Sanders: Trump and Ryan have a 'good relationship,' but don't agree on everything

Sanders reiterated Trump "won't back down" on tariffs, despite Speaker Ryan's urging the White House to reconsider.
13:57 | 03/05/18

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Transcript for Sanders: Trump and Ryan have a 'good relationship,' but don't agree on everything
Either we'll preview. ABC news political director Rick Klein joined here by. Johnny rover from our political team will will bring your correspondents on capitol the White House but a lot. Of the headlines at my neck yeah happy Monday it feels like it's already Thursday based on the news that's already popping here. Let's start Johnny with it that the trade war the president said. Over the weekend that. Trade wars are easy to win that was this week. Today he told our John Carl in the Oval Office that's the that he doesn't look for a trade where here but he does have right now a war inside the Republican Party you know Paul Ryan. The Club for Growth these conservative groups that come out that this is a bad idea they want to reconsider. And for Republicans this is definitely an issue where you know use you see the split the term has created Republican Party. You sought us during the campaign you saw him talk about you know what's fronts bread and butter is disease sort of economic nationalism you know those types of issues and this is an instance where you know you see trump are really. Worried about I think his base and word about those voters that came to him during the campaign I mean. We have an election in Pennsylvania a week from tomorrow and let's write a thud of Pittsburgh I mean that's Steel City USA. And so I think you see trump you know definitely understanding the politics of the situation as you can see from you know that's your answer Sanders you know. Really know what this decision means quite yet. Israel little bit of daylight still say that there hasn't anything announced battalion Rogan on on Capitol Hill I saw one really telling announcement from some European groups there were talking immediately about tariffs on. Harley-Davidson's made in Wisconsin and Bergen. Hello Kentucky hello Mitch McConnell hello all Ryan. There's been some starring Sally about congress potentially stepping in although the president has a pretty strong hand. When it comes to tariffs what's the latest obviously Ryan company pretty upset with us. Yeah isn't so interesting wreck that fits you industries weary Europeans that they were going to hit immediately are those of Wisconsin home to the house speaker and that Kentucky. A with the senate majority leader as you mentioned just a little bit of irony there just a coincidence but as you said speaker Ryan. Very worried about these terrorists of president trump wants to impose short of putting up three billboard outside Pennsylvania Avenue he is. Making every single he can't to insist that this is a bad idea and that the president should not go through with it. A spokesman today for the speaker has said they are extremely worried about the effects this could have. On the recently passed tax bill. But they are not yet ready to impose legislation. What could read other just focus on trying to convince him not to do this they note that hasn't actually passed. Or written anything down into you a decree yet. But what could congress do you think came to that it could pass a bill. But Rick and John they would need a veto proof majority in it's not clear they have that. Two point Sally for the Los everything is host narrator very well played in that scene being and what will move to the shape of what the heck is going gone. With the Russian investigation. And in it Jordan Phelps let's bring you in on this is a questionnaire that anything. About Sam Nunn Burke kind of an obscure former campaign aide had a falling out with rob we know that he was. Paul than before Bob Mueller. He is not announcement today that he is not going to cooperate with investigators he's basically daring them to arrest him. And he went on instead on any TV interview just just that with in the last hour so the trump may have done something. During the election he's just not there what is of course the strong denial from the White House but. What is Sam numbers. What you're isn't trying to get resolved in jail. Yeah we are wondering the same thing Rick as we watch that play out and that in the White House news. At that really remarkable bombshell claim for him to make because this is an eight he's being you know. I is saying that he's black to cooperate with ours investigation in town now so you have to wonder. What me names etched on and we thought they are in the White House briefing that Sarah out when he comment on nine berg saying he's not a White House official. I but still she had to defend that there's no collusion. I did certainly it's not helpful they for a former aide of the president to be saying that he might have done something wrong. It Johnny this is weirdo so many different levels that he was cooperating until now and he would seized as saying he's got nothing to hide rest certainly looks like he's got something to hide it. It's certainly south that way bet that this has to be you know maybe this is some sort of loyalty play to the president maybe that that that's his thinking but. I know wants an interview. It was an American it was just sort of bizarre to to hear him you know asked me. He's the anchor you know what you think Robert Mueller is gonna due to me I mean it's it's sort of. He has yeah. Exactly