Behind the Scenes of the NH Primary Coverage

ABC News' Charli James checks in with the ABC team in New Hampshire as the primary results roll in.
13:48 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes of the NH Primary Coverage
Let's rejoin our political director ABC's Rick Klein who is in Manchester or it's Rick we now have predicted winners. On both. Sides democratic and Republican when it comes to the issue that mattered that we no matter to both to voters on both sides. How do you think that these guys pull that off. These are blowouts and you can see inside the exit polls what voters cared about you can see why. Because they changed the trajectory of both parties you have Democrats 90% of them saying that the economy is rate against working Americans that is polled. From Sanders stump speech when you see Donald Trump. Talked about that they TV the ban on US or not US Muslims coming out of state a temporary ban. Two thirds of Republican voters agree with them no one was talking about that before Donald Trump. So they have redefined what it means to be a Democrat. But it needs to be Republican at least tonight at least in this state. At least for now in very fundamental ways and when he because they're Donald found to be the most conservative. Among them the Republican candidates but he won among conservatives he went across groups so did Bernie Sanders when many one win anyone across demographics. Both of them are romping tonight and it's because. They talked with messages that resonated with voters that feel disenfranchised ignored the parties not listening to them one big number. That I noticed half of Republicans say they feel betrayed by their own party that's Republicans betrayed your going to vote in the Republican primary they say feel they feel that betrayed. Those are from voters that's when he tapped into. Kerry as regards to Bernie Sanders you missed his populist message about its that the system is rigged against those people reported disenfranchised. This all language to solve is that this resonate with minority voters and yet. Heading into South Carolina we know he struggles of minority voters any idea why his message if it would be connected to people who you would think we're really resonate well. Well first he he has that voters yet that could potentially bear that out you know how white Iowa New Hampshire ball are. But he has no history with the minority communities he's worked in Vermont. He's been kind of a fringe character in the congress hasn't had national recognition it's beginning to take. Steam what what we've heard anecdotally at least is younger African American voters willing to give Bernie Sanders a chance. It's their parents that aren't necessarily they're very loyal to Hillary Clinton. But I question now what's going to happen once you have this victory because there was there was a big story line guys eight years ago. About African American voters being loyal to the clintons. They didn't think Barack Obama could win. Susie wind Susie won one state you saw them right now there are lots of reasons I think the Bernie Sanders is not rock Obama. Notwithstanding the fact that he's playing basketball we understand as he gets ready for his victory party. Bernie Sanders is no Barack Obama however. I would expect national polls to tighten significantly the fund raising base will getting gates. And if he can find a way to sell a slight way to begin to talk to the voters they're actually voting in the upcoming states. Unity is a win South Carolina be competitive close that gap among African American voters then I think you could see more dynamics changed on the road. Rick let's talk about the rest of the field on the Republican side. You've spoken before about how the debates in every election early election that primary and caucuses were part of the winnowing process we still have nine candidates. On that side so how do you think the rest of the field is gonna shake out after today. Well we may lose a couple Chris Christie if the numbers hold is going to be far back in this field last among the governor's. Also behind reveal and crews. That would be a devastating qualities candidacy immediately unity get of afford the plane ticket to South Carolina. He he is not likely to meet the debate. That'll be on CBS on Saturday night in South Carolina Carly Fiorina also accidentally ABC debate Earl last weekend and would be a similar situation going forward Jim Gilmore we don't know what he's mathematically can even when the nominations announced its up. This will winnow a little bit but where it matters is going to be in this jumble of candidates right now there were seen flying. We're second third fourth and fifth place. That's dog case that came in with a big momentum as he's able to hold on to second place they'll buy himself a ticket to the next round. Jeb Bush likely to advance to have the resource that is so anyway getting the endorsement of voters ending up in that in that in that model next knock down with Cristi. That's likely to help him Marco Rubio battered after Saturday's debate but not knock down because we'll see if we vis these numbers hold they'll still be. Inside the same zone and don't forget tegra is the guy just won Iowa. A week ago you'll have more delegates coming out out of Iowa within that are at stake in New Hampshire that's a I'll actually has. More delegates so. It did this is still going to take awhile to sort out I think the this Big Bang that we heard from the party is within a long time to disseminated for the that the particles the reformulate. Around an actual candidate. You know a lot of the voters I speak with who kind of identify as independents. They talk very highly of John Kasich. This is the first time we've actually seen that translate into actual momentum in the in the and and and actual turnout of voters. Do you see him being able to sustain this and you think more independence would not give him an opportunity. If he doesn't seem to have a strong showing here in New Hampshire. That's a huge question form he benefits from the fact that New Hampshire as an independent streak they also have what what's referred to as an open primary where. Independents can vote on the democratic side Republicans can just for that one day changes become Democrat and vice Versa so it gives you bigger pool of voters that you have access to and a whole bunch of states that come up next on the calendar said the aid beyond that. John Casey has. Really no organization whatsoever outside New Hampshire. This is always going to be about kind of the kindling strategy get a little spark and they get the fire going later but he doesn't have sticks laid out bunt down the road it is no fuel hear anything he continue to be injected a path I think the concern. For case it right now is that it hasn't cleared out it's that he's not the only guy standing so. If you were big money on the sidelines thinking about who you want to support in the establishment. Chad rubio and case it will still be around tomorrow and beyond so I don't know that the state gets opened up for him. This going to be a big moment for him. I. Practical middle of the road call it moderate if you will agenda that he talks about and at that folksy charm that seem to work so well at the debate