Behind the scenes of the Paul Manafort trial

ABC News staffers give a first-hand look at a trial stakeout.
5:13 | 08/08/18

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Transcript for Behind the scenes of the Paul Manafort trial
Hey guys I'm Katherine potter reporting for ABC news we're hearing Alexandria Virginia and wouldn't take you behind the scenes other state GAAP and our house side palm and a more. File Donald. Her campaign chairman he's on trial for tax. Being hot and what we call this right here is live media. Village and this is really important part of this thing down because coming out of that door that hotel is where the defense teams in the process. Come out this very important to have fallen. Cameras right here all the time there always have my now. Another thing at this court where we are they don't allow cameras feed up there they don't allow cameras self censor any. Kind of electronics so. All of the information that comes out of this court get a good thing that a lot that comes out of this court. He's from paper notes that we have two of our editorial producers inside and we just constantly taking notes all sorts of numbers. All of the editorial coming up on the ninth floor right there man. Way to. Our production assistant this is how we've figured out this is how we do it. Now it took warrant she's right here yeah your sneakers on idea yet all the practical side where it's all about her political footwear. Tell me what you do you're up there and that we have to leave diseases together our senior for using hand me called an end sometimes come out of part of turning to explain to me more complicated ideas and I run. Downstairs without getting half and where we sort of make sense of our producers nets can send out information in the last night his campaign we have about ten of these inside look at all of that's right. This is followed the next starting from day one. All of the numbers fares are blank pages. At least if hundreds of pages of these guys already in this is what goes on inside the coronet tally your father John today is reminding us outset hydrate. It is very tasty outside Selma will honor. Lots that it's 96 Cohen on an equal number one and the same number want him. And it's your first pick out if kids what are your take away. Let you know it's a little bit of an endurance taxi at Idaho army veteran staff that have positive attitude takes a long way and you learn why did at least until on the Elliott thinking that running I'm not hold my wedding and nine places. Alan thank you she's going to be running out that door a lot. Giant earnings. Other important part of the stakeout is not just to be up front entrance and fast. We were discovered less important than the other entrances and tickle knocked down here this court Michael who. House two entrances so right there. Entrance where the defense teams walking but the witnesses we've seen multiple witnesses that witnesses to come. Into a port usually goes through the sign entrants may be one that's more disagree it's well that's where we need. Our candy candy producer of various C standing on the side right there. There yet not silence. On another young good listed continental even doing. Well. You're handy dandy like contraption on a pot here right seek immunity is the. Yeah exactly. Many stakeouts and have it's been years in prison but the core elements. Chasing down the right people kind of having the right questions on hand has been keeping abreast of the latest information from people outside of we have models but here. It is very important because sometimes we have the defense team coming out of hotel and turn one way and it might have to run over here very quickly. And pick up some witnesses coming through different entrance. Since cellular leading life ended this particular port is this the only other entrants or there's some other sometimes when you see somebody sneaking around another entrance you just ran over and trying get a shot her question. That can. There are different avenues of approach there's even the story here is an important answers here but likely and a collective temperature that's that's woods. Turkey's entry. Really an box. Right you have to be right place at the right time. Content could be the only one to get shot I think only want to get the question I remember when the defensive lockdown at mid air. You need some news where you ask if they want to have particular witness testifying in eight handset back every little bit it's important. It's not kind of staying on your toes and presented the stakeout has its little idiosyncrasies but the court thing their vigilance. This kind of being ready to capture them moments than knowing the key players are really having done your homework. So take it down there it's actually today. All over here. Pulling him. He definitely is filming. What you think your comfy chairs to bring that. Is he this is another big element of state always bring a chair and and a half. Seeing a couple of elements. Dublin strong winds are actually evidence that Selig that wind. Blistering sun heats for just kind of waiting on Allendale and the load mr. but it's like you have been prevented them. Is really what goes on here at his feet part of a Sigalet right from the front of the building to the side entrance to the gold bonds over the years attending. Your eyes literally on every place in this court also important who you guys. Continue to follow ons and be with us every step of the way here that's on not on capitol honest reporting for ABC news.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"ABC News staffers give a first-hand look at a trial stakeout.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57108332","title":"Behind the scenes of the Paul Manafort trial ","url":"/Politics/video/scenes-paul-manafort-trial-57108332"}