get the right. He asked the the yank on MSNBC what he what she thinks is not our some legal advice which is an uninteresting strategy. Well I think he debuted a new lawyer before long it is speaking of legal advice that there was a really interesting joke at the gridiron from the president himself over the weekend this is a white tie affair the president and the for the first time his presidency. I Saturday night he was a couple minutes late. But he told that when they are the reason was that Jared was having trouble clearing security. What how does that cluck coasted to to the bunkers Derek Fisher is a couple of seats over from the president as that joke went over. And Jordan there is still this question we saw play out on our air yesterday Chris Christie and Wright's previous you don't have to read very much between alliance and realize their advice the president. Used it is to be rid of the family members around him there has been is growing chorus but still we see Jared popping up with the Middle East portfolio even today. Yet Christie basically saying that it would be a good thing for questioner to do hope extending and just resign as a distraction. To the president but at there is no disputing wreck that. That's president Simon Lott is a distraction to this administration today. These stories is negative stories for Kushner just keep popping at themes between the security clearance being. At meaning that his role here in the White House's diminished even NEC's Sarah Sanders at the briefing insisting. I that his role today with Bibi Netanyahu the prime minister. At Israel visiting wasn't affected by that. I eat now it if you're not able to see the most sensitive information how can you possibly be the lead negotiator for the white house on Middle East peace. I and then there's these other stories that. Kushner may have used the implication being that Kushner may have used his position here in the White House tech help his feelings business. I say no without heat is that and distracting from the president's eyes bigger narrative care. And John is another example of White House staff drama taking away from everything witnesses at this is all 2018 has been consumed by this. And this continued what. And I mean just about the tortoise when that this is the Turkish that this is about member of of the administration whose. Portfolio seem to just sort of exponentially expand you know especially early on in the administration. Colonel dusters reform deal current crisis I mean obviously Middle East peace this kind of you know than the starkest example of that today but. This isn't gonna go away for the White House and indeed that this this is a situation that's clearly been ongoing and and will continue to be an issue. And we should note that to date march 5 was the that we long had on our calendars this was circled for six months because this is the data president upset as the expiration date. For doctor recipients. There's been some intervening court action that means that no one is immediately losing their status but. I it is quite a day in emotional they needed a scary you know Alley Rogen your route with some of the folks who protesting. Up and around Capitol Hill people that are worried about losing their status worried about applying for employment from here and yet. No action whatsoever on on Capitol Hill today or really any other day so far daka. We don't know we don't have any sense they're going to be acting anytime soon wreck. You mentioned congress is punting on this issue until at least January or December. This winter they argue that this is going to end up in the Supreme Court eventually and therefore they have no reason to act. Meanwhile all of these dreamers are left in limbo and that's what brought a lot of them up on the hill today there weren't a few hundred. Outside the capitol where we are right now I spoke to some of them and their extremely worried. Most of them have legal docket status in this country for at least the next year. But they're very worried because the courts have not yet decided and they're saying congress should not wait for this to get sorted out in the courts. They should pass legislation now. But members of congress congressional leaders insist that there's no reason for them to you so so you just have these two sides that are diametrically opposed. And in the meantime these young people's lives are in the balance wreck. Speaking of congressional in action Jordan Phelps which still waiting on. Any kind of real proposals on guns from from the White House hurts our center saw a couple of very narrow things. We still don't know where the president's mind truly is on responding to the shooting. Of a couple weeks ago in Florida and more broadly the gun crisis in America. You have wrecked the White House last week told us that last week they would be releasing at list of principles that the president would be getting behind act to reform. Guns in school safety policy but. I today hurts your Sanders saying that this is still a matter of conversation. We know one of the big sticking points of course is raising the age limit. On guns we know that something the president has expressed support for. But the NRA has been lobbying on the other sites at quite strongly against that propose all. The president has been kind of waffling back and forth on this issue say have to think that that's one of the key sticking points. Added and by yes added that it there is no question that the White House is that very delayed in getting maps proposal lap. And