over the weekend. It if backing trying to get its own momentum there's something there abouts high yet he's not in a great position going forward. Somewhat like Bill Clinton. Did nothing and I work came out and it would have intersected in New Hampshire and folksy and kind of centric sort of policies. But he's no Bill Clinton. Well he's not he's no bill that I he's it tells the politician in Iran but the one reason he's no Bill Clinton is that Bill Clinton today I don't think could be Bill Clinton. The democratic party of 1992. And the Republican party of 2016. Miles and miles apart in terms of there there there willingness to accept a moderate you see the anger that's out there in the trunk boat also the crews pulled the anti establishment fervor. He is talk is it is the establishment this is the guy. That was in congress for I think fifteen years he ran for president wants the four. He went to the private sector Goldman Sachs of all places and and came back and became governor he defines the establishment so the idea of the Republican Party falling in line behind him. I just don't see that happening he's gonna have to fight for that. Every last question for you I you have to ask those Cubans damages and how we're that day. Man it was lottery delicious. I thought and about foundry or take out right here. That was a heck of a good sandwich I may have found. With you guys and thanks to you guys in new election night tradition might have a sandwich that but I'm going to be happy man it's like to think that the. That that's what we're here or here for you out the help you on your journey. Present and you're welcome thank you and aren't new virus. There you bet if you. Political director Rick Klein or. In Manchester hey let's rejoin. Tourney game she has made her way over the eighties he workspace. Where the brain trust there in New Hampshire gathered at another member of upright is it's really. We aren't toxic partly take it away. Other. Say yes here at ABC workspace themselves and copy of the troops are working on legs and up over here in this side area. We have the ABC news radio team mister hearing here route on a short break and volunteered to. To play with us for a little bit hanging what's happening in radio man. But I think the same thing that's happening although that is what we just heard from our political analyst Matt Dowd is an earthquake in presidential politics with Donald Trump. Winning the Republican primary in this state and Bernie Sanders. Winning among Democrats and and and maxis and they're going to be some aftershocks here and real possibilities. That we're looking at the nominees of the party. He may be a little ahead of itself but that's certainly in the offing. Bush keep predicted this a lot of people predicted this not a huge shock but it looks like a really waiting around or second and third. Floor fifth over on the GOP side. So you are people calling in the ABC radio and they mornings now and asking about. I think we're curious a couple of things we're learning to Bernie Sanders is playing basketball and actually pretty good at it nice and hanging out at his grandkids before he speaks to his supporters. We learned Hillary Clinton has called senator Sanders and is due to come out. And speak at any moment and then we've also heard. From some of the other camps around that John Kasich thinks he had a pretty good ninety just spoken and jumble for second place in case it really thinks he's gonna come out on top. It here in the works days. People let YU which delay matter now. Even the video does he can hurt he couldn't forget the privacy curtain radio I didn't privacy Gary. He's talking and talking to Allen when we talked in the debate you were just out in the middle having fun and you had a great view but he area they had. But it looks like he's going back let's watch. He never would have thought about these results eight months ago when this campaign started. The winners of the New Hampshire primary first in the nation Donald Trump on the Republican side Bernie Sanders on the democratic side. Hillary Clinton has just called senator Sanders to conceived and she is due to speak to her supporters at any moment. They are rallying here in New Hampshire but it may be more subdued ruined and she'd like Bernie Sanders will then speak to his supporters that victory speech. Donald Trump sent to speak to his supporters they've been holding. Home fingers in the air and keeping our number one we're joined by our political. Harden and Steve Roberts who are crunching some of the exit poll numbers in figuring out how these guys pull off wins and whether these candidates can move forward. That enemy in the history has final accounts there characters keep the man with pickled and noise. I'm that things you know a lot of reporters are Alec. At different parties and everything else in the workspace is not as deep as it was a couple days ago when everything needs. They're still. And people were donating everything here. In the workspace and that this space actually there are journalists yes heat from all over the place. In the east petition off. Art this is really ground zero work yeah. Just go that's. I'm questioning them in certain Newsradio eight hour break and our little air out and out. Is that the Venice. All by himself. Could put you at a coffee at and I haven't comedy I've had it over to the rubio parties images actually in the building it in the same building. The Radisson hotel ballroom I'd like one of the few proper about him. New Hampshire that's how you're Radisson is like you walk you like you can't boom. To the dining room without running multiple presidents and candidates likely it's like source overloaded through political reporters all these people wouldn't normally be fighting got on the phone to hang out. I was in the I was in the gym today and there's ten pulmonary in the Clinton Campaign walking out obviously it's just however was on top each other here in New Hampshire all. These journalists working out together. Eat together it's just all the school here that's right that's right as I'm getting some Watters is not happening. But in could be a long night it looked like is the excellent. Awaiting lots of results here and I'm gonna head over to rubio parties and and he what happens down there I'm still a lot of you know might be a victory party had. Sanders and trump right now but there's a lot of other supporters. Or especially in the GOP side multiple candidates that are still waiting to come here. What the seat is going to be our for their candidate. Yet Charlie but have a long night and leaning party had a long day some period. That cup of coffee in your hand right now what number cup is back up that day I didn't think feuding Jack I think I. I think this is about. Floor. You know I was I was told not because I was like me neither his own people come out soon enough oh lead at navy LB invent it is an hour but. Now it's not it's not let him. Looking so good. Where for an early bedtime but that's when that's over here I think that exciting exactly that's over here for makes use today caffeinated we'll be checking back in week out and I didn't turn it and every two that rubio party. So we will join her there later.

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