Sanders talks about Trump's meeting with Southwest crew and passenger survivors

WH press secretary Sarah Sanders took questions on the leaked list of Mueller's questions, the Iran deal and more.
11:59 | 05/01/18

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Transcript for Sanders talks about Trump's meeting with Southwest crew and passenger survivors
Either and welcome to the briefing room on ABC news political director Rick Klein joined here by Mary Alice parks are. Political team that Devin Dwyer joining us from our New York bureau heads up. In just a few minutes up this is the first time we've seen Cyrus Anderson's Saturday night she took quite a few bars we'll talk about that in a moment also the first time since appreciate having a typo came out under Ernie that. Had canceled actually a move world markets and WD insert a war we'll talk about that as well I want to start Mary Alison and with debt and on not the list of questions. The New York Times has that this appears represented. The Ares about policies curious about it long lists of questions. We understand from the times reporting and are reporting this list that's created by the try upside despite what the president is saying about it being leaked. But it's the first major window we haven't where he's curious what did you learn from this or else. If you learn a lot it's a list of questions I think we're pretty obvious to reporters and people in have been following all of these headlines the last fifteen months. It doesn't really show just the threat and debt of this investigation so many questions still out there about. What the president knew with winds communications why he hired combing his relationship with Jeff Sessions. What he knew about WikiLeaks and what Russia was doing with T and CE announced we've just always questions still outstanding in one place. It is shocking. And the president Devin Dwyer seems to see this as vindication. Last in the league but also what he says the lack of questions about. Collusion not a word pollution I don't believe is anywhere those questions but. The topic seems to be pretty pretty top of mind for Mueller it is. Efforts woven through the tapestry of questions the times laid out obviously most of the questions if you've seen them. Do you sort of pertain to a potential obstruction of justice case but what I'm struck by to Mary Alison port a raft of questions. Is you can imagine seen these questions laid out. What a daunting task it would be if your president Trump's lawyer to have the president sit down and be subjected to them these are some pretty. Wide ranging questions they're also open ended questions which could put him in some hot water. And I'm fascinated Rick as you know the story behind how these questions likely came out it very well may be the president's legal team themselves. Trying to convince the president. Not to sit down and do this interview by taking a look at the questions of listening to the commentary about it. And it's possible it's possible also guys that this is not exhaustive list admit that you currently space that we know there could be more these are just that I think it's important point that that this has asked repeatedly the president said. Flat out that there are no questions collision. And I just flat out false a lot of questions it to the idea of whether or not the president was aware. Of anyone but his campaign working Russia as a definition of clues and operation everywhere you want to use that is still the forefront of these questions or friend. Now let's talk to that the latest in the the annals of palace intrigue and and staff in fighting a pretty explosive story the initial headline coming out from NBC news yesterday. That that John Kelly the White House chief of staff had called the president an immediate. I was struck. A bye this DeVon now by how quickly and how vociferously the White House has objected to that. It very very strong condemnation of the story by Serra Sanders like Kelly himself in the saving yesterday and some news today in saying flat out that that Kelly is not be considered for the VA because the president's happy with him and that current job. That's right our latest reporting Rick is that that the two men have actually been on better terms than they have been in recent months. Getting along pretty well these allegations and they NBC report CNN and others. Appeared to be a hit job this is really in my view a fresh. I flare up of a really old feud in the west wing if you've been following along the soap opera. Of the president's staff this is lightly. Someone from B a vodka rob Porter. Jared Kushner camp leaking this damaging information alleged damaging information about Kelly. Kelly's allies have dwindled in the west wing as well Don began as one of them so. There are people that want Kelly out this information got out there. But it was pretty hotly refuted you're right Kelly rare public statement within minutes of the story going up that absolutely was this BS and his work. And with tells me Mary Alice that the knives are out once again for Donna Kelley for sore like that to come out we don't know if it's true or not we don't know what was actually said and that we've got some sources who say that wasn't said. Obviously NBC as other sourcing on this. But someone wants is out there to try to kill off his career and about being more important and maintaining an appearance of stability in the White House at this moment I think that's I think that's right. Speaking of stability Waltz ability of the topic and today's briefing and elsewhere. The president saying it just a little while ago DeVon that's we're gonna have it deet may be pretty soon and and maybe even a location for the the the highly weighted North Korea summit up up all the questions today came about Iran yesterday. Was Netanyahu's got a PowerPoint presentation seemed geared toward the president himself whose liberty and English in Tel Aviv. That tells you anything about it but this type oh man this is something DeVon and and we talk all the time out of his White House makes little mistakes big mistakes everything in between. In this case the difference between hasn't had in relation to the Iranian nuclear program. Sarah Sander says it's just a typo but the division present and past tense kind of a big deal. L a totally a big deal if you're not following along on this side of the White House basically put out a statement yesterday initially that the that the government of Iran. Has seen secret nuclear weapons program they later change it too had one. Big difference obviously relation to the Iran nuclear deal with the art critics saying that it doesn't work. Obviously that that word makes a big difference there but you know Bob bottom once or Sanders standing by this you sort of modeled through the point. Bibi Netanyahu yesterday in his presentation also sort of trying to sort of gloss over that point but. Two defenders of the deal the deal is working they don't have a nuclear program right now. But the question is are they honest and what use are from Netanyahu informs your standards today is they are contending they lied at the beginning of the deal. All of this of course the buildup to the may twelfth date when the president has to decide