Sanders Supporters Ready For Bernie to Win Iowa

ABC News' Josh Haskell visits a Bernie Sanders Watch Party In Iowa.
5:39 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for Sanders Supporters Ready For Bernie to Win Iowa
ABC news is Josh Haskell who is with some Bernie Anderson ordered it in line. Iowa. I think there candidate at a good night jobs. What's the feeling on the ground there. More state. I'm not of course they thought he had a great night Hillary lots where we're and they thought she was great. But here is that he would birdie chance behind me where. Recently I Iowa caucus although the debate in New Hampshire high winds here really following. Get a reaction by. Bernie supporter. Named Collins Jim what's the documented in the community did. Why not ban on the hot candidates are very articulate however earnings knocked enhanced down like he is not every time. Not only went. Beanie Wells talking and not well planned and almost came naturally to hand and that's why no he's the best candidate for this next election. He is Clark the people and I call Kristi and I can say. Thanks so much respect for the fact that he plane in its brat what his point is not only for community college but for public university. This is very important that we. Make our education affordable it will lower our primary an open up opportunity in the land where you can be anything. Okay. The fifth Alice Kim. British standards. It's important bringing Jacob formal budget would you think. It is great you know I really liked his views on campaign finance reform you know there. We really need to and that's brought him fines but what was the moment that really stood out to you is it time and your community action. Really when he talked about education everybody needs I believe education should be right tell people I believe that there are many brilliant young people that desired education edges don't have the funds and I believe that really bad feet benefit our economy. So that is us of instant analysis here from people in Iowa they're gonna vote. There's nothing in the. I don't. Election in particular. Is really imported you'd Telus kind of wide Bernie's become your candidate and why you're so excited to. Well from me when. Senator Sanders chase immigrant stories commitment back in touch me because my thought I am also immigrant. And by the way we also what's this in high school EG Matt high school and Brooke Russell Whipple Brooklyn boy. But he put him is about the American people it's about bringing back the people to power is that it's making people go to the White House. Would what do you tell our viewers your Iowa connection and what brings you just watch party tonight. Well for me Iowa amazing people army and DREAM Act an amazing. Community if there you're fighting to make sure that the people happen Pollard that we make college degree. It make sure that health care. It's a right not a privilege and we make sought that we. That's shameful. Reputation up the US as the leading partly country where we have the most people and costing the country and we're gonna come to this. Mitchell we ended and Bernie if that champion who's gonna make this happen. A fire. It's if you can even look me in the pack crowd when you were there watching with them of course we know that the points in the if you probably got the big tears. When the Bernie Sanders is strong on there were times against Clinton now and I wonder if any of those moments that any Boone's from the. I didn't hear any boos tonight they you know a lot of people said. Bernie is a gentleman he really liked how he handled the apology they really liked how we complemented. It Hillary Clinton on her role as First Lady so no I wouldn't really say blues they're proud of him their proud of the way that he conducts himself. I will tell you though on the data breach that's not something that they are talking about your but I asked. A few Bernie supporters and they told me you know what this is not what Bernie stands for it's not what this campaign stands for. And they are glad that Hillary Clinton came out as well he said. Let's move on tonight I can pose that question to a supporter right here. You think Bernie took on Hillary Clinton tonight. He is very. Presidential in LA event he gays. He is knots. And going and to god. And they are throwing mud at him and he is not gonna for a look back. You heard that they're throwing mud at thirty but he's not in a throwback so that's kind of the scene here. Doesn't look like people are going home on now when it take you to the front real quick you just give you an idea. And. And yeah. I fell asleep on QV. And volunteer. Kind of defeat gathering of about it doesn't Bernie Sanders part parties throughout the state here your volunteer. Your supporter. You come here you can get through there and get opinion. You could even go canvas for Verney tomorrow so the fight continues here in Iowa. Josh has to live in the I thank the dots for continuing coverage from both of the dean leading candidate the Clinton's supporters and the Sanders supported.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell visits a Bernie Sanders Watch Party In Iowa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35870669","title":"Sanders Supporters Ready For Bernie to Win Iowa","url":"/Politics/video/sanders-supporters-ready-bernie-win-iowa-35870669"}