Sanders addresses Trump's wavering position on guns

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took questions on gun control, meeting with North Korea and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.
12:40 | 03/12/18

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Transcript for Sanders addresses Trump's wavering position on guns
Hey there are welcome to the briefing room I've ABC news political director reclining joined here by a very political team on this election eve Johnny republic and burial sparks from mark wrong. I know we're all the votes in and it's a big day tomorrow which we're gonna get to the president without campaigning over the weekend he knows how much is on the line. This Tuesday but first guns this was the only topic in Washington for. Couple weeks it's pretty pretty the stark in terms of its lasting power but now Mary Alice overseen. The actual results of the president's recommendations a lot of people are underwhelmed. Because if you like the president let. Lots there remember him sitting there with Democrats and Republicans around a table. And pushing back. Against members of his own party saying he supports moving forward on so many of these big ticket and CT items and now we have actual. Sort of pen to paper black and white ideas from the White House. And they're soft they're not much they're pretty basic things that don't show on some new sea change for him and party and that has lot of folks rushing. There was reference in a briefing the president about during that meeting calling out some members of his own party for being petrified of the NRA but if you look at these proposals seem to be your president. He's your president that doesn't really wanna stray too far from what the NRA and some members of his party want on gun control he doesn't seem to want to buck them at all. Yes a couple of things are our colleague Don crawl asked specifically about what happens raising the age limit. Assault weapons that we want what happens. This wave them so it's currently at universal projects. I was struck by the president's tweet saying that there is not holes were. It that the process that side that's as we're we've had 21 year old that you it was there is brought were both passes we know. Over half some. NC teen agers. And huge numbers supporting just fat measured particular bumping. The age limit for purchasing firearms especially in the wicket to slash so it just doesn't add up the ante and there's not front support in most people can't get these numbers. 70% approve 80% approval from the company and we Albert and what's for dinner let alone percent of people saying they support raising. It's true the will want to have a sadness is that for for up on Trump's plaza and the one thing you can say is that he recognizes when the recognized political movement on certain issues I think he's sort of looking at this and saying well you know. I think the longer view on this and you know it doesn't hurt me more in the long run to sort of trying to buck the NR today in an end but some members of lamb party. I think you're gonna need to see where the momentum on this issue goes human being done gone bounce prevention marks coming up later this month I think. If the political momentum on this continues I mean who knows what. Or that's just Cochran. Or candidates talking nine. Extreme farm house because these are some numbers to pulling on dreamers we saw president saying he understood it is a bipartisan issue and and Americans. And cats are treated actually real and it's not. We disagree with our seniors a few people. That presidents bite for these things. Don't be at a rate. Powell saying things that. Happens. But it went out. So what should now be surprising all. People watched that he. It's the dreamers. Example but yup. He uses about all sorts of things that go against party orthodoxy eating center crisis when it comes down to actually pretty and the paper what's the proposal that says. Oh well let's the earth. What's more troubling took. Let's talk more issues in the cabinet and cabinet members. We. Lose it one of them portrait on SNL. Opening weekend as early. But that's the costs was sixty minutes last night take a look at although Clinton with Sheehan this about the schools there it is. Michigan. A public schools and Michigan gotten better. I don't know overall I I can't say overall that they have all gotten batter the whole state is not doing much. Well there are certainly lots of pockets where this does that students are doing well her argument that if you take route funds away. That the schools would get better is not working in Michigan. Where you had a huge impact. And influence over the direction of the school system here I hesitate to talk about. All schools in general because. Schools are made out bugs individual students attending mount the public schools here. That they are dealing worse than they did. Michigan schools need to do better. There is no doubt about it have you seen a really bad schools maybe try to figure out what's what they're doing. I have not I have not had not intentionally visited schools that are under performing. Maybe you should thought maybe I should yes. Well one well. Out it's hard to watch in this is the secretary of education very controversial figure from the start. He does seem like she didn't seem comfortable talking about the actual policy priorities a department. It's never sign your first answer is now jobs. Education and writes the confirmation hearings she's been certain. Punch line number one for Democrats and liberals that you're frustrated that there were frankly folks can not work under qualified. Are not off by all and I think that's the concern eased some and it looks like are just not doing their homework. And yet occurred despite parasite that she's not gonna head up this past wars that it's gonna look at this issue of gun violence in schools. He sought there's an ass there is Betsy bus agency's view that figure had dates this question students are sensible the president. It's going to be a figure out so in my mind that the now. But like we've all been saying I mean if you go back there is beginning this is the in history US history is the only cabinet member who had to be confirmed. But tiebreaking vote by the vice president so she's been very divisive from the start and interviews like this and oh yeah on the. Reporting last couple days about the president being unhappy with his VA secretary we've seen issues that Department of the Interior all all the spending this cabinet it's just. And needs these small issues she did every single family efforts in the community. Not only take questions the currency options school. Education art so I didn't hear anything today about stormy handles sort of