Sarah Sanders pushes back on conflicting Trump FISA tweets

The White House press secretary took questions on the DACA debate, new work requirements for Medicaid, and the Russia investigation.
17:04 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Sarah Sanders pushes back on conflicting Trump FISA tweets
Good afternoon the white house press briefing just wrapped Treasury Secretary Steve niche and talking about the IRS introducing new withholding tables. And fair standards having to play little cleanup. Can explaining some rather confusing and contradictory. Tweet the president issued this morning I'm Mary Alice parks and driven by calling terra Comair and Jordan Phelps who both work railing at the White House a part of our White House team. So let's talk a lot about those tweets that president sent this morning and the big build of the extension at the house just passed to continue the NSA surveillance program but. Authorities that the other big question stock act. Dreamers what is happening. What is happening on the hill are they actually close to deal in the senate and talking does little bit about the fact that it's unlikely. The White House would actually be able to beat out what aggregate sentinel Branyan the president's gonna have to sign whatever he gets it and think. Yeah. He likely that the president is going to have to commit to something and even the president himself sat. Look what harmony singing and maybe he can sign. Look at the mean things that the White House not this may want a quarter while finding an instinct for. An extension of doctor so we'll see they can make the deal there's a lot of confusing signals coming from Capitol Hill. Hiking actresses out there ready. Yeah married there's been some back and forth even among Republicans on whether there's actually a deal that. San standing savage aggression feel better solution is on its way where things stand. Well it has been a confusing couple hours appear on the hill to save the very least had been chasing after these negotiators back to tell you just look at the last. Our work for negotiators we've heard there's a deal there's an agreement in principle no there is not a deal. Here's the bottom line I just talk with senator Lindsey Graham returned for meeting with the president at the White House just a short while ago the bottom line there is no deal. Yet. Congressional negotiators say they have an agreement in principle they are getting closer to that deal they tell me they are now shopping. This around to their colleagues that there is no final deal about what would be in this deal is the next question. And we don't have any specific deet tails what we do know is that it revolves around these four principles. They were agreed to it that White House meeting earlier in the week that is a deal that would extend protections for dreamers would boost border security somehow. Would reform the diversity visa lottery program and when reform chain based migration now a lot of this comes down to the wall as Jordan was saying you know the president. It is also been sending some mixed messages because while he said. Earlier in the week that he would sign whatever lawmakers can agree to he then said yesterday that he does have one firm condition which is that any deal to protect dreamers any dock the deal have to fund the once all while. And the question up here on the hill as well how do you define. That wall. And it looks like what they are coalescing around here on the hill. Is it wall that is defined more as boosted border security increased barriers warmly and power for more security overall on the borders. But not an actual physical wall and so the question now is they might sell the deal get membership on board if the white house on board is whether this is going to be enough. For the president. It is that's in major sticking points they're exactly how much money is spent on the border security. But what about those other issues of the White House says it suggested an ending chain migration of the visa lottery program if it just that. Question of the. The long. Wish we had more clarity going to be the problem here is that no one really discussing the details know wanna hear what we'll give us more information on what actual sticking points are now remember all along. Democrats said they wanted to deal was docked up first just. Pass something to protect those dreamers then deal with these other immigration reforms. Further down the road bats and no go for Republicans say any deal to protect streamers also have to engines to other border security deal with these other issues so. Where this sticking points are where the push pull right now it. We just don't know and and we also don't know what any concerns are coming from the White House about the specifics I asked senator Graham back to the president share with many concerns about this deal. Graham turned means that have a good day you can we walked away. Don't let him again go get those answers. We're and need to know what if this thing before and he went missing at virtually voting on it that you Mary I'm sure we'll continue to learn even more tonight. A neighbor is switch gears a little bit of time at the beginning about that other big story house. Passing an extension of the NSA surveillance program Sarah Sanders had to sort of play cleanup duty the president sent the effect. Using tweet but it wasn't just as enters Paul had to also defend the president's tweet. Basically. We know that he had to call the president's right and they took it to them on the same page before the house took that ball I think we have some sound actually from what Paul Ryan sent this morning at the plant. Yeah activity through job. Well look we speak on an almost daily basis it's well known that he has concerns about the domestic flights aloft. That's not what we're doing today today was 702. Which is a different part of that law section seven that's a title seven not had a one. And title seven which were doing today is foreign terrorists in foreign soil he knows that. And he I think put out something that clarified that and his his administration's positions been really clear from the day one witches. Seventies really important going to be down understand what field you're putting and we he just has that concerns about other parts of fights. So we had happened folders there at the White House so Catherine. Did the president this morning in those tweets just forget his administration's position on this bill. I mean but that's certainly what it seemed like you saw Sarah Sanders issue misstatement just