Sanders: Libby pardon was 'not at all' a signal about Mueller probe

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took questions on James Comey, Syria, Scooter Libby and more.
10:07 | 04/13/18

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Transcript for Sanders: Libby pardon was 'not at all' a signal about Mueller probe
Mudslinging. In the briefing room it's Friday the thirteenth herein are briefing room on Devin Dwyer. Her with captain Paul their former White House producers Jon ever overcome our political unit and you guys. We just saw cirrus Sanders about as fired up as she gets she was prepared she was reading those RNC talking points. Everybody in this town is talking about the new book by former BI director James call me she called him division went further than the president. And she said he is be disgraced partisan. A disgrace partisan hack she said this is a poorly executed PR stunt and Evan. We're kind of not talking on here before Reid came on the air that she was reading this RNC talking points the RNC the Republican literally reading and only reading them on an exit all the work. It seems them. For the White House who have been you know we've been told to prepare for some presidential tweets the currency is really the group that's creating this war room in all of this opposition research on company to respond. It's fascinating to see it done against a you know former registered Republican who is originally appointed by Republican president to see the Republican Party. The entire sort of apparatus come together to really lead the charge against Komi. And sermon to point you know that she thinks the media's propping up coming but there's an ABC news Washington Post poll out today that says. 48%. Trust called me over happened in there's there's numbers probably among independents among women that call me still has that trust that you can count in terms of you know. And we'll see how those numbers play up its familiar cycle continues to unfold. One of the things that sir was asked about today was the president's fixation. Apparently with bad reported steel dossier this salacious. A file that was prepared on Donald Trump in which. Other some pretty skating sexual allegations let's take a look George asked call me about that. All about to meet with a person who doesn't know me just been elected president of the United States. By. All accounts and from my watching him during that campaign could be volatile. And I'm about to talk to him about. Allegations that he was involved with prostitutes. In Moscow in that the Russians taped it kind of leverage over him. Pretty extraordinary moment there so much more from that and every you've got to tune in on Sunday morning funny 10:9 central. From George but Sarah today again going on the offensive against those allegations saying it's really has gotten under the president's can't. Yes it happened and you can clearly town. I'm from the tweets to you fire up this morning at seven their reality is the White House in the RNC. The goal here from this interview from this book is to completely. Brand company has a liar and dishonest and a liar and a leak are as the president's up a short out that there's no evidence they presented no evidence that the leaking that the president alleges but exactly that preventative exactly that president new evidence that we've asked and multiple times but that's really the bottom line here and in the goal look for instance the put and call him. Now hanging over. All of this is of course and seriousness necessarily of the threat the end the potential looming military strikes against Syria. Cirrus has a presence of the liberating what is our polling talents about where Americans feel about I think right. There's kind of a split there on the point but I think it's itching to note that you know if he been your members from the campaign it's interesting that we've come from. A candidate trump who so often talk about wanting to telegraph military signals not wanting to telegraph what we're doing. Now we basically the whole last week in Washington has just been an open debate about what are we gonna do experience right casting this in a conversation. And let's get the latest on what we're gonna do in Syria over at the Pentagon let's bring in Stephanie Ramos are pentagon reporter Stephanie. You don't work in the hallways today. This decision seems to be put on hold her on sort of marching toward a timeline the president has blown past his own deadline. And here it is Friday the thirteenth the presidents of superstitious guy. What's he unity of but here here. That's a very good question Devin. You know as you know we've there's been a lot of speculation around possible US military action in Syria president has still. I'm not made his final decision we understandable we also know that over the last couple of days military planners are presented on number of options to him as to what he should do but again still no decision but what we have seen this week. Is a lot of back and forth between US and its allies. And Russia in Syria. We did hear from the UN ambassador Nikki Haley this morning at the UN Security Council where she says. Analysis done by the US UK and France shows that there is proof that there was a chemical attack in two months. Last week and it's now we understand the Nikki Haley is headed to DC to attend some of those meetings at the White House being held this afternoon you just heard from Sarah Sanders. Where she confirms that there is a national security. Meeting council meeting being held this afternoon we know that Defense Secretary mad as he's not around here today but he is in DC he canceled his trip to New York yesterday. He is also canceled his trip. To Nevada and San Francisco