what he's gonna do. And and and that was quite aggressive response was our senators and she was asked about it he said the the bigger mistake the biggest mistake was the was Obama on the Obama and his vision entering into the agreement in the first place. Rain that's of their own argument here because international inspectors say that Iran is complying. The only argument that they're standing on is they just like a deal to begin within the framework of the deal was not enough the inspections were not. Big enough for forceful enough or specific enough because inspectors say that Iran's playing by the rules. But self evident we've seen these world leaders now plot applying pressured him from both directions he had. But prawn trying to trying to sweet talk the president to continuing to support the deal we have Netanyahu in that presentation yesterday. It may be that we're left with the middle ground where the president actually isn't rejecting the current deal but is talking about a longer term solution. Well that's certainly what the Europeans want there's a lot of talk that that could be afoot right now some sort of layer on to the Iran deal. But this is a complicated subject in the president as you guys know is all about symbolism he promised to Karen up on the campaign trail. Hot hard to see how he gets away with this keeping the deal even if there's some sort of add on so it's good it's going to be a successful couple weeks. Politically he's talking about acting a horrible deal for the country almost Dili now sat out an incredibly hard to. Dissonant more nuanced here he step cannot using nuanced language about it. And let's get let's get Mary Bruce in on this we were struck Mary by didn't need the way it's our centers handle that question. Around the Iran nuclear deal what was the sense in the room they're they're trying to explain a typo that actually could start a war. He's yet what would she really wanna go into too many of these. In particular Hewitt you know press person eating out but she didn't get a lot of details and return it is a varies sort of tricky. Topic they get into that you mention I was also struck by how many lack of detail she wanted to discuss about this Mueller list that we've all been poring through this list of questions. They came from the Muller teen over here to the trump legal team achievement ponting. Pretty consistently. On any questions that involve this this probe. To the president's legal team that the president keeps tweeting about all of this and so at some point the question is what when is she going to actually. Explain the president's tweets especially when they're so many contradictions between what he is saying. And what we are learning about this with that question yeah the president for instance tweeting that. Parents are any questions about collusion when when you look at the list well actually there are many questions. About potential collusion. So it's hard and it's harder and harder or to punt on some of these things when the president of course is Chiming in. So vociferously. Yet married by Micah unit to referrals outside counsel long event that I'm. It doesn't mean there does there have to plus part of her collaborator. Hey guys what's up about a topic that's he didn't come up with a preview somewhat to my surprise having to our surprise collectively which is the White House correspondents association dinner. It was a Saturday night sour Sanders was uncomfortably close to the comedian Michelle will only a couple of seats away. Which meant she was front senator win cable news was covering this. This lie she maintained a pretty stony disposition throughout despite a lot of very highly personal. Barbs that were aimed at her and others in in the trump White House. It's a shooting any questions on this Devin but I am curious what what the mood is among White House staffers here 48 hours but 72 hours after speech that seems to still be reverberating in political circles. Governor what she was silent in fuming at the dinner obviously afterwards the day after the White House I think realized what a gift they had been given. By the provide this comedian it took place totally into their narrative about the press. And they were quite happy about it yesterday and early part of the week I'm not surprised that she didn't bring it up your silence. Sort of speaks of volumes here the press. Surely don't want to bring it up that it wanted to draw attention to it in fact I was struck by the by the diversity of the questions today it was a pretty big smorgasbord of topics. And you know you got ahead at this air standards she didn't do what I think her boss probably would have done which is stick it to the people were in front over who are helped organize that dinner. Was it awkward of the room and all Mary knowing it's that everyone missile talking about this there are a lot of almost everyone of that room today was that was there on Saturday night. A look angry adept at the one topic ever on an average probably doesn't want to talk about relieved that it didn't probably come up I think folks and in this building and and the reporters and those chairs probably want to. Move past some of those awkward moments from the weekend. And look you have of course have the president coming out in Chiming in a on the dinner you've already seen a lot of reaction to it the White House correspondents association put out there statement we saw today. The hill newspaper saying that they will no longer participate going forward to the Zanardi having you know real ramifications and consequences. But here in in the room today look there are a lot of other important questions to be asked and I think you saw a lot of that. And we'll get you right back to it that are reversed thanks for being here at the White House that I. And we want to lead us with those some pictures from earlier today president trump invited in that kind of unusual. Gathering for someone like him he had an in the Oval Office this was the the flight crew and some of the passengers were on that's southwest flight from a a couple of weeks ago tragically. One passenger. Lost her life but how many others whose lives receives department actions of those passengers you don't often see the president like this and it gatherings like this let's softly Oval Office but. Highlighting something that was in the news like this and and is trying to to celebrate them. Are heroes well make sense any chance to celebrate. The hero pilot there a woman and a former fighter pilot me America loves her and rightly so. All right that's gonna do it for this edition of the briefing our thanks to Devin Dwyer and Mary Alice parks you can download the ABC news at any ABC news app on ABC news political director Rick Klein. We'll be right back here next time with the victim.

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{"duration":"11:59","description":"WH press secretary Sarah Sanders took questions on the leaked list of Mueller's questions, the Iran deal and more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"54861022","title":"Sanders talks about Trump's meeting with Southwest crew and passenger survivors","url":"/Politics/video/sanders-talks-trumps-meeting-southwest-crew-passenger-survivors-54861022"}