Saudi Arabia reacts to Iranian sanctions

Abdullah Al Rabeeah, Senior Advisor to the Saudi Arabian Royal Court, discusses the attack against the oil refinery, avoiding war and diplomatic relations with the United States.
8:52 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Saudi Arabia reacts to Iranian sanctions
Next are now to the deepening standoff with Iran president trump convene a National Security Council listened this afternoon at the White House to consider actions. In response to that strike last weekend on those oil facilities. Inside Saudi Arabia earlier today the president announced that he is imposing new sanctions on Iran what he calls the toughest sanctions and any country ever. In US history meantime the Saudi government you're seeing pictures here is giving. ABC news a closer look at the damage. From those strikes at the oil facilities which created the largest disruption in global oil. In now you in their global history short time ago I spoke. With a senior Saudi official about the attack who's responsible. For what it might mean for US involvement in the Middle East. The president president trump tweeted immediately after he said the US is locked and loaded. In his words I don't know if you saw the tweet he said he's waiting for the saudis to tell him what to do when it comes to some sort of military response. Did you. See that we do you what do you make of that in do you want anything from the United States in response. It's for a swell as you mentioned that Denver and we content you process as as a wonderful water Verity historic come. Lies yen and we also rely only on on mutual election. Bonding between the two countries. I think so that'd be also is usually doesn't want to it creates any war is in the region to region is ordered the full loaf of before. A whole style events. How about we don't want this event to. Pumps and and and Annette. Audited and also. The action not from Saudi Arabia from the international community you wouldn't think there needs to be your response to somewhere lot of us moms of some kind. We do not to actually. Quote portal wars but also we do not accept. That people won't violate tea. That the country. And also that I mentioned on the policy and so that it via. We do with it takes two defend its. Borrowing that is an also. Lawyer no production sites but. After careful assessment and also in consultation with the UN and and in that national. Community including called friends and allies. What do you say to those. Critics here in the United States who want the United States to simply stay out of this is that something that we should do. When a solid interview is part of an international community and and it. Picking the polian. Production so that it is actually be an escalation against the economy if the world it's not a particularly so if you. And we know and that feel this is is it's sort of come friend and ally. Saying that week with the allies in the US how about. That is a statement by the parliaments to and also by the government of southern India. So that if you will defend its its there. Country if it needs to be. You're here in the United States to visit the United Nations next week to announce quite a large humanitarian. Donation on behalf of Saudi to Yemen tell us about that 500 million dollars. Well demands that it has always been to an honest here amendment for decades for more than four decades it's. The top don't know what vehement for the use and Abbas and in the last forum Hopkins has been. Number one doughnut TM and we care at a volunteer many people do this historical bonding between. Donations of Saudi Arabia and the nation of Yemen. And they've gotten so what happens in Yemen we cared about him. The in the UN has been at least the human rights council's been quite critical. The saudis in its in its bombing campaign in particular. I'm sending very high numbers civilian deaths to talk or care that the for the people it's not Yemeni people. Have there been too many civilian deaths at the hands of Saudi bombs went. Is it worth it. That given we have that he careful actually. Again I'm not a military person but the country as a humanitarian so that it is pretty careful not. In the target can go process we quoted need to to we've. The UN agencies who could it it would be. Office of the coordination of view and how about it I cannot deny that any conflict are mistakes which happen so that it via. It is subject to a mistake but when that is and stick. We do not shy from investigating it. And also putting it to the public. And if it needs to be we would compensate those who have been that affected. Our thanks to a Belo lobby or from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for joining us and I'm joined on the phone now by ABC news. Riyadh Saudi Arabia producer sue hill wood in. Who was among the reporters they got to see firsthand the damage at those oil facilities says sue hill thank you so much. For joining us on the phone you've got a firsthand look today what did you see. At that facility. Mr. clerk heard all around Kurd Arab Arab Eric croft. Our primary art few their great Christopher orbit but. Clayton that was hit by. Unity Iraq piranha Kurds which group says ms. carpenter former hit that place. So we so basically what we got to Korean. Say. These remnants of more important. The ball but there's London's and you so the damage or sort of taught. They're in the participant in very competent. That they will be able to repair the damage is some sort of with dual you know oil out there who ordered Wallace to coordinate our. So we saw a lot of damage. It was a very long day at the unit yet he and our men who work in. Theatre dot marriage. It was an inside the net and under movie look at around there. But what it is and we are told throughout the day that justices we can't even let members of the public and president crack and even people who work. India around capabilities. They're not even without the use and development basic he did about illicit. This was more and an embryo couldn't hook up to be about it. Do you have we're seeing those pictures now see hell of of this stuff that you shot there it does look like they're already beginning to try to rebuild that. Did you get a sense of how long it's gonna take them to restore the output I think I think they said they lost about 50% of their oil output right after the attack. You know what unit they're losing about five point 7000. Output as Dave which has a lot with my you know the future. Ben and internationally. Market. Hitter profitability. That are there have been hit very badly and her. These these authorities are saying there you know just how great the people who are responsible. I've been rebuilding. Apparently be structured. Arafat and I think it hurt to restore everything by the end of the month truce which seems very very quick to me that riveted by the end of what they'll be but he's. The levels of production between school. Or hurt your alarm code so important. It do you the end of the month that's that does seem very quick grow two weeks away from that. Asa heal before we let you go everyone here in Washington is talking about the possibility of the US response. To this attack what are you hearing there in the region are is there any talk of a Saudi our response imminent. I think we you'll get is a very cautious or think they want to avoid conflict. What are knows everything he's yet that they that they've ridden properties said that. You know the attack Woodward certain indications. That it was in piranha and back toward Iran and proud to crack. It says that the tradition with which submit. Lab didn't he hit the target. We're so perfect it wasn't something that is who he rebels would be capable of doing. That she come out sick here this unit is Iran's. For short but from the direction in the the accuracy but you're I think what that the next step is that we can put these inspectors. The comment and let the inspectors will make their equipment and then they'll react accordingly all they look. There is a lot of quotes from because you'll get that matter. Is some sense you quote people have broken equipment. Separate state they they're more and more conference this week and but it won't be involved in anything else. I think Peter Iran is different kept looking. There are Berkeley PRI. It out her article there's. Yacht club who pretty clear sign there to they're trying to dial things down have we heard from president trump today as well us who gill Luton. Are ABC news producer in Riyadh Saudi Arabia thank you so much so he'll stand up late there I know the hours later and it was very long day appreciate your reporting great to see those images.

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{"duration":"8:52","description":"Abdullah Al Rabeeah, Senior Advisor to the Saudi Arabian Royal Court, discusses the attack against the oil refinery, avoiding war and diplomatic relations with the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65758031","title":"Saudi Arabia reacts to Iranian sanctions","url":"/Politics/video/saudi-arabia-reacts-iranian-sanctions-65758031"}