that was schedules for over the weekend so he is staying in town. Now what we are also hearing today from the Russian military they are accusing Britain of staging. That horrific attack. We heard from Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov who so the relations between the US sincere right now are very tense. But the two militaries are staying in regular contact and what we've heard here at the Pentagon is that that. Is being used it beat Russia is communicating with the US and that line was put in place back in 26. Accurately as. And those US assets are placed Stephanie thank you so much and there is cabinet meeting this afternoon with the National Security Council deputies this to be. The second meeting of the council in two days. Right the second meeting them there is meeting to see other airman error we thought there may be a decision. I'm again another meeting on later this afternoon bonanza mention of bestow on a holding pattern waiting on a final decision. From the White House from president as to what feels like one of those days in Washington reviews can hold your breath and I. They're cute that possible it could take take the temperature the White House we have are let's signs there on the White House north lawn she has been staking out. The action at this at this afternoon on Syria she's closely watching the west wing are let what are you hearing about what's gonna go down this afternoon. On the Syria for a well as you heard white house Press Secretary Aaron Sanders say a few moments think out there will be that as he. Meeting here at the White House about human deputies level she didn't quite say if president trump which he attending himself as he's continuing to wake. Whether or not to take further action when it comes to Syria we know that he was presented with some options. Yesterday during his National Security Council meeting that's something that Defense Secretary. Jim Mattis talked about when he was up on Capitol Hill. And now everyone kind of in this week and see period to see if the president's going to be making a decision today or in the coming days about whether to respond to Syria and something else that was notable. In cirrus Sanders freaking is that she's had that he actually spoke. With the French president again this morning he's Ari tacos and a few other times this week's which shows just how important it is. Word that this administration and the White House and the president going forward to make sure that they have allies in a partnership on board as they move closer to an assistant. Of course the president is never wants us to fixate on anything so this is we know that Syria is not the only thing on the top of his mind he's. Dealing with the the calling interview of course and now overnight we had the surprise news which Katherine folders broke the news. Here at ABC of this presidential pardon. For Scooter Libby Scooter Libby is the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney he was convicted for felonies. Back in 2007 from buying and leaking. In eight in him in and then a federal probe. And obstruction of justice something we hear a lot about now but am. You're defrauding this isn't this was a surprise them words haunt. A by sources it's something the president has been considering. For many months but it really was kind of out of left field here doesn't know this guy is ready. I don't believe that in a statement I don't know him but I'm I've heard he is been unfairly treated it we've we can I'm from him as it relates others. But that's a controversial. Part and right now and it's sending it could possibly send signals to those who are implicated. I'm in the Russian investigation and with obstruction of justice charges and a hey you know. We got your back great it that's unclear Chris Kellyanne Conway says that's not the case but that. Controversial pardon for instance and that question is Portis two to artists are Sanders or let she was asked specifically whether this pardon. I've Scooter Libby a liar and a weaker could be a signal to those other. Can trump compatriots in the Muller investigation is that what did she say to that would've ever wants to know why out of the blue. The president issued this pardon of somebody doesn't know. Lost Aaron Sanders also is sad that this isn't necessarily stick nearly any. Hits other people who might be involved in the Russian investigation she sat that's Scooter Libby that the conviction was wrong it and that he was. Basically the subject of a special counsel investigation I had gone. Robinson the White House here in the president army TV and that it's good living was less potentially wrong when this decision came down few decades ago and that he does this or that hard. All right so we got pardons we've got Syria we've got this big call me interview we'll meet over the ahead of the weekend. So much talk about guys it's going to be a big weekend. Or time than now on Sunday believe it's 10 PM eastern 10 PM eastern time 9 PM central time they see it Jim call me George. That's going to be a great power a lot of good stuff in the interview. It's going to be must watch TV hope we you hope you tune in for that and we hope you also download the ABC news have to follow. The latest on these and other stories policy of have a great weekend we'll see you next week. Every finger.

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{"duration":"10:07","description":"White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took questions on James Comey, Syria, Scooter Libby and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"54455073","title":"Sanders: Libby pardon was 'not at all' a signal about Mueller probe","url":"/Politics/video/sanders-libby-pardon-signal-mueller-probe-54455073"}