Schiff defends impeachment probe

Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff warned the administration and witnesses to comply with Democrats' subpoenas.
2:18 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for Schiff defends impeachment probe
Today. Is long past due the date when the State Department was subpoenaed to provide documents. The subpoena the State Department has requested of those that we have contacted. That instead of giving the documents to us that they give the documents to the State Department. Under the expectation I think these witnesses had that the State Department would turn them over to congress. But the State Department has thus far refused. And were it not for of the fact that may at least some witnesses have given us documents we would not know that there is a paper record. Of efforts to. Condition. This meeting and perhaps condition military support itself. On these political investigations Donald Trump wanted to. Those documents would have been completely bottled up by the State Department. We know from the witnesses who have come forward that there are additional documents that they have provided the State Department that have not been given to congress. And so. The evidence of obstruction. Of congress continues to mount. Today was the deadline for the office of management and budget and the deadline for the Pentagon. And to provide us documents. To the secretary of defense on Sunday. Stated that he would comply with the congressional subpoenas. Mean well apparently. His willingness to comply has now been counter mended by a higher authority we must presume. That the president nine states. Has instructed the Defense Department not to comply. Or through has done so through the White House counsel. Notwithstanding the defense secretary's willingness to comply with lawful process. The Office of Management and Budget. Had a pivotal role in the suspension of that Ukraine military assistance. They refuse to provide the documents that would. Give evidence as to why that was being done. And so. The case for obstruction of congress continues to build. But even as that case for obstruction continues to build. We are nonetheless continuing to get good and important information. From these courageous witnesses.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff warned the administration and witnesses to comply with Democrats' subpoenas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66302363","title":"Schiff defends impeachment probe","url":"/Politics/video/schiff-defends-impeachment-probe-66302363"}