surprising because that's the new revelations just in the last couple of these one is. We know from from but a much different pieces that she's done an interview with Anderson Cooper. I was never scheduled to be this past weekend but now with some legal wrangling according to reports about whether it would air next weekend or not. Serving adults lawyers are offering to reimburse the use what they call hush money to pay off the payout that she received from Butler Michael Cohen. As a condition for not speaking publicly about her alleged affair with the president it seems to me like this sets up a showdown this week one way or the other either this errors or doesn't. And needed the trop lawyers returned the money and allow this the be confidentiality agreement to be ripped up or they insist on on holding two. She has. I think sense at winning strategy from this White House she's not answer his questions. Punting altogether refusing to address that in those treatments has been successful that they've been able to continue to not otherwise would be. An unbelievable explosive story county tanks it's the fourth or fifth headline often now and I think that that. They had a policy as a supplemental anti pretended to pass our business policies that address the crowd threw it to rent it has not well padded out responses sort of stall. My threat and whether that last week when used when you hurts their Sanders talked about you know the president when he arbitration case in the service you know that. You can see them what they talk about this for more on this story kind of pats lakes I think you're very you but your right that this story. Very much just contract he signed turn. In tennis stars sponsor I houses are minor how political investigations. Happy it's hard to imagine reversed. Democrat. Acts. It would happen. That's one reason the ethical congress is important and that's exactly guys because tomorrow's Election Day. What they photographic or some place where Pennsylvania eighteen we spend a lot of time looking at the southwest border and only one of the rent its slices. Of the northeast is twenty point four victory the last couple elections Republican there every opponent he goes down sex scandal resigned. Now Democrat within striking distance and and that's why he thinks the timing campaign and if whatever happens and shocked answer three. Republicans are watching so closely it's even Democrats when he becomes just a few point. A lot of Republicans that much tighter races. We're packing up. Yeah and you susser says S they're about. For succumb on the Republican candidate and that race you of course that's been answered questions but the sort of narrative going into this. His efforts account is that you not you know top recruit for Republicans but three. Isn't any other year because the former military intelligence officer state legislator. Many that your in this red of the district discovered this when nobody's writing answer very dynamic young Democrat and now that it desperately essentially want to. Democrats got lucky with front candidate who has sort of time it's really careful line conservatives. Democrat in the area very vocal about his opposition to Nancy Pelosi has helped him in this area might be a model to for other Democrats or Republicans that have been saying publicly president on down that he's that kind of busy running as a all right. Because he doesn't support any new gun legislation in the wake of or when he supports the tariffs that the president just signed signed up all on last week. I ask is not a Democrat Republican issue well but it but if you when he's not a purely expect from this point sure into the ticketing is he he wasn't doesn't of the primaries statement that shows him. If he had been advocating democratic primary if any part of the country it's hard to imagine. In the happy that it will little what's the left to be success in this nebulous and. Democrats currently exist but I do you think it. Whatever happens tomorrow I think the murderer member is still ten to one that's how much Republican outside groups. Outspent them workers in this race and yes Thailand's far out raised. The Republican in this race but this is a race for you can't say Republicans didn't go all and for this they definitely did because they know this in the Balkans now but. You know I I think there's going to be a lot of us are still searching for this country what to do it means he and there are the popularity. This is also rent district we know that Pennsylvania. Getting. Either Hillary I think it'll hit him really drawn version of this this month of growth it's purely about symbolism accurately about momentum. And is quite a bit the president their weekend. I mean you referenced it on land that looks. Pretty some. Actually. Things that the next day that that over the judgment. Wheatley back on the air tomorrow night starting when those polls close at 8 o'clock it will be a fun exciting night here in part of that effort from the district will be. On the ground your honor him I don't labs headquarters that Pringle cover story on rightful. We have it and a final thoughts thing equivalent. Yeah I don't direct the gun shot the united I think again I think this is going to be an issue that's gonna come up probably again and again throughout the mid terms I think this is an issue that's gonna go away despite the fact that we're talking about the sort of you know moderate proposals and so I'm just looking for religious ago because things. I was to act she got crest. She did not get well. It sounds neatly he says the president has and obesity means higher energy. If he thought political it was everywhere of the election allow its. Currency. Right next issue. Yeah I buy that line is guns. We've said before we've seen before this is how it ends immediately differently but the plea for time. And then finally coming out with something that actually is all a controversial exactly what it felt like what happened a couple weeks is that. Turns out among. That doesn't for the briefing room today for Johnny Earl that there are some reclined download the ABC does not happen once again will be back tomorrow night or eighteenth breaking coverage of the Pennsylvania. Eighteenth congressional. District election. Thanks for watching that with you next.

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{"id":53692447,"title":"Sanders addresses Trump's wavering position on guns","duration":"12:40","description":"White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took questions on gun control, meeting with North Korea and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.","url":"/Politics/video/sanders-addresses-trumps-wavering-position-guns-53692447","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}