Sandy Hook Promise releases chilling PSA on school shootings

Sandy Hook Promise co-founder Nicole Hockley and Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., discuss the importance of fighting for stricter gun legislation.
7:37 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Sandy Hook Promise releases chilling PSA on school shootings
A back here in Washington as this city remains in a holding pattern on new gun violence prevention measures. The parents of those victims of the sandy hook elementary school shooting back in 2012 are with a provocative new public service announcement. Highlighting just how unacceptable. In surreal the situation has become. But the threat of mass shootings and America's schools take a look at this video although I will caution that some of these scenes could be quite hard to watch take a look. Come on come into the perfect back from back to school. These findings help he stay or get. These headphones are. Studying. This interview. He chooses to that it couldn't. It's called it comes to. He's his socks. But any real lifesaver. But I think. They don't vote and stayed connected monotony. That PSA Garrett gives me goose bumps it's the product of Nicole hock Lee. In her organization sandy -- promise she joins me now on the court think so much of the mother six year old Dylan Hough we will of course I was killed at sandy hook back in 2012. Thanks for being here tell us about the PSA what message you hope to send and wire releasing it. Now. We're releasing this TSA in the back to school time because I think a lot of parents don't really understand. What that school experiences like for their kids today. School shootings continue to increase last year was the worst year on record. And that's sad thing is these acts are preventable so by selling an act like this now. And in really kind of giving parents a little bit about an emotional gut punch were hoping to engage them in prevention as a solution. And talk to their kids about how they know the signs and can learn the signs within their school to prevent violence before it happens that this stops being. The normal experience that our kids are having today. It's it's shocking that it's normal hasn't experienced an elite and to see it is really quite something I'm joined of the phone by senator Chris Murphy. Of Connecticut who of course is from the state where the sandy hook massacre happened has been a leading advocate on this issue senator thank you for calling in. When he your reaction to this very powerful PSA if you've seen it. And what whether you think it's Nicole hopper was just talking about vary your colleague sits in his sort of a real firsthand sense that this is what it's like right now America's schools. I'm grateful student Nicole and her team for putting it out there I hope that everything or my colleagues looks a bit. And of course all of us as parents have to listen to our kids come home. Having gone through these active shooter drills which are a minor but not insignificant comment in and of themselves. IE I think there were at a moment in this country where parents and students are demanding action. And you're seeing the Neil move more than it ever has before congress with Republicans more and more willing to look at. Things like universal background checks or roses. Bans on these dangerous. Military style weapons and I wish you didn't have to take it. And these kind. Messages. Wish people would have to be faced a page of the reality of toward school shooting looks like in order to change their mind but. I do think my detention. And senator on the effort par when asked you just sit and you feel the needle is moving now more than ever. Bring us inside those conversations you're happy right now with your colleagues in the White House how optimistic are you give us an update that something can be done. Well I do it on moment right now where the White House says you know put a proposal on the table that was leaked to the press this morning. That you know is constructive in that it shows they're still trying to come up with a creative ideas. Me and I'll be sitting down the attorney general along with. Senator Manchin and senator to meet tonight Tenet. Try to understand more about what the White House is willing to do the problem is that the president hill hasn't waiting in the even on the proposal that. His own attorney general is floating around congress and it's kind of hard for Republicans to say yes to anything in Medina where the president stands but. You know the fact that we are talking at this level of detail. I'm once again this time courageous work at the Kohl and so many other parents and survivors are doing. Is having an impact. And finally just when asked Cuba about the president's tweet this morning everybody's waiting to hear where he stands and all the stuff he talked about some comments that former congressman better or work made an art to date in Houston last week the president says those comments about taking people's assault weapons. Makes it harder to get a deal do you think that language is counterproductive what what's did you make of that moment. I hope the president isn't grasping for excuses. May heads to Hawaii is ultimately going to Tuesday nothing again. If we ultimately do nothing if the congress has not passed any substantial. Reform of our gun laws there's only one. Submitted only one party the boy it's the Republicans that have been standing in the way of this for very long time so. I hope that we can continue this discussion that we've been having outlook report a meeting with the attorney general later today and hopefully we'll have more report in the coming days. We look forward to an update senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut thank you so much sir for taking the time to call and appreciate very much a call want to bring you back. Into the conversation you just heard the senator say he feels like the needle is moving how do you feel. About the state of affairs right now you've you have personally lobbied so many members of congress for years. I imagine it must be quite frustrating and disheartening that nothing's actually been done. It is it is disheartening and and I applaud senator Murphy for being so committed to this effort for several here seven years now. But I do agree with him at the needles moving not only in congress because. This is an open conversation that is happening much more regularly now and in people or even campaigning on a house of that is a significant change. But also in general a conversation across America. Has changed more people are involved than ever before we're also seeing more people saying something in averting potential. Threats at school shootings and suicides and there's a lot of action being taken we're getting there it is frustrating it is a long journey but I have absolute faith. That we will create a safer community for our kids and for our future. And finally I just because does seem at least politically speaking the ball is in the president's court that this latest moment as they talk about doing something in the wake of those. Double shooting in south last month in Texas and Ohio. What would you say if you set don't president trump and met him face to face what was your message be president trump at this moment. I would urge president trumped to take action the ball is in his court. There is legislation that's available today that would help save lives. And it's not about taking away rights it's about doing the right thing for his country. I'm cited urge him to take action immediately. Nicole hock Lee co-founder sandy hook promise we so appreciate you enjoy this year Nicole thank you so much thank you.

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{"duration":"7:37","description":"Sandy Hook Promise co-founder Nicole Hockley and Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., discuss the importance of fighting for stricter gun legislation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65703569","title":"Sandy Hook Promise releases chilling PSA on school shootings","url":"/Politics/video/sandy-hook-promise-releases-chilling-psa-school-shootings-65703569"}