Sanders says Trump thinks Pruitt has done 'a good job'

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said she didn't have any announcements about the embattled EPA administrator.
11:42 | 04/06/18

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Transcript for Sanders says Trump thinks Pruitt has done 'a good job'
Happy Friday this is the briefing room coming to you from the Washington bureau ABC news that jabs and cutesy alongside Mary birth. Parents and Mary Alice parks always by my side. Welcome to Friday nobody's been fired yet but then again it's not 4 o'clock so let's stand by we are gonna dive right on the man who could be on the chopping block but seems to be seen. EPA administrator Scott for just one week ago that he BC news broke our story that Peru was living up on Capitol Hill mobile lobbyist and today. We're now hearing the president coming his defense. Rooney. Larry publicly the president is coming days to Nancy had his back you heard there. On Air Force One calling him a great guy terrific guy did interestingly may ease. It looked keeping it close I am looking carefully all of these developments continue to come and comic con. And that's the problem here is that the blows just heat. Coming for Scott through it which is why privately and as you know theory well now. White House sources tell us the president as frustrated out of the controversy. Even today he was thing you know. Admitting that uproot acting under his words were quote under Z each that he tweeted it. And so there is this growing frustration it's not just from the president the policy course have. Many within the administration or urging Pruitt. Today he announced possibly suggest this may not be the right. Time for him to continue on but. The big pictures at the likes the work as you know that's an eight. That's I think it's you area that you but he he's been very essence you know a lot of conservative groups and conservative members of congress. I bet he's doing their job aptly there's sort of this. Let's screen right now in Washington all of these headlines swirling about Scott Fritz but these ST. Going full steam ahead they're continuing to roll back regulations big announcements in that space even in this week with everything going on. They're rolling out new changes to our emission standards rolling back what President Obama had done and you we weren't just in West Virginia and one thing that people continually said they were excited about with this administration labor those cuts to regulations or new energy projects that had been given the green light. They feel good that this is one area where the administration is doing work. But Kenyon continued to do that positive work we knew. It clout. Growing cloud of controversy hanging over and administer and that's residency before and while this topic there as uses an eight. Riis and stories come. I didn't. Every hour we got there Reese is we've got house got the light goes on congress asked Friday to let. But now we both know on that congress coming back next week or in basking launching. What to use your often running around. Things couldn't be the one they're really Nazis. Which one of multiple users are well. I think you have to look at the volatility out of the problem is if you just have one or two of these headlines a couple of these stories you can meet he sort of write them off our focus just on one but some of collective. Controversy the you're tired and it's really difficult and of course because lawmakers haven't been hear what you have seen a growing number even Republicans. Saying that Capra it has to resign after three I think we're victory but I think you're gonna have me another. Reporter running around asking every single Republican where they stand on the issue that list. And the feeling is going to win that big group of headline also paints a picture of just pop culture other Atlanta and that's different. Yeah can be fun place that the sneakers we're gonna move on to the next topic because we are also watching what's happening right now between the United States and China tariff war going back and forth. President's new economic advisor Larry Kudlow really digging in here on this one. Where do you think this one shakes at the moment because at that moment stock market due to the president. My mother some Republican lawmakers were defending Scott Pruitt there'll lot of Republican lawmakers totally freaked out about this yeah they are saying it could disproportionately hurt. Farming states states that the president did really well in that China's very well aware of where they could make any trade war hurt. And beer concerned that this is a trade were that. We is if it came to pass might loose I think it's important to note also that retailers and manufacturers. Are pushing back against. But the leadership here this is exactly what Republican you are afraid and you remember when the president first started floating right. Dia for some of these tariffs you had this rare moment where Republican leadership broke. The Republican yeah forcefully with the president and they did it because they were afraid if you get into this. Volleying back and forth these raising out of tariffs this you know heading towards a trade war possibly. It is going to undercut what is Republicans signature. I only major legislative achievement which is tax reform. That is what they are running on. Twenty team if all of a sudden every local headline about more money your paycheck for tax reform gets replaced with the headline about potential cuts to major industries like soybeans and other. That's a problem. And I am watching the numbers right now the siege of the big board on the screen market down almost 660. Points. We know that through the weekend presidents have been watching cables that can be irritating him. Wouldn't and it is a comeback though this week right I mean what can be duty try to meet with him again how does this work and intra. I think remember those so many members especially of the Republican Party agreed that the you have to get too much to do something. The question is just whether this is the way you go about it and I think you're gonna see a lot of members sort of walking out you know what can be done. They they