eleven hours before reiterating the administration's. Position in favor of this and then use on the president tweet this morning after watching that segment. On Fox News slamming and then just a little bit later saying a you know we need it get Smart and is there Sanders and trying to defendants in the briefing room basing it you know and absolutely any. Contradiction. More confusion in his sweets there's not a conflict that all between any of these positions that you see in but the reality is that. You know we saw that there was a conflict and the president was to the plea clean up in that second tweet walking it back a little bit an enduring Sarah's recanted. Texting with a White House official and is talking about this cleanup somebody's have been in these meetings today and it a you know is this is is just like any other day our how much haven't had the clean this up this morning in the official said you know compared to other things that have. Happened in this White House and things they've had to clean up this wasn't difficult just a matter of the president clarifying. In his second sweets as Sara said that there wasn't any contradiction. A positions that he has problems with them certain aspects of it this official saying and he sent out a second week. I'm clarifying it but they've definitely internally for play a little bit of clean up parent definitely faces questions. Does he even know what this is of course the White House says. That he does but surely behind closed doors today they were being briefed on this all day how to handle that. How to respond merry house. Can't just take Sarah totally seriously because while she tried to hedge. And stated that the president just doesn't love this bill as it is an that they wanted to see significant reforms. We didn't see the president out there lobbying for a bunch of amendments that would have done just that it would have reformed this act all the amendments failed. So it was an odd not one hand she's trying to say that the president. Does like. The by the bill that just wants to see changes but he wasn't working closely with lawmakers list include CN toughness were close to lawmakers to try to get changes passed. This is just another example of this president putting the White House in a pickle and he did this we saw a lot out over health care negotiations and we know that lawmakers. Words jittery going into the tax Lee that the president might change the terms that we see in the president. Accept his own White House is message before our eyes out. I startling and extraordinary isn't me it's not really new and from heat it's really just another example of him going with his got you have to remember that he was personally affected by ice that he feels that he inflated by the lot. He doesn't care about that he tells them when do you think that time uses the word amendment ever. It's not his language that can't hit his changing. Yet there's no that's had. He's vehicles at if you want it to pass reforms he won over something that you do that he's not paying attention the nitty gritty mommy and he's not. He's not a political one you know that's the spirit over ice. He saw Janet Napolitano on duty he felt emotion and he treated at how simple as that yeah this is not. Agreed thinker like you know if he really had a solution which pleaded. That's interesting if they really haven't Virginia. I'd risk keep moving because that is just like one of about ten different topics the bets are sinners to question but today another big one let's change the administration. Roll out on Medicaid and who is eligible will be eligible for Medicaid going folic it's been a Republican sort of pipe dream for a while to put in place workplace standards that someone basically have to proof that they either disabled have a reason it can't work or are working to qualify for Medicaid has plenty of Democrats as it is just. Our Regis. And I was struck at a fact that. On this issue was one that they just did. From the executive practices governing by executive Fiat exactly what Republicans and this president said but. Former president did and was criticized for are they gonna pay some blowback for being hypocritical on the definitely not because they've been doing all along all his major legislative accomplishments to date except for tax department in an executive order that is how he's governing. He clearly has some actions of the Republican Party can't get the Democrats on board. I don't you can imagine with all the Miree out of issues that come pat that people are planning for this and he's been doing for the past year anyway and I actually think trampled why I speak for delivering on campaign promise they haven't been able to complete repeal Obama care that we see he's different he's not lays. Articulate. Individual means eight this is just one more way Republicans public tinker with the nation's health care system makes moderate forms. And go to voters in the twenty team it turns into a lot. We might not have gotten that they Fulton ticket that we got us right you don't mind excellence making the executive action that it's your Internet patent and early practice McNamee that he borders brand for that he said that he signed more than it would than any in history which is not true. Without talking point for rank and that. He also never liked about money. According to see him as we get money going. Sutton one issue as we close out here that we continue to see the White House for the flip flopping all over the or not is whether or not this president would participate. In any investigation with. The special counsel he would sit there and answer questions from Robert Miller or hit. Team investigators. You know us here today said again that he would actually participate. I've always thought happened at the White House gets out. Here's my Europe. Thoughts on this you know she sang but of course he will continue to participate that they as a group as a team will continue to participate but you've. Cannot imagine that all of their lawyers and definitely the president's lawyers. Are trying to work out any parameters before and it went sits in the hot seat. The right of course and then and that's pretty standard before they haven't put the president and you expose of the questioning and a woman here from Serra is is how it's been all along you know we we continue to cooperate. Of with a special counsel they're not obviously not going to bite on weather and he has made a decision about whether or not to sit down but you've watched the evolution here. What the president's take on mess you