SCOTUS plaintiff Aimee Stephens speaks out

Stephens claims to have been fired from her job at a Michigan funeral home after disclosing her gender identity to her employer.
5:21 | 10/08/19

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Transcript for SCOTUS plaintiff Aimee Stephens speaks out
One of the people in the courtroom today was Amy Stephens she was that transgender woman who worked at a funeral home in Michigan. She told us yesterday just how she was fired from her job of which she had for six years and how it impacted her life people. You were. A professional at this funeral home in Michigan for years and years been a faithful employee. You like your colleagues yes you were praised lawyer wants yes. And then there was that day and 2013. For the latter tell us about that bad experience. Let's back up a little bit. And 2012. Where all this started. I basically living living two lives. And it got to that point. Being nearly impossible to keep doing them. And I almost took my own line. But in that instant. I'm ninety decisions. I like to read too much. And chose to live in spin. And that's when I started writing a letter. And it maybe six to eight months two. Come up with a very you know that was happy we. Explain what was going on in my life and where I was ahead. And what I need to do. And I gave him the letter. He ran his own them but it is. I think about. Find few weeks later came mad. And you need a letter that law. See me. They didn't need me anymore. And advances they made me mad. 'cause here put. I'm here. And much happened didn't pay well. And now certainly don't need me. There's been devastating it wants. Fighting gotten mad enough to do something about it. And the only thing I need you Liz to contact an attorney and see where we stood. Now you have your day in court. Now we have. Finally any of what's your message to Americans who don't understand. What it means to be transgender. In May struggle with. Employees like yourself in their own workplaces are struggling with what to do like your boss struggled report which he stated. I think your secret is education. Don't understand it or you had general wrapping your mind around. Don't listen to what your friends is there anybody else do your own researches on them. And making a point to you. Get to know a chance first. Good seeing you found out. We're not any different than anybody else. Way out won't saying things to be able to work and live and Sarah. Thank you so much. It's a pleasure being here. Andy Stephens bringing that case forward guys in large part she told me to educate people and it did seem to day that her attorneys were trying to educate. The justices that time who. Some of them seem to really grapple with this idea of gender identity. Certainly as you would sued not something that the drafters of that 1964 law had envisioned at the time but. They're really wondering how to apply that here and as dresses course it's mentioned a lot of Americans are really uncomfortable with this idea how do they account for that Terry. Was somehow more on the court if it looked like and we look like there were a little uncomfortable in this. But it and this is such an issue an issue at the abstract level which divides Americans. Pretty passionately. For what unites people and and it's such a wonderful and because of the bottom of all of these great cases in our history is somebody. Right and and to get to know them and doing their work deciding to make a change in their lives which they think is consistent with their values and they are. And they get fired. And I and I kind of think as it was somebody said that one of the reasons the revolution in gay rights happen. Was because gay people came out and everybody in their workplace and in their family and with transgender people she's right. You know it is about getting to know someone getting to know people that's not what the law works on top news. But it's feel like the lawyers were doing trying to do a little bit about public education. On meet the justices this morning terminology. But it was like I'm just a sportage as you said said something about this massive social upheaval that might follow. And the lawyer for Amy Stephens actually from the ACLU said. There are transgender leaders in this building right now they're using the bathroom like everybody else there's no upheaval it's just people going about their lives still in a way. That was music kind of momentum Dusan educating of the justices and maybe the jobs as a sort of content and that's right there were a lot of people here at the port weren't always at the court. On a lot of activists and you know the sky wasn't falling and so so some of that was going on even inside the courtroom it was fascinating to watch Amy Stephens is one of the three cases today.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"Stephens claims to have been fired from her job at a Michigan funeral home after disclosing her gender identity to her employer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66146634","title":"SCOTUS plaintiff Aimee Stephens speaks out","url":"/Politics/video/scotus-plaintiff-aimee-stephens-speaks-66146634"}