Scandal's Tony Goldwyn Criticizes Bernie Sanders

The Scandal star has been campaigning for Hillary Clinton.
5:01 | 02/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Scandal's Tony Goldwyn Criticizes Bernie Sanders
I'd love to take a moment. To talk a little bit about Bernie Sanders. And the contrast between Bernie and Hillary. And because I have tremendous respect for senator Sanders. I think that. He has broad eloquence. And energy. Are crucial issues that must be on the forefront. Of the next president's agenda. No question and guess who else agrees with Hillary Clinton. On these fundamental issues they really have no disagreement. So the question is. Are they gonna get it done. How are they get him you know do these these very ambitious things. And who has the detailed plans in the experience unity get it on so. And let's just take two issues for example and contrast them because I did really have to ask myself those hard questions. To make sure when I'm stand up here I mean what I say and it's it would mean so we look at the college compact that I mentioned. Hillary's plan when you you don't. And let's debate the candidates were asked to revealing questions facing Duggan literally had talked about tonight you'll want to. I'm I'm outclassed I'm sorry. He's a much better president that I have been. We okay. When you look at the could they approached ecology to Bernie says every American is entitled to free college for universities should be free across the board that should be rights. Well that sounds amazing. Awesome. But how is that going to happen and how are we going to pay for it. You know there are countries where that happens the American system does not accommodated it is not the way it has been done and you know hi how are you gonna pay for that. And I don't get any clarity. On that at all and it is one thing to say this has to happen because it's the right thing to do. And there's another thing to say here is exactly how we're gonna make a change. So Hillary's approach rather than we are in a you know. Change everything. And in in a revolutionary way. We're gonna find out what exactly is the problem target and make an actual difference in people's lives in a durable way. And that issue as we talked about before is student debt. And as I mentioned she talks but exactly how that's going to be paid for. And I look at that a look at senator sanders' plan which is very interesting and I look at Senator Clinton I go that's the one it's gonna happen I see how that gets on the other one. Is an ideal I applaud that I don't what happens. Health care. Senator Sanders wants single Payer Medicare for all because its a right for every American to have health care hallelujah. I agree every American should add health care no one agrees more than Hillary Clinton she's been fighting for for 25 years. Even have by some miracle senator Sanders can show that idea down the throats of a hostile Republican congress. Hillary's been there so was Obama. Didn't go so well. Even have senator Sanders can somehow shut down the private health insurance industry in this country. Which you know. You know Hillary did you know fought the insurance industry so hard in the ninety's and today with a big ones trying to shut down or men and Obama. Teamed up with them which is why obamacare became a good idea. As the insurance companies get a lot more business with universal so. You don't. Even if he can do those things. Senator Sanders readily admits that the only way to pay the bill is to substantially raise taxes on the middle class. And employers and of course on affluent people and when you listen to economists who analyzed at the price tag as a heck of a lot higher. Then he even says. So. You know Hillary as we imagined before will build on the gains of Obama care instead of tearing it down. Fix what's broken. And work with what's not and and and and continue that momentum. And when I look at those things I think that makes sense to me when you factor in. You know foreign policy or foreign policy experience. The fact that she's already a global leader with deep international relationships there's just no contest. And you know. Revolution. Revolution is a very exciting thrilling word. But revolutions can also be destructive. So for those of you might still be on the fence or have friends or. To really dig a little deeper. And make sure. That's. You don't when you go and vote. You're really looking at how it's gonna happen because the alternative. Is. A very frightening one.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"The Scandal star has been campaigning for Hillary Clinton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37261727","title":"Scandal's Tony Goldwyn Criticizes Bernie Sanders","url":"/Politics/video/scandals-tony-goldwyn-criticizes-bernie-sanders-37261727"}