SCOTUS rules for Trump on immigration

ABC’s Devin Dwyer discusses the Supreme Court’s immigration ruling and landmark decisions still to come.
2:14 | 06/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for SCOTUS rules for Trump on immigration
We turn out to the Supreme Court after two high profile setbacks for the trump administration first on gay rights and on dock now big win for the president on immigration. The justices ruled in a 72 decision that the administration can now Fastrack deportations of asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected. ABC's Devin Dwyer joins us now for more is and why is this ruling so significant. A huge deal Lindsay me tens of thousands of immigrants seek asylum in the United States every year we've seen the lines people queuing up at embassies around the world our border entry points. They claim stories of persecution. For who they are what they believe. To get admitted as an asylum seeker in this country you have to prove that your fear. He's credible on the Supreme Court said today in an opinion authored by justice Sam Alito that the decision of an immigration judge. Is effectively final they can't be reviewed. In the federal court system that means the trump administration. Fast track expedite the removals of these asylum seekers whose claims are rejected critics say. It raises the possibility for a mistake to be made that discrimination could even be introduced into the process. Hot evening even though this is a big win for Donald Trump surveillance. End Ebenezer supposed to be the final days of the supreme court's term which ends June 30 was still left to be decided. He had this isn't usually the grand finale for the supreme for the final days of June. The justices I in the summer vacations in July hard to see that happening next week you've seen some of these. Big decisions ahead on your screen thirteen cases. Still left to be decided including one on abortion a major case at a Louisiana the first abortion decision since president from took office. How far can seats go to imposed. In abortion restrictions big deal there we also have a case were waiting nine. Hot Obama cares requirement that insurance companies provide contraceptive services to women. At no cost president trump wants to be able to exempt companies. If they have moral objections from providing those services and then of course have to be cases. On the president's tax returns will those come out a lot on the horizon Martha stay tuned their treatments and will we get those tax returns are Devin Dwyer reporting for us from Washington DC thanks so much seven. Thanks country.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"ABC’s Devin Dwyer discusses the Supreme Court’s immigration ruling and landmark decisions still to come. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71464291","title":"SCOTUS rules for Trump on immigration ","url":"/Politics/video/scotus-rules-trump-immigration-71464291"}