did he hits China but doesn't. It the American worker husband these numbers are without any terrorists actually being put into play act right is that just like at a hypothetical sort of governing by blocks and back and have that an impact it just. And it's it's it's not yet rocky road ahead athlete what's it's implemented let's go on and puzzle that the storm that hit Air Force One last night was isolated incident. Just over board it was the president putting heat on how great a Galley I don't. However he tried partly through a pretty good. But the president waited let's hear that an animal talk about meticulous and. Okay. Well it was storing Daniel's lawyer that said last night was like Christmas to him because it was the first time the president. We need in at all on any of this. I don't know what to me if this story I mean it just feels like where does this sort of move it got this case pending California Mary. The president had been told don't do we don't weigh in don't going Eric area. Oh wait he waded I mean I can't watch that footage over and over into taking fire. Let it was a short but very. Declarative. Forceful response and in just look at the present expression don't know next next question I mean. Even though he finally commented on it obviously we honor this is not something he wants to be talking about and now of course it gives. Her legal team or ammunition. And was declared it it was Kurt he won't like. Like he. I don't know where valour I don't know she's talking about or yeah. Outer line of what was not sent in that that. That is very interesting news the Christians will keep coming. Buckle up going to be a thumb on a watch and lastly you know as we look on what's happening down at the border I. I do is want to play a clip and and we have a couple of their book I specifically. The president yesterday talking at this event was supposed to be about taxes the speech flew in the air and somehow into talking about the border. To a quick look. A lottery system you can imagine what those countries put it to the system there are putting bear. Good ones. And remember in my opening remarks at trump tower when they help and everybody said all. He was so tough and I use the word rape. And yesterday it came out where this journey coming up women are raped at levels that nobody is ever seen before. They don't want to mention. And specifically that number azeris and repeated again merry owes you and I built as they looked at each other. 80%. Of rapes that would where's that could that be coming. For what was weird was that she didn't know where is running Pratt she threw it out she said she wasn't sure of the source. That's bizarre that's not know how you get that number jolly sight. A source. And and and everyone we have talked to hear experts that studied this as well as in the immigrant groups that are tracking. These migrants and these caravans I just say it's actually not true an unfounded. So it is it is remarkable that they seem to be just polling numbers around. Out of thin air. I think two things on this one and struck again about whether or not this is an issue that the average American cares about so many people we talked to continue to say. They're worried about health care. Jobs. OP laborer whether or not there were no grounds guns yeah I just continues to feel like red meat to his base not a not pocketbook issue and that yeah acting is just leaned instinct is. Once again be an issue or the state of California. Is threatening to go toe to toe with the federal government Sanctuary City is. Guy ends. It and car admissions now the National Guard we are just seeing this. Unbelievable. And pushed back from the city California. But it but if I'm a Republican Mary running this year in the mid terms. Two YE diving into this too I agree with the present like condemned the president what would be. Right having it day. Because so much of it depends on what your constituents what the voters they that you are trying to it to appease what what they want what they're looking for what issues matter most of them look there are plenty of voters. In this country who feel that they need this country's be tougher on immigration they want that while they like what they hear when the president throws this speech up in the air and it's advance that you know hurled that red meat to worth at least. Is the president to get what he wants undock at present I get what he wants on the wall probably not you know. What what they they make of this latest news it is to mobilize. Forces down there will be you know it's interesting to see an idiot on but it depends on you know. Where you live in your bases. See what happens it will have much more about all this week's politics Sunday morning you're getting up early once again mirroring this Sunday morning with Martha on this week we will. Hasn't enough client note we need to grab you have to interact don't we just don't know yeah I know we really know and I don't know. Yeah all. Birthday. Well done it would not be. Completely back. Fat. Dad said that at least special that it was and it is an of these special members of our team hum. That you said was yeah. And though that has not answered in mentally I shifted to new England and others is how old is that you know we're gonna wrap everything. We figured that yeah. You learn and it really I could please throat now there are glued to yeah you can guess in column Howell left pinky and she's yeah. And then I'll here is did this garden is the only clue earlier in the third Harry yeah something like that loud anyway loud that future is yeah your pets aren't happy and a hit all the producers are fired from the show I don't our thanks so much for joining us have a great weekend always catch latest Delete this part of the feed. Over the weekend that gives it was the best investment.

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{"duration":"11:42","description":"White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said she didn't have any announcements about the embattled EPA administrator.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"54290905","title":"Sanders says Trump thinks Pruitt has done 'a good job'","url":"/Politics/video/sanders-trump-thinks-pruitt-good-job-54290905"}