anderson pulling their officials pointed to more direct state sponsored backing of these hacking operations from China than we often see coming from actors and Russia. How do you see these threats from from both countries' differing in both their intent. And and how they're carried out. You see in Russia are a lot of times it's not so much a state of south to an attack but. Basically staying the state sanctioned cyber cyber groups that are within Russia operate with impunity and they're just bad as it just don't themselves Margaret and then China not much amidst a state sponsored and state stayed extra actually doing it Mino that would appears to be the case with respect to Microsoft. So we sent strong signals to rush out why are numbered or whether or not cracked. Why are not looking dorm saying it now. You wanna be look about it looked at as a world leader your every Olympics air. Yet your engage in these catastrophic cyber attacks and you're also engage in hand and genocide or your own people. The northwestern province. One to three million people Leno and acknowledge it turns KG genocide why are we. Tiptoeing around the bad actions terribly bad actions China expressed. And beyond the indictments of these four Chinese nationals and US our allies who joined in the statement did not announce any action such as sanctions on China at what the White House and congress needs to do. In order to address this or at. They need to put teeth into things and it just sit there are currently perhaps but everything at a table. I'm to and including the Olympics Olympics not just for a cyber attacks but for the genocide they're committed. We can't be can't be doing business with irresponsible people on a rural state like China if they're gonna continue that. And we and we certainly can't turned a blind out of our territory. We need to curb their conduct made to counter the current dark green to compete against Sharman Richardson announced they don't continue to act what happened back. And lastly next week to select committee on January 6 attack a set to begin hearings. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy expected to officially appoint Republicans to that committee soon. You are proponent of an independent commission but are you concerned that politics could overtake any substantive investigation from the select committee. That's exactly what's happening now is exactly but I was hoping would not happen I was also bombard cast and a bipartisan commission bill that I worked out our. Homeland Security. We wouldn't have politicians do an investigation would have people seasoned professionals. What we did during a 9/11 commission and what's happening now is exactly I don't want to have happen because. The Democrats have a lopsided ability to subpoena people there's no went inside to yours don't know and a thicker strings are until next year during election season. Try to raise this issue again and again and it's gonna and a B and politicize and it's very unfortunate you don't have to happen. But why hasn't the leader McCarthy. Then selected a Republican to at. I assassination reports today that appears to be some debate he added we don't know for sure and out I ever talked a lot about that issue. Okay Republican congressman John cat killer New York we thank you so much for your time appreciate it. Thanks again take care.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"ABC News' Linsey Davis speaks with Homeland Security Committee ranking member Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y., on the Biden administration and allies blaming China for the recent Microsoft hack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"78937307","title":"Sanctions ‘with teeth’ needed on China cyber threat: Rep. John Katko","url":"/Politics/video/sanctions-teeth-needed-china-cyber-threat-rep-john-78937307"}