this all comes now John as the political season is officially upon us today tomorrow is primary day voters voting. Actually happening into in the state of Texas the first primaries of 2018. Under way to and as a great piece that that our mayor Bruce went down. To Texas atop the some of these candidates this is we have female candidates the Democrats have a lot of energy a lot of enthusiasm big turnout numbers but some big divisions in their ranks as voting gets under way. Capsule you mentioned did this a couple of big story lines that are that are really up popped tomorrow night you know that that influx of you know candidates being one in record numbers running for. Federal offices state offices mean you're right to point out that there are some of these primaries that have gotten nasty in Texas seventh congressional district represented John call worsens the Republican incumbent. Is facing this is there in Houston area right outside in the suburbs is facing a S whole slew of democratic challengers but that race is basically default. Into partisan bickering within a Democratic Party that the DH we'll see their campaign arm. Dropped a whole bunch of opposition research on with a candidates in that race because they think she's going to be on palatable to voters in November so. You know there's a number of number of different you know fascinating races that Ted for his racist and how fascinating this represented that's raising a lot of money that wants accountant in November. And the other side fascinates me that that George P. Bush running for reelection as land commissioner a bush in Texas you have your own Brandt. He wants trop is that proper Zhan and other low energy Jeb Bush yeah how about that morning Donald according Donald's cup and got his endorsement will see the avoids the run off tomorrow. One believed our viewers today with a picture. This is from down in Panama at the trump building in Panama this is pretty extraordinary there's been a a days long standoff between Trump Organization people is open to be formally or this is not. The trump official organization it is these people that are associated with a hotel there. But the the local officials have been trying to get the trump name off the hotel they got the name off the hotel this is actually happening actual videos come in. Just this morning in Panama weird story line just bizarre. You know one and a polarizing the and that is that is golf a heartless bring it for a landing here to a quick whip around. Ilie Rogen I capital but what's your big take away for the day. Well one thing it's interesting that happened appeared to de regulated talked about yet is Jon Stewart was up here once again. He was up here a lot when a few years ago when there is a reauthorization battle for this program. That supports 9/11 first responders he was back here today because now the Allenby is trying to sort of due at death by Weaver organization were they wanted to take. This program out of its current home. And sort of leave it up. Two as Jon Stewart described as sort of we've in the wind with it without any congressional charter without any. Out of umbrella organization helping it out so he was back up here today talking about this so it was it's sort of interesting. This sort of people you never know you're gonna run into on the health. The and indeed that's that's the truth. I had it not Tyler today at a little bit on that unintended consequences of rob porter's departure one source familiar tells me that. Since rob Porter resigns at that might be the real reason we saw this. A whole surprising announcements with Harris apparently Porter. Was keeping this whole process under wraps and with his departure that process went out the wind out. And that Peter Navarro took advantage of that apps ends and that Scott Podesta Mittal had. With announcing it priced hair thing and here we are today on the cusp of a trade war real real consequences of staff. Level chaos to their policy to backed its two with a topic that we've talked about today doc and Texas I mean it really I think need some Puerto take it back to the human impact. That is a great interview. The one of our calling China house that did this morning with. A a dreamer who lives in Texas lives in the Houston area and it in these these you know kids really are still in limbo we talked a lot about the partisan bickering but I would determine if you. Definitely we said this was the big deadline and I am struck by something else the president said at the gridiron on Saturday night quote I like chaos and out a way to heat yet that you just look at the headlines that have developed since Saturday and you see it and that is the example we go back to it over and over in the president for widening. As all this action around them often including this weird sand on her story and amstel Angela pack a right that does it for this edition of the briefing room has always. Download the ABC news app we've factored Obama lost a covered around the Texas primary race with another briefing room but there's a briefing. Until then I'm reclined we'll have to next time.

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{"duration":"13:57","description":"Sanders reiterated Trump \"won't back down\" on tariffs, despite Speaker Ryan's urging the White House to reconsider.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"53536638","title":"Sanders: Trump and Ryan have a 'good relationship,' but don't agree on everything","url":"/Politics/video/sanders-trump-ryan-good-relationship-agree-53536638"}