know in in June he told. Jon Karl when asked if he would testify under it he said 100%. When Johnson would you be willing to speak with Muller he said I'd be happy I'd be glad to telling exactly what I just told huge on and then. Even this past weekend I'm at Camp David he said look I want to get this out of the way let's be open with it. You know I'd I'd begun to talk to him right and then you heard from him. Yesterday he says. He when he was asked he couldn't dodge the question he committed a two collusion which he calls collusion between the Democrats. And the Russians and then said you know there's no collision. They found the collision which we don't know to be the case so there's unlikely that there even will be an interview but he said he knew hill he'll talk to attorneys presumably. I'm he was referring to his own attorneys before he makes some sort of decision on this but yet the legal team. Definitely Eagles prepare for this and in some sense you we confirm that Mueller has told the president's lawyers he is likely to. Request an interview with the president so definitely something that is on the front burner. Either they're talking about here often Nino the pool when they went in the Aaron a little while ago and to this prison reform event. They spotted a Ty Cobb the White House special counsel who deals. Who's the lawyer internally in the White House and they spotted him right before the briefing. A going into Sarah sanders' office now unclear what exactly they were talking about I'm sure he brief Sarah have before she goes and but again like. They knew that they were gonna get questions about this contradictory. Position and the price a position. Also. On the interview and obviously have to field questions from and in the position us stay the signal continue to cooperate. Not a stretch yesterday. That the president looked as if he is not sure how to respond like he was sort of thinking through his answer on the flight LX is property would think that he wouldn't pat. Increase from his lawyers but exactly how to respond to a question like that patented formula you know yet he's. Before it got hot tomorrow another big day for the president is gonna see a doctor get a fits a call the White House making quite a big deal. About this isn't unusual for a White House to beat sort of parading out the official doctor the official physical report. A you know I think you have the physical acts Bart fares standing right next to your Jordan bounces down all sorts of reporting on this sun But. I did I'd think you know entirely. Unusual I've never seen that never heard of the White House doctor coming to the podium. Now of course she set the the doctor would release a statement. The following the physical tomorrow and then of course on Tuesday once they get summon a test where that. Put him in front of the cameras the answer a reporter's questions bouncer that a lot of questions on mental fitness the president's habit six that are. But it's definitely going to be an interesting Tuesday and Jordan probably has alt. Op Ed thank you Catherine we'll look for it to your interpretation to whatever. Doctor practice and thanks so hot okay. You're our physical expert at weird color right now and it's still look at your prediction. 88 in modern presidencies the last couple at least it's not your standard for the White House doctored it go to the podium and what typically happens is the physical happens and they released it he tells summary of the results now. The big question is whether we're gonna get that seemed detailed some rain out of the trump White House very interesting. The same doctor who'd seen Obama in his last physical is also going to vehement from. So we can actually compare side by side what they released for a prominent vs what they released for count so that'll be great window into you mean ideally these. Very different aged very different men but we imaginable at their regular read out then. That other doctor from Britain campaign. Read that September being the healthiest ever write in all had a list of medications that the president takes an odd sort of standard thing that's how. We found out that Obama was still chewing nicotine gum you know be interesting to see if talk is taking any medications don't know about or. You know any number of things about his health because we don't know all that much about this. Even if I was in question right then that you're. It adds to Wear his obesity athletic it was an eastern on his right on the past in exactly. So are so final thoughts later this week close out this week. I just think that. That we will be paying attention to his left the White House will not give up on the law it passed at least some aspect physical and that is because his political symbol trump needs a law doesn't like they say they're backing down on the idea that oh they'll be sent. Barriers and not just me or it will build a walk through there but there is if physical structure and he will not give up on that you can see probably wavering on some items that chain migration but. This is a political symbol and he can't Teflon Don with that. And look my final eyes we note that Miller's team is gonna want to interview as president and some way shape or form so. Now it's really not all that surprising to see the White House kind of looking back you know that president 100% willingness initially. To sit down with smaller because look they eat too. Thank you protect the president from as much exposure and this investigation as possible so. We'll see how that develops going forward and that all eyes remain on aggression past each sent yesterday in an op was struck her you had a standing it was really. Smart observation that this is just the president might not like the way that something's happened at Washington might not like some government programs and not necessarily engaging in the very. Process if it exists to make this change it. I'm Mary Alice parks. Terror unmarried Jordan felt so that White House TV and watching everything around the next time there's a White House briefing we'll be back. To break it all down here on ABC news thanks so much.

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{"id":52290437,"title":"Sarah Sanders pushes back on conflicting Trump FISA tweets","duration":"17:04","description":"The White House press secretary took questions on the DACA debate, new work requirements for Medicaid, and the Russia investigation.","url":"/Politics/video/sarah-sanders-pushes-back-conflicting-trump-fisa-tweets-52290437","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}